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Do It “Wright” With The WCI Wine Sentinel

October 27th, 2016

What’s better than a satisfied customer? We’ll tell you – a satisfied RETURNING customer, that’s what! Such is the case with the “Wright” wine cellar (no pun intended!) who commissioned WCI for their second project, still involving the Wine Sentinel:

Wright Wine Cellar

If you check out our photo gallery, you’re going to come across the very first project our design team completed for this client. Imagine our delight when they came back for their second wine cellar! This boosted our confidence that both our products and services were well received and we couldn’t wait to give them the same – or even better – results. So when they requested for a second Wine Sentinel, our team gave it their all to come up with this stunner:

The Wine Sentinel

As far as custom refrigerated wine cabinets is concerned, you definitely won’t go wrong with the Wine Sentinel. It’s WCI’s line of fully customizable and built-in units which can be designed to match your home or store’s existing decor as well as your style preference. The Wine Sentinel has been a popular alternative for those who either do not have the budget or space for a formal wine room, or for those who are simply not ready to undertake a full-blown wine cellar project. However, it has also grown in popularity among commercial establishments that prefer to have proper wine storage, but not really a formal wine cellar.

Custom wine refrigerated cabinets

As you can see from the beautiful snapshots of the completed wine cabinets, they have been built to complement the existing walls, ceiling, and flooring. The wood has been stained in classic shades that make the cabinets exude a very elegant aura. Note that with the Wine Sentinel, there are multiple wood, stain and finish options available to suit not just the design you want but also your budget. Check out the snaps below and see how the inside racking configuration and shelving have been designed to store not just wine bottles, but also glassware and wine accessories, among other things:

Built-in look for your wine cabinet

All these customization options notwithstanding, it’s also essential to note that WCI has several molding packages available and we can also use the base, crown, casing and door handles to match the existing decor in your home or store in order to make your refrigerated wine cabinets look truly built-in. Moreover, as you can see from this project, we also offer Raised Panel Cabinetry Sides for a more polished and seamless look to your wine storage.

Extra storage for wine glassware and accessories

Last but certainly not the least, remember that the wine cooling unit is included with your Wine Sentinel package. That means you get complete wine storage that will keep your collection in peak taste for years and years to come. Here’s an awesome shot of our employee Brett Norris, who did the “Wright” job in helping design their wine cellar project ^_^.

A very satisfied returning customer!

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