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Cigar Humidors And Why You Should Have One

February 1st, 2016

More than just a few wine lovers out there are also cigar collectors. So there’s also a need to whip up the proper storage for  these babies!  Fortunately, WCI is a few steps ahead on that with our custom cigar humidors. With our cigar humidors, your valued cigars can receive proper storage, preserving them and extending their lifespan.


Why it’s a must to have one

What exactly is a “cigar humidor?” It’s basically a specialized box that is used to store cigars. But what makes it different from standard storage drawers and cabinets is its ability to maintain the perfect balance of temperature and humidity for extending the life of cigars. It must be always kept in mind that storing your cigars in a refrigerator is a big no-no. The temperature in the refrigerator will just dry them out and ruin them. With a cigar humidor, you get a climate controlled environment that will keep your cigars fresh for a long period of time, preserving both their look and taste.

Now the next question would be: “How much does a cigar humidor cost?” You’d be surprised to learn that they can actually be quite pricey. Some can cost a little below a hundred bucks, but there are customized ones that set you back a couple of thousand. That’s because it’s not just an ordinary cabinet but a “humidor.” It can automatically heat, cool, dehumidify and humidify your cigars according to changes in the outside environment.

But here’s the good news: WCI now offers custom designed cigar humidors, including walk-in humidors, complete with environmental controls. Our cigar humidors are generally available in All-Heart Redwood, but you can also request other wood options. The  humidors are styled with angled shelves purposely made to showcase cigar boxes or individual cigars. Plus, they are also equipped with pull-out shelves to store additional loose cigars or accessories. Moreover, you get to enjoy several other customization options, such as the size of the humidor, the stain and finish options on the wood, and even accents on the glass doors, such as custom etchings.

And that’s not all! Since we customize all the way, you can even have your cigar humidor designed in such a way so that it will look built-in in an existing wine cellar. You can have the humidor match with your wine cellar’s wine racking arrangement, shelving, and cabinetry. Visit this section of the website and contact us for a quote. It’s time to give your cigar collection the home it deserves – just like your wine bottles!