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Sensorist, “Make your bottles mature perfectly”

October 23rd, 2015

Today, we have a guest post from Sensorist. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Amazing things can come from laying down good bottles of wine for later consumption.

Nothing is more exciting than opening a bottle with a special story from your own stock. And it doesn’t matter if its from the cellar, kitchen wine rack or fridge. But nothing is more disappointing than opening this special bottle just to find out that non-optimal storage has impacted it in a bad way or even totally ruined it.

With Sensorist Wine Pack Solution you can keep track of the exact conditions and spot those harmful conditions before your bottles mature too early. You will be able to spot both the all destroying rapid changes in temperature, but also wrong humidity which can lead to cork dry-out or moulding. And it doesn’t matter if you are laying down your bottles in a passive or active cooled wine cellar or using a wine fridge. The Sensorist system gives you the possibility keeping an eye on the storage conditions of your wine no matter if they are in a cellar or wine fridge.

Sensoist Wine Pack Solution

The system consists of a Sensorist gateway that is connected to the internet and one or more wireless sensors that are placed in your fridge or cellar. The sensor can be connected to the Sensorist bottle probe, which are then placed in an wine bottle filled with water and placed in storage with the real wine bottles. The system will now record the fridge or room temperature/humidity as well as an actual bottle temperature every 15 minutes and send this data to the Cloud.

From here the user can view the both the historic development in temperature and humidity for the cellar or fridge as well as the impact on a single bottle. The reason why it is so interesting to also be able to keep an eye on actual bottle temperature is that even though the room temperature may fluctuate from continuous start and stop of the cooling compressor the bottle temperature should remain as constant and non-changing as possible.

Below are two examples on just how different apparently similar spec’ed cooling solutions can actually operate when doing the measurements. More information,

The graphs are taken from the Sensorist portal where every customer has access to live data:

Senorist Data


Actual Cloud Data from Sensorist

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