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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Recycling Wine Boxes And Crates

October 5th, 2016

It’s the first WCI Inspirations post for the month of October! We’re actually nearing the end of the year now – how amazing is that? 2016 sure flew by, almost as fast as a wino polishing off the last bottle of wine. But heads up, because we still have tons of fab wine cellar design inspirations to share with you guys before the year comes to a close. Today, it’s all about how to put those empty wine boxes and crates to good use, so read on:

Wine box/crate "shelving"

by ecodesignshow from Flickr

Wine box/crate “shelving”

Your wooden wine boxes and crates can serve so many other useful and stylish purposes in your home – so don’t just chuck them away. First off, you will learn that they will make absolutely gorgeous shelves or storage units for your home. You don’t even need to do a lot with them except clean them properly or stain and lacquer them if you want the wood grain patterns to really pop out. They also make wonderful bookshelves! The combination of books and vintage charm of these wine boxes exudes such a quaint, old-country charm, who wouldn’t be enchanted by it?

Wine box/crate “plant boxes”

What better way to make use of those empty wine boxes and crates than turning them into beautiful plant boxes for your home. They can be used both outdoors and indoors, too! You can even turn them into vegetable boxes if you really have that green thumb. As for indoor use, these boxes and crates are perfect for growing succulents. They add that wonderful pop of color and fresh look to your home.

Wine box/crate shoe organizer

by reneedjohnson from Flickr

Wine box/crate shoe organizer

That’s right – you will find that these wine boxes and crates make for one of the best shoe organizers you could ever have. Since they’re made out of wood, they’re certainly sturdy and durable. If you have some that are of different sizes, whittle them down to size and nail or screw them together. Or, you can just choose to place them side by side! Plus, you can even stack them one of top of the other to save lots of floor space.

Wine box/crate “pet beds”

Why spend so much money on a brand-new pet bed when you can create a really pretty one for your furry companion without wasting a cent. Wine boxes and crates can actually be transformed into wonderful pet beds. And the best part is that there’s not a lot of work involved. You just need to clean the box or crate, take out one side so your pet can easily slide in, and buff things up a bit by sanding it down or staining it if you wish. Throw in a nice, thick cushion and voila! A bed fit for a furry little king.

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