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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fall-Themed Wine Cellars

September 28th, 2016

The Fall season is in full swing! Are your wine cellars all decked out to welcome this season? We love Fall for many reasons, but one of the top ones would be the rich, luxurious colors this season brings. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the gorgeous shades of red, copper, gold, and more painting Mother Nature at this time of the year? And of course, let’s not forget that in North America, this is the peak of the wine harvest season. So it’s also time to whip that wine cellar into shape, style-wise, with the colors of Fall:

Fall-themed wine cellars

Set the Fall mood with wine cellar decor…

By just changing up your wine cellar decor, you can totally achieve a Fall-theme for your wine cellars this season. The easiest would be putting up (or replacing) your wine cellar art. Put up paintings or murals of beautiful wine country scenery during this time of the year. You can also work this out together with custom wine cellar lighting. If the budget will allow it, invest in a lighting fixture or two that will create the right ambianceĀ as well. Plus, don’t forget to factor in the flora! That’s right – literally bring in the colors of fall to your wine cellar with beautiful Autumn blooms. Our picks include African Violets, Chrysanthemums, and those wonderful Succulents to mix and match with your houseplants.

Fall-themed wine cellars

Dress up those wine racks…

Setting the Fall theme for your wine cellar could actually be just as simple as dressing up your wine racks in a different stain and finish option. If you have unstained ones, then now would be the best time to consider coating them with some attractive hues such as Classic Mahogany or Dark Walnut. The bolder colors will make both the wine racks and your bottles stand out. Want to add a touch of fancy? Go for some lacquer on your racks and other wine cellar furniture as well!

Stock up on Fall wines…

Technically, this is not “decking out” your wine cellars with with Fall-themed decor. But it also wouldn’t feel like the season has really arrived if you don’t stock up on the appropriate wines. Some of our favorites are light to medium-bodied reds such as Pinot Noirs, Grenache-based wines, and Beaujolais. But also don’t forget your whites! Chardonnay is a must and so is Viognier and other sparkling wines.

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