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Protect Your Bottles With Earthquake-Proof Fixes

November 16th, 2015

Protecting your wine bottles should always be done in wholes and never in halves. That only means you should also take into account contingencies when it comes to wine bottle storage. This is especially applicable to those who are living in areas where earthquakes have been occurring or are likely to occur. Nonetheless, even if you live in a relatively earthquake-free location, you can’t afford to be less cautious. Investing in earthquake-resistant wine racks will prove to be a very sound decision, especially when you’re growing your collection and you have started acquiring some rare labels.

Smart fixes for earthquakes and accidents

Our earthquake-resistant wine racks

Here at WCI, we carry “Earthquake Resistant” wine racks that can certainly help give a better degree of protection for your racks during earthquakes or other similar types of occurrences. These wine racks are designed with a 6 1/2 degree angle sloped to the rear which is mounted against the wall. In the event of an earthquake, the wine bottles will naturally come to rest against the wall.

However, also keep in mind that while the wine racks created at Wine Cellar Innovations would hold up to moderate to mild earthquakes, they might still not be enough to keep your bottles, particularly your high value wines safe. That’s why apart from the racks, our team also came up with some helpful tricks of the trade to help our clients keep their collection earthquake and accident-proof.

Basically, “earthquake resistance” is really all about making the front of the wine rack taller than the back.  So reinforcing your racks is one of the best fixes you can have to really earthquake-proof them. Sliding some 1x2’s beneath the bottom front of your stacked wine racks and making sure the top and back is secured to the wall are highly recommended solutions. Note that the bottom of the rack will have to be slightly pulled away from the wall and you will also need to make sure that your racks are attached to each other. This method works best for individual bottle storage racks as opposed to bulk bottle storage ones. That’s because the former provide each bottle with the highest amount of friction. On the other hand, bulk bottle storage racks provide a fraction of that friction and so the bottles can slide out of the storage units.

Now there’s another slightly more complicated fix you can try out. This involves adding a plywood back on the racks and angle-cut a few 1×2 pieces.  Then you will have to attach or screw that plywood to the wall, in addition to the 1×2 pieces. Of course, this is not a 100% guarantee that your wine bottles will not fall out. If you want, you can also install a door on the front of your rack which would really ensure that they won’t fall out.

Last but not that least, you can also “chain” your bottles to your racks. WCI offers a “novelty chain” that is pinned into the rack and holds the neck of the bottle. With these earthquake-proof fixes, your collection is way more protected from risks, be they earthquakes or something else! ^_^