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How DIY Lighting In Your Wine Cellar Just Got Better!

May 11th, 2017

DIY projects have gotten even more popular in the recent years owing to products that really accommodate the activity. And WCI certainly didn’t miss out on that! We’ve followed the impressive DIY stories of our clients in the recent years and we’ve also motivated ourselves to provide more products that will work for them. The most recent addition to our little claim to DIY fame is from none other than our ever reliable Vintner Series:

Our Vintner Series is like the frontman for our “kits” collection. It provides for versatile racking units, custom amenities, and a very reasonable price point. Since these racks are “kits,” that means assembly and installation can be done in a relatively easy manner. Of course, it’s highly recommended that you utilize the right tools for the job, which, in this case, is definitely a nail gun. But since the racks are crafted with the best quality materials, even a newbie with DIY projects can get the job done with very satisfactory results. Our Testimonial Thursday features are proof enough of that.

Now to add to the DIY versatility of the Vintner Series, we’ve recently incorporated the LED Kit Lighting option to the kits. That’s right, wine cellar buddies! You can now install LED lighting accessories in your wine cellars on your own with our super easy to install lighting kit. So what exactly can you expect when you purchase one? You will actually get a 16.4ft Flexible LED Light Strip Ribbon with adhesive tape attached. It’s very safe to use with a working voltage is 12V. It produces extremely low heat and is, of course, touchable.

We’ve also made it convenient for you to cut and link the lighting strips. If you want make it shorter, you can cut it every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest of the strips. Last but definitely not the least, installation of the lighting accessory is painless and stress-free. The strip comes with a self-adhesive back with adhesive tape especially designed for flexible and easy application. Indeed, DIY lighting has just gotten better, so go ahead and shine the spotlight on your collection with the Vintner LED Kit Lighting option. ^_^