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WCI Lends Jax Liquors’ Chattanooga Store A Helping Hand

January 26th, 2017

Jax Liquors is a longtime fixture in downtown Chattanooga. It was previously standing on a 4,000 square-feet, one-story building, within walking distance of the Tennessee Aquarium. Two years ago, Jax already started the plans on doubling its space and expanding its offerings. It’s goal is to create a better fit of the store’s products and services to the city’s revived riverfront area.

The construction planning stages kicked off with Jax consulting at least three vendors to help design the inside of the store. In the end, it decided to go with US – Wine Cellar Innovations! To quote the store’s proprietor, “We were looking at three vendors. One of them was from out of state. We called three times, and they didn’t respond. One of them was local. The third one was Wine Cellar Innovations. I saw the design and you guys gave us feedback, how to use the shelving, how many faces we are going to have, including wine and liquor. At the end of the day we went with Wine Cellar Innovations.”

Jax Liquors' new home

Naturally, we were nothing less than thrilled to be chosen for the project at hand and at the glowing feedback given by the client on our consultation services. In-depth discussion during the planning stages revealed that Jax Liquors aimed to be a “one-stop shop” that can provide the widest variety of wines and other liquors to customers. The store actually has a wine reserve room with “a library of room” that has every wine and liquor you can think of. That includes 400-500 high gravity beer! On a side-note, “high-gravity beer,” or also known as “big beer,” is a bold, flavorful and powerful liquor. Everything about these beers is substantial – from their intense flavor and other exaggerated characteristics to their generally higher alcohol content. Also, the percentage of the alcohol content varies from state to state for what is considered high gravity by law. Under Tennessee Law all the local beers under 6.0 alcohol content or lower can be sold.

Custom commercial racking

Like all neophyte businesses, Jax Liquors started from scratch. At first, they had very few wine, zero high gravity beer and absolutely no cigars. During the first year of operations, they had zero capital and a clientele demanding for more. Hard work eventually paid off and the store was soon able to undertake this expansion project. With the help of the WCI design team and after eight months of construction, Jax Liquors now sports a one-and-a-half level structure of over 8,000 square feet, and custom commercial racking from WCI. A new cigar room and tasting room have also been added which are a hit with the customers. We also learned that Jax top five bestsellers are Barefoot, Kendall Jackson, Makers Mark, Jack Daniels, and Schmirnoff. They also sell juices and tonic water – a “one-stop shop” indeed!

Over 8000 square feet of space

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