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Budget Savers On The WCI Racking Catalogue

August 15th, 2016

Who would say “no” to a good bargain? Especially when it’s for a custom wine cellar project. The reality is that when it comes to home improvement projects, nothing comes cheap. One way or another, you’ll have to part with your $$$ if you want to achieve your desired results. This means having quality and style come together in your project. But as far as wine cellar construction is concerned, you can actually have quality and style sans the big bucks. Check out our budget savers here on the WCI catalogue!

Factory Seconds

Get to know our “Factory Seconds”

If you still haven’t heard of these so-called “factory seconds” on our product line-up, then now is the best time to get acquainted with them. We’ve featured lots of DIY and even professional wine cellar projects that have utilized our factory seconds with pretty amazing results. Do not let the label “factory seconds” fool you because there is nothing second-rate about these wine racking units. Save for very minor flaws such as when a rack is manufactured with extra knot in the wood, was stained with a wrong color, was cancelled halfway through production, or discontinued due to lack of popularity, these wine racks are spanking new and of the same quality craftsmanship as all other WCI racking products. The best part – these factory seconds cost waaaay cheaper!

Invest in our “Wine Rack Kits”

These wine rack kits are the “next best thing to custom wine racking” because they can give you that customized look for your wine cellar project less the custom prices. There are lots of options available that you can really tailor to suit your wine storage needs AND your budget. We highly recommend checking out this Wine Cellar Racking Comparison Chart to get properly acquainted with the┬áprice difference between all of our kit and custom options. Along the way, you are given the choice of adding options like stain, moldings, bins, and case storage that could add or subtract to the final price of your cellar. Plus, we even have a short tutorial video┬áto help you get started.

Wine Rack Kits

Keep up with current specials, sales, and promos

This is something we highly encourage both loyal patrons and potential clients to do. Here at WCI, we always have sales and promos with deep discounts on our racking products. You can save as much as 50% on your purchases and even score awesome free gifts such as our professional DIY Installation Kit with qualifying purchases. Joining our mailing list is the best way to keep track of all these fantastic budget savers!

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