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Technical Tuesday Episode #263: The Perfect Winemaker Tasting Center

December 22nd, 2015

We’re down to the very last Tech Tuesday of the year, wine cellar fans! How do you guys feel about it? We felt that 2015 really went by super fast, what with the whirlwind of wine cellar projects we had to complete all throughout the year. Nonetheless, it was nothing short of amazing because we’ve turned out so many stunning transformations that really gained us the satisfaction and patronage of our clients. So before we close the curtains on all the Tech Tuesdays we’ve completed for 2015, let’s wrap things up on a high note with this last, wonderful project – the perfect tasting center courtesy of our Winemaker Series:

Project # 271657
Wine Rack: Winemaker Series
Bottle Capacity:

The Perfect Winemaker Tasting Center

Now it should be emphasized from the outset that our Winemaker Series is part of our wine rack kits collection. That means the racking units in this series can basically assemble themselves. Our wine rack kits were specifically designed to accommodate no-fuss assembly and installation which makes them the perfect choice for both DIY and custom projects. In terms of DIY wine cellars, we’ve featured several clients who tweaked the racking configurations around to match the allotted space in their homes – with very satisfying results. This is more than enough proof that our wine rack kits have been fulfilling their purpose and that is to provide adequate bottle storage regardless of space, location, and even budget.

All these being said, we were quite fortunate to have received this wonderful feedback from our client Bradd who completed their residential wine cellar project by purchasing our Winemaker Series Individual Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bin. The kit provided for both individual and bulk bottle storage as well as a great tabletop space to boot. This Tasting Center is available in 7- and 8-feet options, both being able to accommodate up to over 150 bottles. If you notice from the snaps sent in by the client, there’s still plenty of space left for future bottles! It’s indeed the perfect wine tasting center and spared them the hassle and expense of a “custom” project while still giving their wine racking assembly that customized feel.

Winemaker Series Individual Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bin

“Our rack turned out beautiful!  It really couldn’t have been simpler and the price was unbelievable.   We started off with having someone make a custom wine rack.   Fortunately for us, that contractor was having issues getting that built correctly and he bailed out after numerous attempts, that same night I ordered my pre-built, pre-stained unit from wine cellar innovations and it was perfect.”

~Bradd F.~

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