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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Cellar Humidification Systems

March 9th, 2016

The significance of maintaining ideal storage conditions in your wine cellar can never be over-emphasized. Wines are very sensitive to environmental changes and a drop in temperature and/or humidity levels can be crucial to the aging of your bottles. It should be common knowledge to the average wino that the ideal wine cellar temperature range is 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity. These conditions were actually emulated from the underground caves of Europe which provided consistent storing conditions that allowed wines to age at an elegant pace.

Choosing your humidification systems

Needless to say, you should have not only a reliable wine refrigeration system installed in your wine cellar, but a proper wine humidification system as well. Note that if the surrounding environment has an average yearly temperature of 85°, compared to an average temperature of 65°, it’s necessary to have a larger cooling unit in order to maintain proper conditions.  Moreover, a dry environment will also require a more frequent introduction of humidity.

This is the reason why the location of your wine cellar project should be chosen with care. While you can build a wine cellar almost anywhere in your home these days, the location you choose will have a future impact on the cost of maintaining your cellar. If you do not have the budget to blow on a pricey wine cooling unit or humidifier, make sure to build your wine cellar in the coolest and most humid place in your home – like a basement wine cellar.

These days, however, you’ll also be pleased to learn that there are so many options available not only insofar as your wine cooling systems are concerned, but also for your wine cellar humidification systems. The latter now come in so many different shapes and sizes, designed to equip all kinds of wine cellars, from entry-level ones to the generously-sized wine rooms.

Tabletop fountains are one of our favorites. These humidification units are usually true to their namesake – they can go right on top your your wine table or or countertop. Plus, the come in an array of attractive designs that certainly add to the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar. We have a keen liking for those basin tabletop fountains  or bowls that have live water-plants in them and made with natural materials to boot. Here are a couple of examples:

Tabletop Fountains

On the other hand, if you have a fairly spacious wine room, you’d want to go for a bigger humidification unit that can properly maintain humidification levels in the entire room 24/7. We highly recommend the wall fountains for larger wine cellars. Most of these fountains can also be put on a tabletop (but you’d have to have a super spacious tabletop or countertop, of course!), but the better option would just be to mount them on the wall. That way, they take up even less space while giving your wine cellar a fancy touch as well. Nowadays, you’ll be thrilled to find an ample selection of these gorgeous wall fountains that come with lighting elements and other accessories.

Wall-Mount Fountains

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