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A Chat On Wine Serving Temperatures

November 30th, 2015

Serving your wine has to be done with care. After all, you’d want your guests to enjoy the best taste of each bottle you pop open. That’s why it’s highly recommended to serve wine at its ideal temperature to ensure that you preserve its peak taste and smell. So just like storing wine, serving wine also follows some essential rules, specifically on wine serving temperatures.

At what temperature is your wine best served?

Learning the basics…

Now let’s first recall the ideal wine storage conditions that basically emulate those in the underground caves of Europe. The ideal wine cellar temperature range is 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity which means wine cellars have to maintain such conditions in a consistent manner to keep the wine bottles “fresh.” That’s because extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity will have a detrimental effect to the wine’s aging process. But what about when you’re about to serve your wines? Is there a significant difference between “storing” and “serving” temperatures? You bet there is!

Let’s start off with the most basic – the reds. Red wine is highly recommended to be served cool at a serving temperature of around 60 to 70 degrees. You might hear from others that red wine is best served at room temperature, but that’s actually a misconception. Serving it cool at 60 to 70 degrees will bring out the reds’ peak taste. Once you’re selected your choice of red from your wine cellar, give it an hour in the fridge before serving it.

Next up is your whites. White wine and rose are both recommended to be served at a temperature of 50 t0 60 degrees. Why so? That’s because these temperatures can dramatically impact the way your white or rose will taste and smell. Also, once you have opened the bottle and poured a round for your guests, we recommend that you skip the ice. Let the bottle thaw on the table and you will notice that wine’s aromas and character will take on more interesting tastes and textures as the temperature rises.

Last but not the least, let’s talk about the serving temperature of sparkling wine. It’s not called the “bubbly” for nothing! Putting the bottle about an hour before popping it open will put it in the best temperature for pouring which is about 40 to 50 degrees. If time is an issue, put your bottle in an ice bucket for thirty minutes or so. Note that keeping your bottle in ice cold temperature will keep the bubbles fine rather than foamy. So after you have poured, don’t forget to keep the open bottle on ice until it’s all finished. *Cheers*

An Organized Affair Thanks To The Designer Series

November 26th, 2015

What happens when you don’t have proper wine storage for your bottles? Well, basically, you get more or less the same problem as our client Ken here used to have: a nearly impossible hunting spree for the bottle you actually want to pop open. Prior to his purchase of his WCI racks, Ken admitted to having wine bottles in various places in their home. As a result, they had to spend more time hunting for that one bottle they’d been craving to taste rather than actually enjoying it. So in order to give their growing collection a proper home and save them from the frustrations of “bottle hunting,” they sent in for some Individual Bottle Columns from our Designer Series wine rack kits:

DIY Designer Series racks!

To facilitate a more efficient assembly and installation of the racks, Ken utilized a nail gun which yielded some pretty awesome results. Check out these snaps of the completed wine racking assembly, all filled up with their once homeless bottles. The racks were put together neatly and perfectly fit into that empty stretch of wall in the client’s home. The addition of some clever decorative accents also helped increase the aesthetic appeal of the racking arrangement. Utilizing a nail gun was indeed a smart move because among all the methods to assembly a wine rack, this is easily the most practical one. Watch our learning video on popular ways to assemble a wine rack to see exactly what we mean!

Organized, spacious, and beautiful wine racking assembly.

Ken was kind enough to share his WCI experience with us as well and what he had to say about our products was certainly heartwarming:

“We’ve been enjoying our racks for some time now. I used a pneumatic nail gun and it did make the job easier.  I also attached all the racks to the wall securely, and to each other to provide rigidity.  I used a drop of glue at each junction point before I drove the nail, and I’m very happy with the results. I labeled the racks “Rack A”, “Rack B”, etc. and then subdivided each rack into its obvious “bin” (separated by the obvious cross pieces) and then row, column. The data base I created then tracks where each bottle is located by rack-bin-row-column.  We used to have bottles all over the house and while we might know we had a certain bottle, it was nearly impossible to find it.  Now we don’t have that problem.”

~Ken P.~

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Design Ideas

November 25th, 2015

Building a wine cellar is really a creative process rather than a mere technical one. Sure, you basically put together a wine racking assembly and it’s no rocket science. However, that’s not all there is to it. With a wine cellar, no matter the size and shape of it, it’s not just all about “assembling” but also about “designing.” The aesthetic aspect of a wine cellar project matters and will always matter because your total satisfaction of the end results depends a lot on the visual outcome as well.

That being said, it’s our pleasure to share with you these wine cellar construction ideas that will make your project twice as fun to build. With the help of WCI’s varied selection of wine cellar accents, you’ll not only be putting together your wine racks but giving them the essential artistic touches as well.


Let’s start off with some decorative wood trim. Now you’ve heard us point out more than once on this blog just how essential a role custom moldings play in a wine racking assembly. They help blend in any gaps between the wine racks, and the ceiling and flooring, giving your wine cellar a neat and finished look. But did you know that you can also play around with these moldings, design-wise? With some choice Decorative Moldings, you can actually add more detail and high relief to the interior trim of your wine cellar.  You can also do the same with other aspects of your wine cellar such as with wood paneling, wood onlays, wood grille covers, and more.



Speaking of wood paneling, that brings us to another decorative element in your wine cellar project – your wine cellar cabinets. Spice up those standard storage cabinets with custom panel doors! A very popular choice would be the Raised Panel Cabinet Doors since they are simple and elegant. But if you want a little more flair, try a Glass Panel Cabinet Door with custom etchings. Glass etchings give off a delicate charm and will accentuate your display of glassware really well. You can also go for Hand-Carved Panel Cabinet Doors or those with Wood Borders and Onlays. Still, there are also those who’d prefer a rocking combo of form and function in which case, transforming your standard cabinets into a Cigar Humidor would certainly be a clever move.


And now for the last designing a wine cellar tip: putting in custom wine cellar lighting! We cannot over-emphasize the importance of this design element. Custom lighting can highlight both your wine racks and bottles on display. With the right kind of wine cellar lighting, you can also create the most suitable mood for your wine room. For example, Recessed LED Downlights can spotlight your custom wine cellar ceiling while a linear LED Display lighting system will help accent your wine display racks and archways. On the other hand, if you have stained glass or other decorative applications in your wine cellar, Fluorescent Slimlites will illuminate these perfectly.

Talk to our design consultants today and let’s make these wine cellar design ideas and so much more happen to you and your wine cellar!



Technical Tuesday Episode #259: WineMaker “Makes” For Beautiful Wine Cellars

November 24th, 2015

We’ve been talking about our WineMaker Series wine racks often as of late, like in our last Testimonial Thursday feature. But we’ve also been focusing a lot on the “functional” aspect of this wine rack kit, so now it’s time to switch it around a bit. Luckily, we managed to get snaps of this recent project from a client in Warren, OH, utilizing several racking units from the WineMaker Series. This Tech Tuesday episode is more than enough proof that the series is capable of turning out not just functional, but beautiful wine cellars as well:

Project # 267074
Wood: Platinum / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 1194
Where: Warren, OH

Install Pictures for 267074-2

So let’s check out this stunning project which consists of an entire wine room outfitted to store over a thousand bottles in a variety of storage options. Despite the fact that the main racking elements hail from the WineMaker Series wine racks kit, there are also several custom accents that really amp up the “beauty” factor on this project. Case in point: the gorgeous Cabinet Doors with Raised Panels and European Hinges in the same Dark Walnut stain as the racks (see top image).

Install Pictures for 267074-5

We particularly love how the racks were interspersed with the white stone materials to create a stunning contrast of light and dark hues between the walls and wine racking assembly. Plus, the knotty grade of wood used for the ceilings and some parts of the walls really enhanced the vintage flavor of this wine cellar. Notice, too, that smart accent pieces were added here and there such as that elegant lighting fixture and the wine barrel tasting table. Moreover, recessed lighting was also integrated which helped highlight the contrasting hues and textures in this entire project.

Install Pictures for 267074-6

So here we have some truly great shots of the various WineMaker racking units: Individual Bottle Columns with Display Rows, Open Diamond Bins, Adjustable Wine Shelves, and a Standard Archway with Tabletop option.

Install Pictures for 267074-9 Install Pictures for 267074-10

Let’s Talk About Wine Tasting Tables!

November 23rd, 2015

Why should one invest in a wine tasting table? Well, we can give you more than just one reason for that! Essentially, a wine table provides functional working space and extra bottle storage to boot. But that’s not all. Wine tables can also enhance the look and mood of your entertainment area. If you set one up in the center of your wine cellar, it actually transforms into a wine tasting table where you and your guests can gather round and share your tasting experiences and more.

Check these babies out!

Naturally, we wouldn’t be broaching the topic of wine tasting tables if we have nothing to show for it. But it so happens that we’re called “Wine Cellar Innovations” and we live for providing wine storage solutions in all forms, shapes and sizes – including incidental storage solutions in the form of wine tasting tables. In other words, the extra bottle storage these tables provide are added perks that really make them worth every dollar you shell out.

Our multi-functional tasting tables

So first off, we have two awesome options from the Designer Series – the 108 Bottle Tasting Table and the Wood Case Storage Tasting Table. Both come in our top four wood choices – All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Prime Mahogany as well as a variety of stain and finish options, including lacquer. Apart from providing the perfect spot for prepping your wine and other beverages, these tasting tables let you store tons of bottles. Moreover, you can easily mix and match them with other racking elements in your wine cellar.

Redwood Tasting Tables

Next up is the Vintner 180 Bottle Wine Tasting Table. This product can store even more bottles while providing the necessary space for decanting your wine and even displaying your fine wine accessories. The racks below offer full bottle coverage as well as beveled rails and eased edges for safe and comfortable storage. Want a bulk bottle storage version of it? Then check out the Vintner 216 Storage Wine Tasting Table.

Elegant Wine Barrel Tasting Table

Our next item on the list is this uber unique Wine Barrel Table. It’s crafted from authentic aged wine barrels that have been used many times by wine makers. So apart from being eco-friendly, you get an authentic vintage decor for your wine cellar or any room in your home. Plus, the beautiful glass table top can be done up with customized etchings for a reasonable up-charge.

Lastly, we have the Oak Wine Bar. This is definitely one of our favorite products because it doubles as a home wine bar that can hold up to 28 wine glasses, 48 bottles of wine and a collection of cognacs and ports on top with space to spare. Made from Red Oak with a dark stain finish, this wine table is both a classy and functional addition to your home.


Hassle-Free Assembly With The Winemaker Series

November 19th, 2015

Our wine rack kits have been praised by a lot of clients to be genuinely “hassle-free” units to assemble. Those kinds of feedback send us over the moon because that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve with our wine rack kits. They are designed with quality materials and versatile configurations in order to make the racking units easy to put together, particularly in DIY projects. So imagine how pleased we were when our client Scott sent us this wonderful review along with snaps of his WineMaker wine rack:

Shallow-depth racks for space-efficient storage

Scott just needed a functional wine rack which could provide enough bottle storage while at the same time, being able to fit into a quite narrow space in his home. The WineMaker Series wine racks kit provided the perfect solution thanks to its trademark “narrow-depth” racks. Scott sent in for the 10-Column Individual Bottle Bottom Stack with Display Row. He was able to store all of his collection with more than enough room for future acquisitions as the snapshot of his assembled rack below clearly shows:

Easy to assemble Winemaker wine racks

“Because I had such a great experience dealing with Wine Cellar Innovations, I thought I would take a few moments to respond to your questions, and let you know how pleased I am with the end product. The product arrived in a very timely manner, with no damage incurred during manufacturing or transit. I was surprised to see how much of the wine rack was already assembled upon delivery. The installation process went very smoothly, especially with the help of the 18 gauge nail gun. Assembly took less that a couple hours, and was actually pretty fun.”

~Scott V.~

Indeed, assembly and installation of your DIY wine racks will be a hassle-free experience when you work with our wine rack kits. The easy and flexible configurations coupled with quality craftsmanship will make your DIY experience an enjoyable one – even more so because we also have these learning videos handy for you to follow. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #258: Eddie Merlot’s New Branch Outfitted In Platinum Series

November 17th, 2015

Guess who’s back on the Tech Tuesday spotlight? It’s Eddie Merlot’s, wine lovers and good ol’ Eddie is getting bigger and better – than includes their wine cellars and of course, wine selection! Now if you all can still recall, WCI has played a significant role in these expansion projects as we’ve built Eddie’s wine cellars in a number of different locations. Presently, Eddie’s has branches in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. But recently, they’ve added yet another location – this time in Allen, IN. And who do you think decked out their newest branch with an impressive 690-bottle wine cellar?

Project # 263981
Wood: Platinum / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 690
Where: Allen, IN

Eddie Merlot's wine cellar decked in the Platinum Series

The Platinum x All-Heart Redwood combo has been pretty much a staple in our Eddie Merlot projects. This one is no different and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The entire wine cellar is outfitted in a sleek arrangement of the Platinum Series wine racking units in unstained All-Heart Redwood. Our design team made clever use of interspersing the Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays and Solid Vertical Displays to provide variety as well as a really spacious appearance to the bottle storage assembly. Wood Case Bottle racks and Open Diamond Cubes with Solid Face Trim were also thrown in for additional bulk bottle storage.

Vintage View wine racks make for tons of extra storage.

But that’s not all! Adding a little twist to the newest addition to the Eddie Merlot’s growing chain of restos, this wine cellar also sports our VintageView Series metal wine racks. Check out how the racks are displayed in a floor-to-ceiling fashion with the help of a Floor-to-Ceiling frame. This will give the bottles the illusion of “floating” in mid-air! We can’t wait to see how this section of the wine cellar will look when it’s all filled up ^_^.

Super safe storage with our Wine Lockers!

We daresay that this is one of Eddie’s most versatile wine cellar projects to date because apart from the bottle storage variety brought about by the Platinum Series custom wine racks and the VintageView metal racks that were also incorporated into this project, Eddie’s also purchased several of our Wine Lockers. See how they fit nice and snug into that wall? These Wine Lockers are a very smart decision because they can properly protect your rarest, most expensive labels. If you’re running a successful business like Eddie’s, you can’t be too careful about your precious merchandise.

Close-up of unstained All-Heart Redwood racks

Hop on to Eddie Merlot’s website today to know more about these coming attractions and see their awesome menu!

Protect Your Bottles With Earthquake-Proof Fixes

November 16th, 2015

Protecting your wine bottles should always be done in wholes and never in halves. That only means you should also take into account contingencies when it comes to wine bottle storage. This is especially applicable to those who are living in areas where earthquakes have been occurring or are likely to occur. Nonetheless, even if you live in a relatively earthquake-free location, you can’t afford to be less cautious. Investing in earthquake-resistant wine racks will prove to be a very sound decision, especially when you’re growing your collection and you have started acquiring some rare labels.

Smart fixes for earthquakes and accidents

Our earthquake-resistant wine racks

Here at WCI, we carry “Earthquake Resistant” wine racks that can certainly help give a better degree of protection for your racks during earthquakes or other similar types of occurrences. These wine racks are designed with a 6 1/2 degree angle sloped to the rear which is mounted against the wall. In the event of an earthquake, the wine bottles will naturally come to rest against the wall.

However, also keep in mind that while the wine racks created at Wine Cellar Innovations would hold up to moderate to mild earthquakes, they might still not be enough to keep your bottles, particularly your high value wines safe. That’s why apart from the racks, our team also came up with some helpful tricks of the trade to help our clients keep their collection earthquake and accident-proof.

Basically, “earthquake resistance” is really all about making the front of the wine rack taller than the back.  So reinforcing your racks is one of the best fixes you can have to really earthquake-proof them. Sliding some 1x2’s beneath the bottom front of your stacked wine racks and making sure the top and back is secured to the wall are highly recommended solutions. Note that the bottom of the rack will have to be slightly pulled away from the wall and you will also need to make sure that your racks are attached to each other. This method works best for individual bottle storage racks as opposed to bulk bottle storage ones. That’s because the former provide each bottle with the highest amount of friction. On the other hand, bulk bottle storage racks provide a fraction of that friction and so the bottles can slide out of the storage units.

Now there’s another slightly more complicated fix you can try out. This involves adding a plywood back on the racks and angle-cut a few 1×2 pieces.  Then you will have to attach or screw that plywood to the wall, in addition to the 1×2 pieces. Of course, this is not a 100% guarantee that your wine bottles will not fall out. If you want, you can also install a door on the front of your rack which would really ensure that they won’t fall out.

Last but not that least, you can also “chain” your bottles to your racks. WCI offers a “novelty chain” that is pinned into the rack and holds the neck of the bottle. With these earthquake-proof fixes, your collection is way more protected from risks, be they earthquakes or something else! ^_^

Our Gold Series Gets Us “Golden” Client Recommendation!

November 12th, 2015

There’s nothing like a simple but solid client review to fuel our engines! We’ve always emphasized how client satisfaction is always our top priority so being able to meet their wine storage needs at any given situation is truly satisfying, just like what we did with Dan’s wine cellar:


So Dan had an amazing amount of space to work with and transform into an honest-to-goodness formal wine room. He sent in for our Gold Series custom wine racking units to help outfit his new wine cellar. Needless to say, the Gold Series did not disappoint. Since the series offers quite an amazing assortment of racking styles, maximizing the ample floor space of the room was accomplished quite nicely. Keep in mind that the Gold Series racking units are especially designed to focus on the economical use of 1×2 open construction. The racks were highly appropriate for this open floor layout and involved some pretty creative arrangement of the individual and bulk bottle storage styles.


And here’s how the racking set-up looks like upon closer inspection. The Standard Archway was decked with with custom recessed LED lighting as well as the rest of the assembly. This helped in really accentuating the bottles on display as well as the beautifully stained racks. Keep in mind that WCI has an extensive selection of wine cellar accents to choose from which can really give your wine racking arrangement a more stylish flair. This section of our website is a must-visit when it comes to choosing the most suitable decor for your wine cellar project.


Naturally, the highlight of this project is the delivery of wine cellar services that merited a thumbs-up from the client. That’s because WCI professional wine cellar services are as varied as our products – from initial consultation down to product purchasing, delivery, assembly and installation, and even post-construction services. Plus, we even provide commercial financial financing options and what you can’t find on our website, you can certainly scour for in our blog – from wine racking assembly tips and tricks to wine cellar cooling recommendations and more. So get in touch with a WCI specialist today and learn why Dan has given us a “golden” client recommendation. ^_^

“Thank you the good service. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends.”

~Dan W.~

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Construction Tips

November 11th, 2015

Building your very first wine cellar should be done with the right amount of planning. You’ll come to learn that the planning stage is quite indispensable, especially when you’re seeking to construct a formal wine room. Remember that this will be the place where you will store your wine bottles – including future acquisitions. That means you’ll have to consider carefully the environment you’ll be creating for your collection so that the ideal storage conditions can be met. Here are a couple of really helpful wine cellar construction tips put together by our professional design specialists to make your wine cellar construction experience a memorable one:

Location, location, location

Choose the best location for your wine cellar.

It’s not just home buyers or business proprietors who should be concerned with this important aspect. This should actually be a foremost consideration in your wine cellar construction plans. While nowadays you can build a wine cellar practically anywhere in your home, you should still keep in mind that the location that you choose will have a future impact on the cost of maintaining your cellar. It’s best that the wine cellar should be placed in the coolest and most humid place in your home. Keep in mind the ideal storage conditions are at 55°-58° F temperature and 55-75% humidity. The closer your location is to these desired conditions, the smaller size wine cooling unit you will need and the lower the overall cost will be.

Never forget your Insulation & Vapor Barrier

Insulation and vapor barrier installation are indispensable.

Naturally, you’ll have to make sure that your wine cellar will be properly insulated and installed with a vapor barrier.There are two common methods for this: spray foam or 6 mil vapor barrier and fiberglass batts. The spray foam is normally more expensive, but it will prevent the possibility of a puncture mark in your vapor barrier caused by someone inserting screws, running wire, plumbing, and what-not into or through the wall from outside the wine cellar. Our design specialists highly recommend using Comfort Foam for this application. Make sure that there are no air gaps between the insulation and drywall for either method.

Choose the “right” wine cellar cooling unit


There are many types of wine cooling units in varying sizes and features. Again, we refer to our first tip on wine cellar location. Keep in mind that if you’re building in a less than ideal location in your home, your unit must be powerful enough to maintain the ideal storage conditions 24/7. Also, you’ll need to take into account the bottle capacity of the cellar. WCI carries three types of wine cellar cooling units: Through The Wall, Ductless, and Ducted Systems. Check out our bevy of unit styles under each type here and request a free BTU analysis for your wine cellar as well.

Don’t forget your wall, ceiling, and flooring

Dress your wine cellar up with custom floorings and ceilings!

These are the sections of your wine cellar where you can play with decorative elements as well. But of course, keep in mind that the materials you choose have to be very durable to withstand and help maintain the high humidity environment in your cellar. WCI has tons of options for your cellar walls, ceilings, and floors which you can discuss with our experienced design consultants.

Saving Space With Space-Efficient Wine Racks

November 9th, 2015

Making “space” in your home for your wine collection isn’t that difficult of a task to accomplish. It’s just that more often than not, we are quick to dismiss potential storage spaces in our home either because they are too awkward or uneven or we think it will cost us a small fortune in terms of renovation costs. Well, we should think otherwise because there are actually several ways to save and even create more bottle storage in our homes thanks to space-efficient wine racks.

Vintage View wine racks lets you store more bottles!

Let’s take a look at these gorgeous bottle storage units our client Linda has managed to whip up with the use of our VintageView metal wine racks. Notice that apart from creating more than enough space to host her bottles, she has also managed to incorporate the racks as part of the room’s artistic layout. We like how the bottles meshed with the art pieces and how this entire wall emulated an art deco gallery. Apart from being functional and helping store more bottles, the wall-mounted racks also added wonderful aesthetic touches to the room.

That being said, the very first space-saving tip you should remember is that not all wine racking units are made to stand on the floor. You also have “wall-mount” models which can easily save you tons of space seeing as they don’t even occupy any floor area at all. Apart from the Vintage View Series, our Curvy Cubes also offer wall-mount options for your bottle storage convenience.

It's a "wine art gallery" with Vintage View wine racks!

The second space-saving tip for those seemingly awkward corners in your home is utilizing curved corner racks and displays. Take a look at the snapshot of Linda’s wine cellar below and you can see how the curved corner racks and Quarter Round Shelf were made to hug the sharp angles of the narrow room. Not only are you able to create lots of bottle storage space with these types of racks but you also achieve a much smoother transition from floor to ceiling and from one wine racking unit to the other:

Trim uneven corners with Curved Corner racks and displays

The third and last space-saving tip to maximize bottle storage in your home is to discover the amazing functionality of “shallow-depth” racks. These racks are exactly like their namesake – they are manufactured with shallow depths. The bottle necks will protrude from the front of the racks but are still safely and comfortably cradled on square-cut rails. The “shallow depth” of these racks make it possible for one to outfit even the more compact areas in their home and create proper storage for their collection.

“The horizontal racks were perfect to maximize space in the space available.”

~Linda P.~

We Make It Happen With Holiday Wine Gifts

November 4th, 2015

The month of October sure flew by faster than Harry Potter could say “Accio!” And don’t we wish we can use that little bit of magic right about now to get stuff crossed our holiday gift list super fast. Yes, wine buddies, it’s that time of the year again – the much-awaited Christmas season. Tis the season to be jolly and everyone’s looking forward to celebrating the holidays. However, not everyone is looking forward to the mad holiday rush and that’s why we’re here to help!

For sure, you wine lovers out there are prepping up their lists of potential holiday wine gifts. So why not make the “task” a bit easier on your part by  sticking to wines you are familiar with and give you the satisfaction you crave. Naturally, you’ll have to take into account the taste preferences of your recipient/s as well which is why there are also a few norms to consider when choosing your wine gifts. Nonetheless, the true essence of giving these holidays is sharing a “part of you” with others and that includes sharing the wines you love.

Points of consideration – but don’t sweat it!


Now the very first thing you’re most likely to consider when shopping around for wine gifts is the amount of money you’re willing to spend. In general, what you will be spending will depend greatly on  your relationship with the recipient and of course, your budget. Do not let the budget control you – it must always be the other way around. You should control just how much you’ll be spending and and this is where having “options” become indispensable.

When working up your wine gift list, always keep in mind to have “backups.” Sure, you’ll have your first label of choice and most likely, it will not be cheap especially if you’re looking at wine gifts for say, your boss or an esteemed colleague. However, you should not let yourself be lured by the temptation of splurging on an expensive bottle just to impress. List down alternative labels and think about this: if you cannot afford that uber expensive label you have never tried yourself, stick to a label you’re familiar with. You’d be surprised at how your recipient will be impressed at your enthusiasm for wine that personally satisfies you.

Moving on, the other consideration for your choice of wine gifts would  be the taste. If you personally know the preferences of your recipient, then all’s well and good. But if not, don’t stress yourself out. There are varieties that are kind of “fit the bill” regardless of the individual’s taste preference. Pinot Noir is a good example. Pinots are prized for their transparency, so this is one of the safest choices. If you want to convey a more festive feeling seeing it’s the holidays after all, go for a Beaujolais. Beaujolais exudes an earthy character and fruity flavors and will certainly be a suitable holiday wine gift.

Stay tuned for more helpful holiday wine shopping tips! We’ll be having one for wine racks, wine room accessories, and such as well so do watch out for that. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Spotlight: Vintner Elite Cabinetry

November 3rd, 2015

If you think you’ve seen all that you need to see about our Vintner Series wine racks kit, you might be in for a sweet surprise. There’s more to this series than meets the eye so we figured it’s time we re-visit it for a closer look. Most of our Tech Tuesday episodes focus on the standard racking fare offered by Vintner such as Individual Bottle Storage, Open Diamond Bins, and Vertical Shelves. But what most of our blog followers probably don’t know is that Vintner also carries a selection of “elite” racking options – in particular, the Vintner Elite Cabinetry collection.

Elite with a capital “E”

The Pull Out Wine Bottle Cradle

The Vintner Elite Cabinetry collection features the Pull Out Wine Bottle Cradle and the Pull Out Wood Case. Both are available in 3- and 3-feet height options as well as our top four wood choices in terms of the material. Both bulk bottle storage units can easily hold up to 36 bottles when the 3-feet configuration is utilized and up to 48 bottles with the 4-feet configuration.

These racking units were designed to accommodate not just standard-sized bottles but also Split/Half bottles, Small Champagne, Pinot Noir, Turley, as well as Large Champagne bottles. Nonetheless, due to the size of these formats, it should be noted that the bottles may touch when storing any combination of these 3 bottle types one on top of the other in this wine rack. We highly recommend that you exercise caution when removing your bottles from the racking by lifting the upper bottle to safely remove the lower one.

The superbly crafted Pull Out Wood Case

The utilitarian features of the cradle and case aside, it’s also worth mentioning that you get a wide variety of stain and finish options to dress these elite units up and make them look authentically built-in with your existing racking assembly or the other cabinetry or decor in your home. Keep in mind that like all the other racking products in the Vintner Series, these two can be easily mixed and matched with other units to give your wine cellar that extra bottle storage versatility.

You can check out our Room Design Layout Guide to help you get a better picture on how the Elite Cabinetry units will work in your wine cellar project or better yet, contact us to avail of our free design services. *Cheers*

Go For Stackable Wine Racks

November 2nd, 2015

As a wine collector, you need to plan ahead when putting together a proper wine racking assembly for your collection. That simply means taking into consideration your future acquisitions. It would be a waste of both your money and effort (and not to mention extremely stressful) when after putting together your wine racks, you come to realize that you don’t have enough space to accommodate more bottles.

“Stackable” wine racks offer a sound solution

That being said, we highly recommend going for “stackable” wine racking units. Stackable wine racks, from their namesake alone, should be pretty much self-explanatory. They are racks that you can literally stack one on top of the other and/or place side by side to create continuous, flowing bottle storage for your growing collection. You can find these units mostly in “kits” which are manufactured specifically to address the needs of those who are gradually growing their collection. In other words, you don’t need to pressure yourself into creating a fancy, customized wine cellar because you can still provide proper storage for your bottles in an affordable way. Moreover, you will find that these “kits” are the next best thing to customized wine cellar thanks to their flexible configurations and variety on bottle storage options.

Now when you decide to “stack” your wine racks in order to make room for more bottles, one of the most essential things to consider would be the ceiling height of your designated space. This is quite vital in helping you choose the type of racking units you will be purchasing. For example, if you have a generous space between your floors and ceilings, then you can start by stacking your racks halfway and adding more units over time as your collection grows. But if you don’t have nearly as much space, you can mix it up between different individual and bulk bottle storage styles in order to accommodate more bottles in the future.

Speaking of space, you should also take into account how roomy or narrow the designated area is, especially when the racks will be installed. If the room or any other space you’re working with is quite narrow, you can always remedy the problem by choosing shallow-depth wine racks. Shallow-depth wine racks will allow you to store more standard-sized bottles even in a relatively compact space. Plus, there are also bulk storage options available for this type of wine racks such as Diamond Bins, Diamond Cubes, and Vertical Displays.

Last but definitely not the least, you should also look into metal wine racking options. Stackable racking units are not limited to wood ones. In fact, you will find that metal racking units can be even more space-efficient under certain circumstances. You can also do a combination of wood and metal racking elements which is not only a real space saver but stylish as well.

Check out our selection of stackable wood wine racks such as Vintner, WineMaker, Curvy Cubes, and the Mini Stack Series and our Vintage View Metal wine racks for inspiration! ^_^

Rack and stack all the way!