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WCI Inspirations: Re-Using Empty Wine Bottles

October 19th, 2016

A couple of blog posts ago, we talked about how you can re-purpose your old wine crates, bins, and boxes. Taking inspiration from that, we’re going to go through the different creative ways you can re-use your wine bottles as well. Of course, there are the usual stuff such as turning them into flower vases or water and other beverage containers. We’re going to skip those and move on to the more creative uses so read on:

Turn your wine bottles into beautiful terrariums!

Why buy those expensive terrariums for your home when you can make your own. All you need are the right-sized empty wine bottles! We recommend the magnums and other larger-format wine bottles for this project. All you need is a good quality glass cutter (just the ordinary one!), a nice base for your terrarium, such as old jar covers or dessert plates, and some succulents. Carefully cut the wine bottle in half and use the bottom portion to make your mini terrarium. Embellish with ceramic figurines, decorative stones, moss – and voila!

Modge Podge Sheer Colors Paint

Make eye-popping lighting fixtures!

Now this may seem quite a challenging project, but we assure you it’ll be worth it. If you take a quick Pinterest tour, you’ll actually see that lots of people have been doing this – transforming their empty wine bottles into lamps, chandeliers, and such. One of our favorites is this quick and easy tutorial by Mod Podge. Check it out and try it or if you’re an old hand at DIY, create your own tutorial for wine bottle lamps and chandeliers. For sure, your custom lighting fixture will be the main conversation piece at your next wine tasting party.

Transform your wine bottles into souvenirs or custom gifts!

That’s right, wine buddies! Instead of buying expensive but impersonal items, why not give Dad or Mom, or your brother or sister, or your BFF a custom designed wine bottle. They can use this as a home decor, a vase, a beverage container – the works! All you need is some good crafting materials and a ton of imagination. Here’s one you can try out: spray paint your empty wine bottles (after cleaning them thoroughly, of course) with Chalkboard Paint. Wait for the bottles to dry and do a second coating. If you want to create a sort of ombre look, spray less on the upper portion of the bottles and leave the upper neck portion unpainted.¬†Once they’re dry, grab a liquid chalk pen and write down some fun, inspirational, or memorable quotes!


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