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Glass Wall Hardware For Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellars

December 14th, 2015

No doubt about it, glass-enclosed wine cellars are definitely on the top of the list when it comes to popular wine cellar designs. And why not? They can be constructed practically anywhere in your home and lend it that elegant aura. That’s because glass is a naturally attractive material to work with and goes well with just about any other elements as well. In particular, it works wonders when paired with wood which is why majority of our wine cellar projects in our Tech Tuesday archives sport this winning combo.


Our Brushed Stainless Steel hardware

Speaking of glass-enclosed wine cellars here at WCI, it should be kept in mind that all glass materials utilized in our projects are comprised of¬†1/2″ thick glass and designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. Plus, seals are utilized on the top, bottom and sides of the entry door. This simply means that a glass-enclosed wine cellar is properly sealed to ensure that the ideal wine storage conditions are preserved. But that’s not all. With WCI, you get quality craftsmanship of all wine racking and cellar products, down to the smallest details. Case in point: our glass wall hardware.

Our Oil-Rubbed Bronze hardware

We put in as much effort into our wine cellar accents and accessories as we do to our wine racks because we firmly believe that all aspects of a wine cellar project should be given attention. That’s why our glass wall hardware for our glass-enclosed wine cellars also come in several options to¬†accommodate the client’s preferences. Brushed Stainless Steel and Polished Stainless Steel hardware are our more popular choices, but we also carry Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware. Just a word of caution to prospective customers though: the Oil Rubbed Bronze varies dramatically in terms of color. The photos may not depict the accurate shades which vary from light to darker brown and to almost black. Be sure to talk to a consultant first if you have doubts before purchasing anything. Don’t forget that we are just a chat away from helping you out at no cost to you at all!

Our Polished Stainless Steel hardware

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