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Wine Wednesday: Big Bottles and You

February 17th, 2016

Every year, some of the best Napa and Sonoma wineries gather and have an annual “Magnum” party to raise money for charity. It’s a chance to showcase the hard work and amazing wines of those who have made a life of doing so. But why is it a “Magnum” party and not a normal party where guest can drink legendary wines out of a normal bottle?


The reason is simple: Magnum-sized (and larger) bottles allow for much longer cellaring periods vs. normal 750mL wine bottles or splits (350mL). How is that possible, you ask, as you scramble to purchase every magnum you can find?

It is the fact that there is TWICE the wine in a Magnum, but the SAME amount of air space between the wine and the cork if you stand the bottle up. It means long-term aging of any wine, humble or legendary, is much more possible in a big bottle. Options for varietals that will really age well in big bottles are California Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, Nebbiolo-based Italians….well….pretty much ANY wine will age better in a Magnum or larger!

So go find your local wineshop expert and say “Big bottle, please,” the next time you want to wow your dinner guests either that night, or in 20 years.