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Best Places To Put A Wine Glass Rack

December 7th, 2015

Your wine bottles are not the only ones that need to be properly stored. We should also take sufficient consideration as to how we keep our glassware, especially delicate wineglasses and other stemware. That’s why in most of our wine cellar projects featured on our Tech Tuesday episodes, you’ll witness that the racking arrangements come complete with glassware storage as well. And that brings us to the question: “What are the best places to put a wine glass rack in?” Let’s talk about this in detail!


  1. Standard Archways are the “standard”

As far as glassware storage is concerned, we’d say that incorporating them in Standard Archways in one’s wine cellar is probably the most popular option. A hanging wine glass rack is pretty much the standard, not only because it showcases prized stemware to maximum advantage, but also because it’s highly convenient. A lot of our projects utilize the Standard Archway with Tabletop and Wine Glass Rack combo since it combines style and space-efficiency in one easy package.

Beautiful Peninsula Table with lots of glassware storage.

     2. Tasteful Tasting Centers

Another popular glassware storage option would be by utilizing Tasting Centers. Tasting Centers provide the perfect are to pop open your bottles, serve up your favorite taste treats, and other accessories for the night’s entertainment. That includes showcasing your best wineglasses and other stemware. The Peninsula Table is a very good example of this because it sports secure shelving below to neatly tuck away glassware while still allowing a great visual of the same.

Display shelves can store both wine bottles and glassware!

3. Dazzle up the Display Shelves

Having Display Shelves in your wine cellar such as the Quarter Round Wine Display Shelf is also another clever way to store and showcase your glassware all at the same time. Since Display Shelves are relatively spacious, your expensive stemware will be safely stored. Plus, you’ll find that they definitely amp up the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar as well.

Custom cabinetry with etched glass

   4. Wing it in Wine Lockers

If security is your top priority, nothing can do the job quite as well as Wine Lockers. Note that they’re not just a place to put your wine bottles in, but your choice glassware as well. There are different wine locker styles you can choose from as well, such as those with Glass Panel Doors, Mesh Panel Doors, or even highly customized ones such as Glass Panel Doors with Etching and Hand-Carved Panel Cabinet doors.

The bottom line in glassware storage is pretty much the same as with your wine bottles: safety first, but without compromising style. ^_^

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