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We Make It Happen With Holiday Wine Gifts

November 4th, 2015

The month of October sure flew by faster than Harry Potter could say “Accio!” And don’t we wish we can use that little bit of magic right about now to get stuff crossed our holiday gift list super fast. Yes, wine buddies, it’s that time of the year again – the much-awaited Christmas season. Tis the season to be jolly and everyone’s looking forward to celebrating the holidays. However, not everyone is looking forward to the mad holiday rush and that’s why we’re here to help!

For sure, you wine lovers out there are prepping up their lists of potential holiday wine gifts. So why not make the “task” a bit easier on your part by  sticking to wines you are familiar with and give you the satisfaction you crave. Naturally, you’ll have to take into account the taste preferences of your recipient/s as well which is why there are also a few norms to consider when choosing your wine gifts. Nonetheless, the true essence of giving these holidays is sharing a “part of you” with others and that includes sharing the wines you love.

Points of consideration – but don’t sweat it!


Now the very first thing you’re most likely to consider when shopping around for wine gifts is the amount of money you’re willing to spend. In general, what you will be spending will depend greatly on  your relationship with the recipient and of course, your budget. Do not let the budget control you – it must always be the other way around. You should control just how much you’ll be spending and and this is where having “options” become indispensable.

When working up your wine gift list, always keep in mind to have “backups.” Sure, you’ll have your first label of choice and most likely, it will not be cheap especially if you’re looking at wine gifts for say, your boss or an esteemed colleague. However, you should not let yourself be lured by the temptation of splurging on an expensive bottle just to impress. List down alternative labels and think about this: if you cannot afford that uber expensive label you have never tried yourself, stick to a label you’re familiar with. You’d be surprised at how your recipient will be impressed at your enthusiasm for wine that personally satisfies you.

Moving on, the other consideration for your choice of wine gifts would  be the taste. If you personally know the preferences of your recipient, then all’s well and good. But if not, don’t stress yourself out. There are varieties that are kind of “fit the bill” regardless of the individual’s taste preference. Pinot Noir is a good example. Pinots are prized for their transparency, so this is one of the safest choices. If you want to convey a more festive feeling seeing it’s the holidays after all, go for a Beaujolais. Beaujolais exudes an earthy character and fruity flavors and will certainly be a suitable holiday wine gift.

Stay tuned for more helpful holiday wine shopping tips! We’ll be having one for wine racks, wine room accessories, and such as well so do watch out for that. ^_^