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What Are Your Tasting Table Options?

March 7th, 2016

A wine tasting table is more than just another pretty place to pop your bottles in. While it’s indeed intended as a working space for you to prepare your favorite taste treats, it cam also provide more bottle storage for your collection. Moreover, it also plays an aesthetic role in enhancing the mood and look of your entertainment area. There are several ways to kind of “upgrade” your regular wine tasting tables to make them more functional and of course, attractive.

Adding bottle storage space “below”

There are wine tasting tables that have been designed to provide extra bottle storage “below” while you’re busy prepping and decanting wine for your guests. Individual Bottle Columns incorporated into the table allow for storage of up to several dozens of extra bottles. This is not only very practical but very convenient as well. You can place your most in-demand labels in these racks and easily reach for them while entertaining your guests. Here are some samples to check out:

Oak Wine Bar

Turn your table into a “wine bar”

Now if you really want to go all out in the “function” department, why not customize your wine tasting table and transform it into a wine bar! By adding glassware storage along with some Individual Bottle Columns, you can store both your glassware and bottles in one place. Plus, you still keep your regular space on top for mixing up your taste ticklers for your guests. A great example would be this Oak Wine Bar that holds 28 wine glasses, 48 bottles of wine and a collection of cognacs and ports on top with space to spare:

Wine Tasting Tables

Add base and casters for greater mobility

How about a “mobile” wine tasting table for a change? Wouldn’t that be awfully convenient when you can literally roll your wine tasting table to any part of your home? It’s just like a mobile wine bar! Well, the great thing about learning how to customize your wine cellar furniture is the fact that you can let your imagination work even on the simplest ones – like a tasting table. By adding a base and casters, you can now have a very mobile wine tasting table that you can drive anywhere in your home. But here’s a tip: make sure that your home has a level floor. Casters that are added to wine tasting tables, like the ones we do here at WCI, are usually not “locking” casters. So it pays to double-check first if your home is pretty much level before going for a “mobile” wine tasting table. ^_^


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