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Wine Cellar Innovations Greets Everyone A Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2015


“Here’s to the New Year…
And all the promises
And hopes it brings!
As you sip your wine
Celebrating the New Year
Hope each day brings you
Showers of joy and surprises!
Happy New Year!

May your new year be blessed
with peace, love and joy.
Sending you my heartfelt wishes
With joy that never ends.
Wishing you a very
Happy New Year

Joy to your heart…
and warmth to your home!
As the New Year arrives…
Hope it brings along happiness,
hope and good tidings…
To stay on and on
Happy New Year!”

We’re more than ready to welcome 2016 with more inspiring wine cellar stories to share to everyone. We hope that in this coming year, YOUR STORY will be a part of our new journey as well. So bring it on, wine cellar buddies and cheers to 2016! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Unforgettable 2015 DIY Wine Cellars

December 30th, 2015

2015 was really a year for DIY wine cellar projects. We’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed at the increasing number of clients who have been exploring the avenue of DIY wine rack and wine cellar projects utilizing our products. That’s why we feel it’s only proper to take a little stroll down memory lane and have one last look at the most unforgettable DIY wine cellars we’ve featured this year.

Laurie's commercial wine racking project with our Curvy Cubes

First up is this absolutely gorgeous DIY racking assembly, done in late January of this year, that our client Laurie put together for her commercial establishment. They sent in for our Circular Merchandiser with Optional Tabletop and Curvy Wine Cubes. They relied mostly on the instructional videos WCI put up in our website as well as the printed manuals that come with the kits. The results were nothing short of stunning!

“I assembled a 5 x 5 wavy cubicle wine rack myself and got help from my husband to assemble the circular merchandiser with the air gun that was provided by Wine Cellar Innovations. The online instruction video and the printed materials that come with the kits are easy to follow. All of the pieces were custom ordered with triple lacquered and looked beautiful. However, some were not packaged correctly and stuck together. Those pieces were promptly replaced at no charge. The lighting in the photo is something that we purchased from Home Depot and installed ourselves.”

~Laurie P.~

Vintage perfection with our Vintner Series

Next up is this gorgeous vintage beauty from our client C W Fraase. All it took was our Vintner Series wine racks kit and the help of a nail gun to put together a very professional looking “custom” wine cellar. It’s truly a testament to how our wine rack kits can enable customers to create wine cellar projects that look like a “custom job” less the hassle and cost of one.

“When building my new home, I received several quotes to build out my wine cellar. I decided to buy the Vintner Series rack kits from Wine Cellar Innovations. I saved thousands over a custom job. The ordering was easy, shipping was fast. And assembly was without fault especially when using a nail gun. When it came to installation, I took it slow and steady working from the ground up and making sure everything was level and square.

It is now my pride and joy and I can say “I did that!” The room size is approximately 800 sqft and can handle about 600 bottles.” 

~C W Fraase~

Clean and classy DIY wine tasting center

And lastly, we have this seemingly simple but quite memorable DIY project by our client Mike who not only assembled his wine racking assembly all by his lonesome – he also personally  created the wine cellar art on the archway.

“This is a cute way to talk about going to a painting class to use your own art in your wine cellar. It also looks good in a closet.

The boxes arrived in a timely fashion and since I had a deadline, I got right to work on them. I have a large detached garage so I was able to create a workbench by putting a 4×8 sheet of plywood over two sawhorses, this made it easier to work while building the racks. Initially, I found the instructions a bit confusing and light on details. I slowed down and reread the instructions and inventoried what what in the box and this made them more clear and easier to follow.

Once I understood the instructions, assembly was a breeze. I used a brad nailer instead of a hammer which sped up the process and kept the quality at a high level. Once the racks where built, I took them to the house and placed them in my wine closet. The racks fit perfectly based on the dimensions I had provided to the design team. Putting the trim pieces on tied the top and bottom together and they look great.

I spent some time looking for a painting or a picture to hang in the tasting center. Not being able to find something affordable, I attended a painting session at Painting With a Twist and did my own wine painting. It’s not the best, but I think it looks great. I won’t be collecting any wine or planning on long term storage until the refrigeration is done, which I am planning on doing in the spring of 2016.

I love the racks, they look great and are solid. I think I got a great value and am very happy with team at Wine Cellar Innovations. Thanks for your guidance and help!”

~Mike G.~

We definitely expect 2016 to bring in bigger and better DIY inspirations, so join us in our next wine cellar journeys in the New Year! ^_^

2015 Best Wine Cellar Memories

December 29th, 2015

2015 has been absolutely memorable as far as wine cellar projects are concerned. We’ve been a part of a lot of inspiring transformations, both residential and commercial as well as professionally-constructed wine cellars and DIY ones. But there are really projects that have stood out and are so memorable that we feel like they deserve the spotlight the second time around right before we say goodbye to 2015. These are our best wine cellar memories for this year – let’s enjoy them together one last time:


First up is of course, WCI’s 30th birthday which we celebrated last February 2015!  We went all out to celebrate 30 years of wine cellar innovation and excellence with our wine cellar Photo Contest. Awesome prizes were up for grabs but what we will always remember would be the wonderful photos sent in by happy clients showcasing the various ways they have utilized AND transformed our wine racking products. #WineCellarSmile will remain one of our fondest 2015 memories!

Now as far as Tech Tuesday memories are concerned, what can be more unforgettable than our Technical Tuesday Episode #229: Eddie Merlot’s Takes Denver By Storm In our Platinum Series. It’s no secret that Eddie Merlot’s is one of our oldest and loyal clients and playing an essential role in all their expansion projects has really been the icing on top of the cake. This year, we’ve been once again given that opportunity to work with them by creating an all-Platinum custom cellar for the newest addition to their chain of restaurants.


Another truly great 2015 experience would be how our wine racking products were incorporated to redefine “man-caves.” Indeed, the concept of a “man-cave” has evolved over time and as we have observed,  they are no longer  limited to basements or garages. We are quite proud to be a part of this transformation – from cluttered caves to stunning oases for the man in the family.


Last but definitely not the least, we’ve received even more positive feedback this year on on wine cellar services. This encompasses not just our initial consultation services but as well as our assembly and installation services and commercial design services, among others. This heartwarming testimonial is just one of the many we’ve received, but  will truly be remembered as the client noticed even the tiniest details in the way we packaged and delivered their racking purchases safely to their doorstep.

Needless to say, 2015 has been a fruitful journey for WCI and we hope that the next year will continue with even better results. As always, we are here to provide quality wine storage solutions AND services to everyone so we hope to work with more wine and wine cellar lovers out there in 2016. *Cheers*

“Wine Cellar Resolutions” for 2016

December 28th, 2015

Barely a week left before we bid adieu to 2015! This year had been filled with lots of learning experiences as far as wine cellar construction and design is concerned, not just for our clients but for us as well. In fact, we were overwhelmed (and happily so!) by the increasing number of DIY wine cellar projects by clients utilizing our products. The end results that they generously shared with us and we’ve proudly featured here are nothing short of amazing. So for the New Year, we’re taking it upon ourselves to make the WCI experience even better than ever, starting with our list of “wine cellar resolutions.” Here are some things to really look forward to in 2016, so we encourage you guys to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on our social media pages ASAP:

Happy New Year from WCI!

More interactive wine cellar consultation services!

This year, we’ve worked hard to expand our wine cellar consultation services in our effort to consistently improve our services to wine cellar enthusiasts all over the globe. It bears mentioning that our website has been upgraded with more accessible features to allow easier communication with our design specialists, like our online chat options, contact forms, and design request forms, including My Project Folders. But there will always be room for improvement! So come 2016, expect our consultation services to become even more accessible and dynamic, reaching more and more potential clients wherever in the world they may be.

More “popular” wine cellar ideas and concepts!

We’ve been working on expanding this section of the website to accommodate more unique wine cellar designs and concepts. This coming 2016, expect to see even more unique ideas, particularly DIY ones. We’ve received tons of glowing reviews from clients who have utilized our wine racking products in ingenious ways. It’s about time we shine the spotlight on more WCI x “client” collaborations as well!

More wine racking product upgrades!

Like we always say, “There will always be room for improvement.” In all aspects of our business – from our products down to our customer service – we strive to make things even better for our customers. This year, we’ve introduced several essential upgrades, like in our wine rack kits and custom racking models. 2016 will pave the way for more product improvements so that every project utilizing WCI wine racks and accessories, whether it’s done by our team or DIY, will exude a professional touch.

Do you have suggestions on how we can make 2016 an even more amazing year for all wine cellar enthusiasts out there? Share your suggestions and leave a comment below!

A Merry, Merry Christmas from Wine Cellar Innovations!

December 24th, 2015
“It’s Christmas everywhere!
There’s music in the air.
 From east to west,
To bells will ring,
From north to south,
We’ll dance and sing!
It’s Christmas everywhere!
There’s music in the air.
We celebrate the world around,
It’s Christmas everywhere!
It can start as early as November,
It can last the whole month of    
Traditions shared give our
Spirits a lift,
We can hardly wait until December
twenty fifth!
It’s Christmas everywhere!
There’s music in the air.
 From east to west,
To bells will ring,
From north to south,
We’ll dance and sing!
It’s Christmas everywhere!
There’s music in the air.
We celebrate the world around,
It’s Christmas everywhere!”
Season’s greetings from all of us here at Wine Cellar Innovations! Wherever in the world you may be and however you may celebrate the holidays, we wish you good tidings and happiness. And of course, we’re thinking of all of you wine and wine cellar fans out there when we pop and pour tonight. So have a very Merry Christmas, everyone! *Cheers*

We Make It Happen With Holiday Wine And Cheese Pairings

December 23rd, 2015

Prep up with delicious wine and cheese pairings!This is our last We Make It Happen episode for 2015, wine folks! And you bet we’re going to make your holidays happen in a more enjoyable way with our holiday wine and cheese pairings. Only one more day to go before that big Christmas dinner, so start plating up and let us handle your appetizers. Here are some, shall we say, “clever” tips on how to pair up your wines and cheeses to suit and soothe your guests’ palates this season:

If you’re serving big, bold reds…

Then the best cheeses to go with them would definitely be from the semi-hard variety, like Swiss and Provolone. But farmhouse cheddars such as Dry Monterey Jack, Manchego and gouda would be awesome matches as well. So if you’re planning on popping open some Pinot Noirs, Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignons, semi-hard cheeses on the appetizer tray are a must.

If you’re serving sweet wines…

If you’re going for Port or Sherry or other similar-tasting wines this season, you’d do well to counteract those sweet flavors by serving some salty or strong cheeses with the bottles. Pungent cheeses like Alsatian Munster, French Epoisses or Italian Taleggio will be a welcome break from all that sweetness. But you can also go for blue cheese such as Colston Basset Stilton or something really strong like Roquefort. Blue cheeses are actually like velvet on the tongue, creating the right balance between salty and sweet in your guests’ palate.

If you’re serving unoaked or lightly oaked wines…

So if you’re opting for simple, lighter tasting labels such as pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc, riesling and chardonnay or other lightly flavored reds, we recommend you go with lighter cheeses as well. It won’t be a smart idea to serve strong, flavorful cheeses that would overpower your wines and leave them out of the conversation. So selections such as goat cheese, feta, Monterey Jack, Colby, young cheddar and Jarlsberg will definitely create a harmonious balance. Note that if you serve these cheeses with bolder wines, the latter will also literally drown out the cheese flavors which is not exactly the effect you’d want to achieve with your guests.

Now for those of you who are planning to pop open just one variety of wine to go with an assortment of cheeses, we suggest a bottle of Riesling or an unoaked or very lightly oaked Chardonnay, if you’re doing whites. But if you’re going for red wine, then a light- to medium-bodied Pinot Noir will do the trick on the dinner table. Happy Holidays, everyone! ^_^




Technical Tuesday Episode #263: The Perfect Winemaker Tasting Center

December 22nd, 2015

We’re down to the very last Tech Tuesday of the year, wine cellar fans! How do you guys feel about it? We felt that 2015 really went by super fast, what with the whirlwind of wine cellar projects we had to complete all throughout the year. Nonetheless, it was nothing short of amazing because we’ve turned out so many stunning transformations that really gained us the satisfaction and patronage of our clients. So before we close the curtains on all the Tech Tuesdays we’ve completed for 2015, let’s wrap things up on a high note with this last, wonderful project – the perfect tasting center courtesy of our Winemaker Series:

Project # 271657
Wine Rack: Winemaker Series
Bottle Capacity:

The Perfect Winemaker Tasting Center

Now it should be emphasized from the outset that our Winemaker Series is part of our wine rack kits collection. That means the racking units in this series can basically assemble themselves. Our wine rack kits were specifically designed to accommodate no-fuss assembly and installation which makes them the perfect choice for both DIY and custom projects. In terms of DIY wine cellars, we’ve featured several clients who tweaked the racking configurations around to match the allotted space in their homes – with very satisfying results. This is more than enough proof that our wine rack kits have been fulfilling their purpose and that is to provide adequate bottle storage regardless of space, location, and even budget.

All these being said, we were quite fortunate to have received this wonderful feedback from our client Bradd who completed their residential wine cellar project by purchasing our Winemaker Series Individual Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bin. The kit provided for both individual and bulk bottle storage as well as a great tabletop space to boot. This Tasting Center is available in 7- and 8-feet options, both being able to accommodate up to over 150 bottles. If you notice from the snaps sent in by the client, there’s still plenty of space left for future bottles! It’s indeed the perfect wine tasting center and spared them the hassle and expense of a “custom” project while still giving their wine racking assembly that customized feel.

Winemaker Series Individual Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bin

“Our rack turned out beautiful!  It really couldn’t have been simpler and the price was unbelievable.   We started off with having someone make a custom wine rack.   Fortunately for us, that contractor was having issues getting that built correctly and he bailed out after numerous attempts, that same night I ordered my pre-built, pre-stained unit from wine cellar innovations and it was perfect.”

~Bradd F.~

Our Top Holiday Wine Picks

December 21st, 2015

What’s the holidays (or any season for that matter!) without a good glass of wine? Thing is, there are just so many labels and vintages to choose from it can get pretty confusing even for the true connoisseur. It’s especially the case if you have quite a varied guest list – think, varied palates as well. But it’s no rocket science, believe us! There are lots of bottles out there that can readily cover most of the bases. All you need to do is to get better acquainted with them. Once you find your favorites, you can purchase some wine racks to keep them safe. That being said, check out our top holiday wine picks and find out which of these will bring that extra holiday cheer to your dinner tables:

Cheers to the holidays!Chardonnay

More than just a few surveys have shown that Chardonnay is in fact, the number-one take-home wine. It accounts for over one-fifth of purchases in wine stores which is pretty impressive. If you think about it, it’s doesn’t really come as a surprise because this grocery store standby is easy to find and delivers impressive quality for under 10 bucks. Our personal pick is Bogle Chard which sports a slightly creamy texture, walking the fine line between toasty oak and spice flavors. It also packs in lively green apple and melon fruit flavors, making it a sure crowd pleaser.

Pinot Gris

Our choice is this lovely California Pinot Gris, hailing from the same grape variety as its Italian counterpart. However, it has bigger body, greater juiciness, and richer flavor which are all perfect for the cold, winter season. It boasts of bold aromas of poached pear, tropical fruit, flowers and spice. Overall, it still sports a crisp and refreshing taste, but those extra layers of flavor make it one of the best winter whites to enjoy.


Definitely an alternative to Champagne, especially if the budget doesn’t permit the latter this season. Let’s face it, more than half of the population is always broke right before Christmas with all the insane holiday shopping to complete. But who says you can’t enjoy a good glass of the bubbly despite a swollen budget? This Italian bubbly is super versatile around the holidays. We recommend serving it well-chilled in a flute or toss in a sugar cube and dash of bitters for an effervescent “Champagne” cocktail. While the refreshing lemon, grapefruit, and melon flavors aren’t quite Champagne, you still get the “fizz” at a price your wallet will love and your guests will enjoy as well.

Cabernet Sauvignon

If there will be more guests of the male persuasion on your dinner table, then the Cab might be the bottle you’ll be wanting to pop open. This serious and manly red wine is indeed the king of flavors. We recommend well-loved labels like the Beringer Knight’s Valley Reserve. It packs in plenty of powerful blackberry flavor and a long smooth finish. This “manly” red will go down well even with wine novices.


If your table will be a conglomeration of taste buds, you’ll need something that’s equally popular with the college kids, the sweet-toothed ladies, and men wanting to pump the o’l charisma around. With its distinctive floral, citrus, and honey aromas, and a sweet but balanced flavor, Moscato is your wine. This baby is all about the simple pleasures of enjoying a good glass of wine in good company. It’s wonderfully low in alcohol but with a hint of refreshing fizz. It will give the young ones the right amount of buzz while keeping the adults at a contented pace. Plus, it goes down extremely well with fruity and spiced desserts like apple or pumpkin pie.

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Ideas

December 17th, 2015

It’s the crunch time, wine buddies! Barely a week left to go before Christmas is on its merry, merry way. We wouldn’t be surprised though, if there are still more than a few of us out there that haven’t gotten our shopping list all sorted out. It seems that last-minute holiday shopping has become a tradition as well. But fret not! You can still complete that list and give your recipient/s gifts that will definitely be treasured. And that’s what today’s blog is all about: last-minute holiday shopping ideas!


Online Gift Certificates

Sure, you can grab gift certificates at Walmart or Costco, but what about “wine cellar” gift certificates? That’s right! If you have a close family member or best bud who’s been breaking out the tape measure for a wine cellar project, then what better gift for them this season than a WCI gift certificate. Since time is of the essence, you can just purchase an online gift certificate and receive an automated email with a link to download a printable template you can give right away. These are available in various denominations with a minimum $50 value.


Wine Coasters

Wine coasters will always be a sure win, especially if you’re running both out of time and ideas on the best gift to get a relative or close friend this season. But here at WCI, we’ve made things a little bit fancier for you with our French Wine Label Coasters. These exquisitely designed coasters are the ultimate in durability as they are solid Italian marble, measure almost a 1/4″ thick, and have cushioned cork backings to boot. One set of four will definitely be a memorable present for any wine lover this holidays.


Brad Nail Gun & Nails Package

That someone tackling a wine cellar project on your list will love you to bits when you wrap up our Brad Nail Gun & Nails Package for them this Christmas. Every DIY-er needs the right tools to get the job done AND the results they want, so help your wine loving buddies achieve just that. At just under $50, this is a holiday present they will surely be grateful for.


Humidification Fountains

We have a healthy selection of beautifully designed humidification fountains as well as those with humidistat packages. Any of these lovelies will surely be a welcome addition to a wine lover’s home. Some of our personal favorites are the Classic Misting Bowl, Contemporary Misting Bowl, and Copper Bottle.

Need some more last-minute shopping advice? We’re happy to give you that us well! Poke us via our chat application on the website or send us a quick query via the contact form now! ^_^



We Make It Happen With Easy Holiday Sangria

December 16th, 2015

So who doesn’t love a nice, cool sangria? For some, this fun and fruity concoction might be a summer fling but we like to think otherwise. Sangria can get us into the right festive mood for the holidays, especially since it’s really easy to whip up. You can even play around with the ingredients to your taste buds’ liking. In our case, we love this easy holiday sangria recipe that doesn’t just taste amazing, but packed with health benefits, too. Try it out this Christmas and let us know what you think!



For your fruits:

  1. 2 pears, chopped into reasonable-sized chunks
  2. 1 cup satsuma orange sections or 1 pomegranate, unseeded
  3. 1 red apple, chopped (we suggest Fuji, but if you want it sweeter then try Gala apples)
  4. 1 green apple, chopped
  5. 1 cup of cranberries

The rest:

  1. 1/2 cup apple brandy or apple vodka (but if you want to play up the satsuma orange flavor instead, use 1/3 cup orange flavor liqueur instead)
  2. 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  3. 2 cups ginger ale
  4. 1 1/2 bottles of red wine (we recommend Cabernet)
  5. 1 small chunk of ginger, about an inch or so thick and thinly sliced


1. Wash all your fresh fruits properly before chopping or slicing. Soak the apples in the apple vodka or brandy (or the satsuma orange sections or pomegranate in orange flavor liqueur) for up to a few hours to soak up the flavor.

2. Put the apples, pears, satsuma orange sections (or pomegranate), and cranberries in a pitcher or bowl. Add your red wine and stir to combine. Then add the ginger, ginger ale and cinnamon. Stir thoroughly to let all the flavors blend with each other. You can also add a small teaspoon of sugar if you want it to taste really sweet.

3. Let the mixture chill in the fridge for about 2 to 3 hours.


Technical Tuesday Episode #262: Under Stairwell Curvy Wine Cube Cellar

December 15th, 2015

It’s the second to the last Tech Tuesday on the blog for 2015! We’re kind of just blown away with how fast the year went by and similarly, with the amazing number of wine cellar projects our team has managed to complete together with our happy clients. We’re down to just two more and today’s feature is actually a pretty special one. We’re quite certain we haven’t showcased anything like this on the blog before, so we’re super excited to unveil it:

Project # 267695
Wine Rack: Curvy Wine Cubes
Bottle Capacity:

Under stairwell wine cellar

So check out this latest take on a “wine cellar combo” – Curvy Wine Cube x Under Stairwell x Glass-Enclosed wine cellar. How’s that for a winning combination? You are all probably aware by know how much we love doing “combos” with various wine racking products since they allow us to explore so many space-saving and design possibilities. The “combos” are also one of the best ways to illustrate just how versatile our products are, from the wine racks down to the wine cellar accessories.

This latest project is truly a gem because it shows just how space-efficient our under-stairwell wine cellar concepts are. See how the bottles are nicely tucked away into that corner of the home while still being able to become one of its main attractions, so to speak. The gorgeous Curvy Wine Cubes were such a clever choice because their inherently unique design is already eye-catching enough. Coupled with the glass panels and lighting accents, the Cubes have given this home a modern touch.

Speaking of “versatility,” note as well that the cubes are able to store not only wine bottles, but glassware and other accessories as well. Our client Emily purchased Concave and Convex Curvy Cubes with Diamond Inserts, Concave and Convex Curvy Cube Wine Holders, and Concave Curvy Wine Bin Cubes. But our Curvy Cube line also carries other options, like our Curvy Wine Cube Popular Packages. Plus, this series also comes with several add-ons such as the tabletop,  display tray, and wall-mount kit to allow for even more style opportunities. The WCI Curvy Wine Cube collection is indeed worth checking out, especially if you’re planning on giving someone really special this season!

“Photos of our wine cooler using your curvy wine cubes. Thank you. We are so happy with the results.”

~Emily Eismont~

Unique Curvy Cube wine cellar

Glass Wall Hardware For Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellars

December 14th, 2015

No doubt about it, glass-enclosed wine cellars are definitely on the top of the list when it comes to popular wine cellar designs. And why not? They can be constructed practically anywhere in your home and lend it that elegant aura. That’s because glass is a naturally attractive material to work with and goes well with just about any other elements as well. In particular, it works wonders when paired with wood which is why majority of our wine cellar projects in our Tech Tuesday archives sport this winning combo.


Our Brushed Stainless Steel hardware

Speaking of glass-enclosed wine cellars here at WCI, it should be kept in mind that all glass materials utilized in our projects are comprised of 1/2″ thick glass and designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. Plus, seals are utilized on the top, bottom and sides of the entry door. This simply means that a glass-enclosed wine cellar is properly sealed to ensure that the ideal wine storage conditions are preserved. But that’s not all. With WCI, you get quality craftsmanship of all wine racking and cellar products, down to the smallest details. Case in point: our glass wall hardware.

Our Oil-Rubbed Bronze hardware

We put in as much effort into our wine cellar accents and accessories as we do to our wine racks because we firmly believe that all aspects of a wine cellar project should be given attention. That’s why our glass wall hardware for our glass-enclosed wine cellars also come in several options to accommodate the client’s preferences. Brushed Stainless Steel and Polished Stainless Steel hardware are our more popular choices, but we also carry Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware. Just a word of caution to prospective customers though: the Oil Rubbed Bronze varies dramatically in terms of color. The photos may not depict the accurate shades which vary from light to darker brown and to almost black. Be sure to talk to a consultant first if you have doubts before purchasing anything. Don’t forget that we are just a chat away from helping you out at no cost to you at all!

Our Polished Stainless Steel hardware

Easy Racking Assembly x DIY Wine Cellar Art

December 10th, 2015

DIY projects are certainly very fulfilling – especially when things turn out just right. Case in point – this DIY wine cellar our client Mike recently completed for his home. But the DIY wine racks are not the only things that are done by the client! You’ll find out soon enough, but first, let’s take a look at this wonderfully spacious closet transformation Mike managed to come up with:

The Vintner Individual Tasting Center

Keeping things simple but efficient, he sent in for our Vintner Series wine racking units – a smart choice if we may say so ourselves. The Individual Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bins provided an ample amount of space for both individual and bulk bottle storage, plus glassware storage to boot. And get this! Our client Mike personally hand-painted the wine cellar art himself. That makes everything in this wine cellar closet a DIY project – and certainly not bad for an amateur ^_^.

Lots of individual and bulk bottle storage space!

“This is a cute way to talk about going to a painting class to use your own art in your wine cellar. It also looks good in a closet.

The boxes arrived in a timely fashion and since I had a deadline, I got right to work on them. I have a large detached garage so I was able to create a workbench by putting a 4×8 sheet of plywood over two sawhorses, this made it easier to work while building the racks. Initially, I found the instructions a bit confusing and light on details. I slowed down and reread the instructions and inventoried what what in the box and this made them more clear and easier to follow.

Once I understood the instructions, assembly was a breeze. I used a brad nailer instead of a hammer which sped up the process and kept the quality at a high level. Once the racks where built, I took them to the house and placed them in my wine closet. The racks fit perfectly based on the dimensions I had provided to the design team. Putting the trim pieces on tied the top and bottom together and they look great.

I spent some time looking for a painting or a picture to hang in the tasting center. Not being able to find something affordable, I attended a painting session at Painting With a Twist and did my own painting. It’s not the best, but I think it looks great. I won’t be collecting any wine or planning on long term storage until the refrigeration is done, which I am planning on doing in the spring of 2016.

I love the racks, they look great and are solid. I think I got a great value and am very happy with team at Wine Cellar Innovations. Thanks for your guidance and help!”

~Mike G.~

Mike's DIY wine cellar art

We Make It Happen With White Wine Sparkler Recipe

December 9th, 2015

Whip up something sweet yet elegant for your holiday Christmas parties! This white wine sparkler recipe is perfect for toasting the holidays with your family and wine buddies. Good ‘ol Martha Stewart has whipped up a pretty awesome grapefruit-sparkler combo, but we also took liberties in modifying it a bit. Try it out and let us know what you think of our white wine sparkler recipe:



1 cup gin
4 teaspoons honey (you can use sugar as well if you prefer)
1/4 cup fresh grapefruit juice (or you can also used freshly squeezed Persian limes)
1 bottle dry sparkling white wine or champagne (Prosecco is a good choice since it’s budget-friendly as well)
Lots of ice
6 lemon slices cut thinly


Grab your punch bowl or large pitcher and combine gin and honey (or sugar). Stir until the honey is well-blended or the sugar completely dissolves. We recommend around 1-2 minutes stirring time. Add the grapefruit juice or freshly squeezed Persian limes and the bottle of sparkling white wine or champagne. Stir again for a few minutes to combine. Fill your wineglasses with ice and the white wine sparkler mixture and top off with thin lemon slices. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #261: The Vintner Series Does It Again!

December 8th, 2015

It’s just a little over two weeks more to go before Christmas, wine buddies! How’s the holiday gift list shaping up? We have a few more holiday wine gift shopping tips for you in the next blog posts, so look forward to that. But for today, we have an inspiring Tech Tuesday feature from one of our clients who decided to spoil himself a little this holidays completing his spanking new wine room:

Project #264602
Wood: Vintner Series / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: n/a
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A nice seamless Vintner racking assembly

Eric is one of those who decided to take advantage of WCI’s free design consultation services. He certainly ended up satisfied with the results of the initial design consultation process. So when he sent in for his Vintner Series wine racking units, all that was left was to actually assemble and install them. Since he had a pretty spacious area all prepped for his wine cellar project, it was just a matter of choosing the most suitable wine racks to outfit the same. Eric sent in for some Individual Bottle Columns, Curved Corner Racks, and an Individual Tasting Center with Case Storage:

Tasting Centers are definitely space savers!

Since he decided to go for the natural, unstained version of the Redwood wine racks, Eric also took liberties in adding a tongue-and-groove Redwood ceiling and cork floors. We approve of the choice of materials because they really complement each other in achieving an authentic vintage aura for the wine cellar. And of course, with the added custom LED lighting accessories, the natural colors of the materials have been suitably enhanced as well:

The rustic appeal of an unstained racking arrangement

“I submitted my preliminary design and received excellent feedback and was to finalize the design in a few iterations. The consultant I dealt with was very helpful. I used the dimensions provided by Wine Cellar Innovations to build the wine cellar to size and everything fit perfectly. The unfinished redwood looks great when paired with tongue and groove redwood ceiling and cork flooring.

Delivery took a few days as advertised. I also bought a split cooling system that looks great mount flush in the ceiling.”

~Eric I.~


Best Places To Put A Wine Glass Rack

December 7th, 2015

Your wine bottles are not the only ones that need to be properly stored. We should also take sufficient consideration as to how we keep our glassware, especially delicate wineglasses and other stemware. That’s why in most of our wine cellar projects featured on our Tech Tuesday episodes, you’ll witness that the racking arrangements come complete with glassware storage as well. And that brings us to the question: “What are the best places to put a wine glass rack in?” Let’s talk about this in detail!


  1. Standard Archways are the “standard”

As far as glassware storage is concerned, we’d say that incorporating them in Standard Archways in one’s wine cellar is probably the most popular option. A hanging wine glass rack is pretty much the standard, not only because it showcases prized stemware to maximum advantage, but also because it’s highly convenient. A lot of our projects utilize the Standard Archway with Tabletop and Wine Glass Rack combo since it combines style and space-efficiency in one easy package.

Beautiful Peninsula Table with lots of glassware storage.

     2. Tasteful Tasting Centers

Another popular glassware storage option would be by utilizing Tasting Centers. Tasting Centers provide the perfect are to pop open your bottles, serve up your favorite taste treats, and other accessories for the night’s entertainment. That includes showcasing your best wineglasses and other stemware. The Peninsula Table is a very good example of this because it sports secure shelving below to neatly tuck away glassware while still allowing a great visual of the same.

Display shelves can store both wine bottles and glassware!

3. Dazzle up the Display Shelves

Having Display Shelves in your wine cellar such as the Quarter Round Wine Display Shelf is also another clever way to store and showcase your glassware all at the same time. Since Display Shelves are relatively spacious, your expensive stemware will be safely stored. Plus, you’ll find that they definitely amp up the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar as well.

Custom cabinetry with etched glass

   4. Wing it in Wine Lockers

If security is your top priority, nothing can do the job quite as well as Wine Lockers. Note that they’re not just a place to put your wine bottles in, but your choice glassware as well. There are different wine locker styles you can choose from as well, such as those with Glass Panel Doors, Mesh Panel Doors, or even highly customized ones such as Glass Panel Doors with Etching and Hand-Carved Panel Cabinet doors.

The bottom line in glassware storage is pretty much the same as with your wine bottles: safety first, but without compromising style. ^_^

Client Sings Praises To Our Winemaker Series!

December 3rd, 2015

Our Winemaker Series has done it again! Our client Glenn sent us this awesome shot of him standing proudly beside his completed wine racking assembly. He sent in for the Individual Bottle Columns from our Winemaker Series wine rack kits, coupled with a Curved Corner, and added some personal touches to come up with this classy number:


“It turned out great and is getting raves from friends! The WineMaker Series easily accommodated incorporating our personalized changes including adding the top with leftover veneers and trim pieces from a recent kitchen remodel, side panels and LED light tape. The unfinished redwood racks took the staining perfectly and I was able to match the rack color with the veneer & trim.  I kept the assembly, materials and tools simple using primarily a miter saw, jig saw and finish & brad nailers.  It’s a great addition to the room and nicely displays our Oregon pinots and other favorites.” 

~Glenn S.~

Glen relayed to us that apart from the no-fuss assembly and installation of the racks, he also loved how the finished product looked like a built-in piece of cabinetry. This is all thanks to the quality craftsmanship of the wine racks, plus those “tiny” details thrown in that can actually make a huge difference – like the custom moldings, stains, and LED lighting elements. The client also took great pleasure in the fact that the finished racking arrangement took up a lot less space while being able to store a lot more bottles. But of course, you can get away with that when you’re working with the Winemaker racking units only because they are specifically designed with shallow depths to accommodate more compact spaces. Moreover, the Winemaker Series offers a pretty healthy array of bottle storage options, whether individual or in bulk, and all in shallow-depth configurations. There are also several finish options available, including crown and base molding packages. So even when you’re trying to “squeeze in” your wine racking assembly in your home, you can still do it in style! ^_^

We Make It Happen Wine Cellar Construction Tips

December 2nd, 2015

We’re really rolling into the month of December, wine cellar buddies! The Christmas holidays are practically here and we’re pretty sure that means a lot of you are getting some much-needed R&R. That also means having enough time for some home improvement projects – like building your very own wine cellar. If you’re one of those considering wine cellar construction activities, then try to scroll through these wine cellar construction tips. There’s more than just one way to built yours and lots of places to build them in, too!

Basement wine cellars are always ideal!

The Basement Wine Cellar

So first we start off with the most basic and of course, ideal location – the basement wine cellar. Since the basement is located at the lowest, underground section of the home, that means that existing temperature and humidity levels are also already ideal for a wine cellar project. All you need is a wine refrigeration unit with standard cooling features to keep your bottles at their peak taste for years to come. And naturally, that also means cutting down on electricity costs which is a big plus.

Go for a garage wine cellar!

The Garage Wine Cellar

But while the basement is the ideal location for your wine cellar, who says you can’t build it in the garage? Garage wine cellars have been gaining more popularity nowadays, especially since a lot of homes actually have enough space for such a project in their garages. Of course, since the existing conditions are not like that of a basement location, you’ll need to consider the essentials such as the insulation, vapor barrier, and proper wine cooling system. Especially be careful with glass enclosed projects in garages and work carefully. But worry not because that’s what our professional wine cellar consultants are here for!

Wine cellar closets are all the rage nowadays!

The Closet Transformation

Now what if you have no basement or garage to carry out your wine cellar project in? Take for example those who live in compact residences like condos or apartments. Not to worry because you can always try a “closet transformation!” A “wine cellar closet” has also become all the rage these days thanks to wine racking products that can be utilized in just about any space. With that empty stretch of space in your wall, old broom closet, or cupboard, you can actually store a few hundred bottles or so.

Under Stairwell wine cellars can be gorgeous, too!

The Under Stairwell Transformation

And here’s another fun fact that you MUST know about – wine cellars under the stairs! That’s right – with the “under stairwell” transformation, you can even have a wine cellar in that once dusty, unused corner of your home. That spot be turned into an amazing wine cellar for your wine bottles and you’d be surprised at how many bottles you can store.

Want more wine cellar construction tips? We’re just waiting for you guys to chat us up! Poke us today and let’s get it on. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #260: Going All Out With The Platinum Series

December 1st, 2015

If you’re going to go all out on a wine cellar project, then you have to do it right! And in our humble opinion, the best way to do so is by choosing the most versatile and top quality wine racking units – like our Platinum Series. As a testament to said world-class quality of the racking units in this collection, we’ve put up this Tech Tuesday feature for you guys:

Project # 237018
Wood: Platinum / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1596

Full-blown Platinum Series set-up

Check out the amazing bottle storage variety this wine room has. It certainly showcases the best features of the Platinum Series – Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays, gorgeous custom Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim, and Vertical Displays. The racking arrangement is finished off with a Quarter Round Shelf, a Standard Archway with Double Glass hanging rack, and a Peninsula Tabletop.

Custom Diamond Bins

The Peninsula Tabletop sports an Elite Coat of lacquer – which basically means three coats were applied to give it that absolutely elegant look. Note that with the Platinum Series, you can incorporate a “tasting center” into your wine cellar with just the addition of custom wine tasting tables that this collection carries. The Peninsula Tabletop is one of our favorites since you can also convert it to a seating area. Notice, too, that the Tabletop has lots of extra storage room at the bottom for wine accessories and other decorative accents you might want to display:

Beautiful Peninsula Tabletop with 3 coats of lacquer

This wine cellar also features a Winezone wine cooling unit which is neatly tucked away and looks very much like a part of the racking assembly thanks to the Wood Grille covers:


While the Peninsula Tabletop is all lacquered up, the rest of the racks in this assembly are unstained, showcasing the lovely, natural hues of All-Heart Redwood. It bears mentioning time and again that Redwood is one of the most durable and highly resistant wood species there is, particularly when it comes to wood options for wine cellar projects. You can’t find any other North American wood that has as much resistance to rot, mildew and insects. As the Redwood tree grows, the heart takes on minerals which is responsible for the beautiful reddish-brown tones the wood sports, as well as resistance to decay. Check out this sample that was actually buried for 2,000 years and is still as good as the Clear All Heart Redwood used to build our wine cellars at present.

Nice front view of Platinum Series wine cellar Wood is all All-Heart Redwood

Now if you’re in the planning stages of your wine cellar project, we highly encourage you to go all-out Platinum! Talk with our experienced design consultants today and get free consultation advice on how to get started. *Cheers*

Tabletop Peninsula with more storage space