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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wall-Mount Wine Rack Art

September 21st, 2016

Newsflash: your wine racks can do more than just store your bottles! They can actually be amazing aesthetic additions to your home. That’s right – not your wine cellars, but your homes. So we’re talking about wine racks that can double up as home decor as well. And as far as this purpose is concerned, we highly recommend wall-mount wine racks. Here are some eye-catching options you can play around with:

Wall-Mount Metal Wine Racks

Wall-Mount Metal Wine Racks may be common as far as wine racking units are concerned, but you can do so much with them, especially when you mix and match them with different materials. For example, you can hang them together with wine country inspired paintings or murals. You can purchase those that come with glassware storage as well to showcase your stemware. You can also put them alongside decorative mirrors. Another brilliant move would be to enhance them with custom lighting accessories, just like what one of our clients did on their DIY wine racking assembly:

Wall-Mount Metal Wine Racks

Wall-Mount Wine “Cubes”

These days, we’re seeing more and more wine cellar enthusiasts going for these wine “cubes” rather than just the standard wine racks. They’re very refreshing, design-wise, because they lend a really unique silhouette to any wine racking assembly. WCI in particular carries what we call our “Curvy” Wine Cubes. But these wine racks have fast become more than just bottle storage units. Owing to their very attractive profile and flexible configurations that allow you to mount them anywhere in your home, these cubes have become artistic additions to the home as well. Check out some of our favorite creations and get inspired!

Wall-Mount Wine "Cubes"

Wine Rack Pegs and Rails

While they can be technically classified as “metal wine racks,” we feel like these wine rack pegs and rails are a class all on their own. They are probably one of the easiest to play around with and create some really fun and funky wall art with your wine bottles. Try devoting a section of the wall on your living area or hallway with a “wine bottle mural” using these pegs and rails. Note that you can also play around with the supporting panels to create a variety of visually appealing designs. And of course, you can always substitute them for one of those huge paintings and have a really distinct piece of “wine cellar art” which would be a fantastic conversation starter.

Wine Rack Pegs and Rails

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