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The Natural Beauty Of Unstained Prime Mahogany Racks

May 8th, 2017

Everyone raves about “natural” beauty all the time and with good reason. Something natural will always have an edge over something fabricated. That actually applies to our wine cellar products as well, particularly our wine racks. Take the case of our wood wine racks. They are undoubtedly more in demand than the metal ones or those crafted from other materials. That is not to say that the latter are inferior. But as we said, there is an “edge” that natural products possess and that is what today’s blog will show you:

Unstained Prime Mahogany

So let’s check out these snaps of beautiful wine cellar projects, all utilizing Prime Mahogany for their wood option. WCI’s Prime Mahogany is a Dark Red Mahogany which has a consistent reddish brown color in it’s natural, unstained state. Owing to the wood’s attractive color and unique grain patterns, it is an in-demand wood for furniture, high-end interior finishing and cabinet-making. Many may think that this specie of hardwood is expensive, but it’s actually priced quite reasonably. In particular, our Prime Mahogany is heads above the general appellation mahogany like Indonesian and Malaysian mahogany, which are less costly. They are also a mixture of subspecies with widely different colors and grain patterns combined together.

Prime Mahogany Racks

Now one of Prime Mahogany’s outstanding features is the wood’s ability to readily absorb stain and finishes to make your wine racks match any and all home décor. It goes without saying the stains and finishes can do wonders for your wine racks, especially when it comes to style. In Prime Mahogany’s case, these stains and finishes can be made to accentuate the wood’s gorgeous tight grain pattern. But in its unstained state, Prime Mahogany exudes its true beauty.Open Diamond Bins

There is also no characteristic odor associated with this wood. Using Prime Mahogany for your wine rack makes for a dense hardwood which is resistant to shrinking, warping, checking and is very durable. It’s no surprise that this wood option is quite popular, but more so when unstained. Taking a cue from the customers’ demands, we have worked on several promos to provide more affordable pricing for our unstained Prime Mahogany racking units. And guess what? We put in an additional 10% off to the Unstained Prime Mahogany option in all our wine rack kits. That’s right, wine cellar fans – it’s savings galore for the products you love. Enjoy! ^_^

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