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DIY Led Lights On Your Vintner Series Wine Racks

May 1st, 2017

Accentuating your wine bottles doesn’t take much at all, especially when you’re working with the right wine cellar accessories. And based on experience, we find that some of the simplest accessories can do more for your wine cellar compared to more elaborate ones. After all, the key word here is to “accentuate,” not to overshadow the star of the show which is, of course, your collection. This is why we’re pretty sure you guys will love the most recent upgrade to our Vintner Series wine racks kit:

Enhancing your displays with LED Lighting Kits

DIY Led Lighting Kit

Just recently, we brought in another addition to the Vintner Series wine racks kit: the LED Lighting Kit. We’ve talked about the importance of lighting accessories in a wine cellar or wine cabinet lighting project, particularly when it comes to highlighting key components therein such as the wine bottles, wine racks, and archways. This is why WCI offers custom wine cellar lighting such as LED lighting displays, LED Downlights, and Fluorescent Slimlites. But take note that these are separate products and not included in any “kits.” The LED Lighting Kit, however, is now available with our Vintner Series and is designed to make your display racks even more eye-catching.

Now what exactly does the kit include? So basically, you get the reel of LED lights measuring up to 16 feet, a transformer, and a remote. The 16.4 ft Flexible LED Light Strip Ribbon comes with an adhesive tape attached for fast and easy installation of the same. This is why we’ve dubbed it as the “DIY” led lights because you can certainly install them all by yourself by following a few, simple instructions. The self-adhesive back with adhesive tape makes the strip makes for greater flexibility and easy application. Plus, f you want make it shorter, you can cut the reel every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks. This will not damage the rest of the strips.

LED lighting on Vintner wine racks

Specs wise, you get  12V, 24 watt, warm white lighting with 50,000 hours rated expectancy. That means the lights generate extremely low heat owing to the low working voltage. These lights also feature 3000K Color Temperature and are dimmable. And because you don’t need batteries to operate the lights, this also means no lead or mercury and no UV or IR Radiation exposure. You get not just a cost-efficient and energy-efficient product, but a very eco-friendly one, too. ^_^

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