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Client Raves About Victorian-Inspired Wine Cellar

October 29th, 2015

The 1800s will always be an unforgettable period, particularly if you’re into fashion and design. That’s because this time period marks the heyday of the Victorian fashion. Note that this style extended not only to clothing but to other areas of the society as well – the arts, architecture, and engineering, and so on. Even today, the influences of Victorian style cannot be just brushed away because they bring that essential element of intricacy and flair to any design. In terms of wine cellar projects, the Victorian influence can also be easily seen, particularly in wine cellar accents such as grapevine-themed custom entryways, decorative ceilings and flooring, wine cellar art, and more.

Intricate wrought-iron wine cellar door

And speaking of the Victorian influence, today’s Testimonial Thursday spotlight definitely illustrates that. Check out this beautiful 1850-bottle wine room that our designers worked on for our client John, in collaboration with his personal designer. It’s comprised of a stunning combo of the Gold Series custom wine racks and our Vintner Series wine racks kit. The client chose Rustic Pine for the wood, stained in Dark Walnut. The deep colors of the stained racks worked extremely well with the ceiling which consists of a unique mix of rough-hewn stone arches and gorgeously detailed tin roof.

Stunning stone and tin materials on ceiling

We really appreciate that they sent in photos of the wine cellar all filled up because you can really see how all the elements work extremely well together. The custom lighting accents enhanced the ceiling, flooring, and wine racks to maximum advantage. This wine cellar actually looks like a modernized version of a European “wine cave.” And of course, if you go back to the first photo on top, you can see gorgeous Victorian details starting with the wrought-iron and glass door and lighting fixtures. Plus, check out the photo below and that intricate piece of wine cellar art on the archway:

Gold x Vintner racking combo Closer look at the tin roof and stone arches

“Just completed an 1850 bottle custom cellar. My designer worked with the designer at WCI and they came up with a truly custom cellar. The walnut stained rustic pine racks paired very well with stone arches, tin roof and travertine floor. Custom lighting completed the package.

Everything arrived on time. Although it was a large project, all racks fit perfectly. We couldn’t be happier!!”

~John P.~

Wine cellar art framed on Standard Archway

Spicing Up Your Wine Store Racks And Displays

October 26th, 2015

So last We Make It Happen Wednesday, we trotted out our selection of commercial rack accessories to give your wine stores not just an aesthetic face-lift but a practical upgrade as well. Today, we’re following up on that subject with even more ways to spice up your wine store by accessorizing those wine racks and displays.

Be a decorative diva!

Sleek Raised Panels on your racking set-up

With the just a few decorative touches, your store’s wine racking assembly will certainly exude a more attractive aura. Of course, this is extremely important because you’d want to grab your potential customers’ attention straightaway. That way, your merchandise will be showcased to maximum advantage and wine sales will receive a significant boost. So first off, we highly recommend trying out our Raised Panels on your racking set-up. These elegant raised panels have been used for centuries in fine homes to accent walls and ceilings. The design is quite simple but the panels can give your racks a more polished look. Plus, our panels can be customized to complement the wood used in your wine wall racks as well as whatever stain and finish options they already have. Another version of this product is the Mission Style Panel which features an open-style design.

A Walkthrough Archway opens up your space more!

Our next recommendation would be installing a Walk Through Archway in your establishments, particularly those with high ceilings. You will be able to properly highlight an entrance and even create additional “rooms” between your wine racking with this archway. It will certainly be a welcome aesthetic upgrade as well since you can match the archway’s wood and stain and finish options with your existing racking assembly to make everything look built-in.

Elegant Radius Ceiling Light Box

Another awesome accent you can incorporate into your establishment would be our gorgeous Radius Ceiling Light  Box. This radiused ceiling light box is specifically designed to mirror a custom Waterfall Wine Bottle racking unit and act as a complement to it. Nonetheless, you can utilize this accent in so many ways as well, especially when your store has a wide, open layout with generous ceilings.

Tongue and Groove Wood Paneling give your ceilings character

Last but definitely not the least, there’s our Tongue and Groove Wood Paneling. The wood of choice with this accessory is beautiful and cost-efficient Premium Redwood. With it’s natural soft tones, this wood paneling is the perfect covering for the walls and ceiling of any wine cellar. The natural color variation from white to red of the premium redwood offers a pleasant contrast to the consistent color of the all heart wine wall racks. The paneling comes in 3/8″ thick by 1 5/16″ wide pieces and ships in random lengths.

Spice up your wine store racks and displays and contact us for a quote now! ^_^

Sensorist, “Make your bottles mature perfectly”

October 23rd, 2015

Today, we have a guest post from Sensorist. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Amazing things can come from laying down good bottles of wine for later consumption.

Nothing is more exciting than opening a bottle with a special story from your own stock. And it doesn’t matter if its from the cellar, kitchen wine rack or fridge. But nothing is more disappointing than opening this special bottle just to find out that non-optimal storage has impacted it in a bad way or even totally ruined it.

With Sensorist Wine Pack Solution you can keep track of the exact conditions and spot those harmful conditions before your bottles mature too early. You will be able to spot both the all destroying rapid changes in temperature, but also wrong humidity which can lead to cork dry-out or moulding. And it doesn’t matter if you are laying down your bottles in a passive or active cooled wine cellar or using a wine fridge. The Sensorist system gives you the possibility keeping an eye on the storage conditions of your wine no matter if they are in a cellar or wine fridge.

Sensoist Wine Pack Solution

The system consists of a Sensorist gateway that is connected to the internet and one or more wireless sensors that are placed in your fridge or cellar. The sensor can be connected to the Sensorist bottle probe, which are then placed in an wine bottle filled with water and placed in storage with the real wine bottles. The system will now record the fridge or room temperature/humidity as well as an actual bottle temperature every 15 minutes and send this data to the Cloud.

From here the user can view the both the historic development in temperature and humidity for the cellar or fridge as well as the impact on a single bottle. The reason why it is so interesting to also be able to keep an eye on actual bottle temperature is that even though the room temperature may fluctuate from continuous start and stop of the cooling compressor the bottle temperature should remain as constant and non-changing as possible.

Below are two examples on just how different apparently similar spec’ed cooling solutions can actually operate when doing the measurements. More information,

The graphs are taken from the Sensorist portal where every customer has access to live data:

Senorist Data


Actual Cloud Data from Sensorist

Looking to Build Condo Wine Storage?

October 22nd, 2015

Is condo living too “cramped” for a wine cellar project? Not for us here at WCI! Our client Melissa discovered the joys of having an honest-to-goodness condo wine storage wine bar in their unit, all thanks to our Vintner Series wine rack kits. They actually had a bit of space in their hallway – a cozy corner that posed a perfect location for a condo wine bar setting. The only issue left was finding the right kind of wine racks that would provide maximum bottle storage for their collection.

The clients were spot-on when they chose these Individual Bottle Columns from our Vintner wine racks, dressed up in beautiful Midnight Black Stain. Not only is this racking style highly practical, it’s also the next best thing to having custom wine racks. The flexible configurations of the columns can accommodate any ceiling height, especially now that they come in 3- and 4-feet height options as well.

Each wine bottle stored on our Individual Bottle Columns is cradled on customized rails that are carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges. This helps ensure that your wine labels will not tear when the bottles are removed or replaced. Notice how snugly the bottles are being housed by the racks:

Bold and beautiful Vintner wine racks

The perfect-fitting condo wine racks notwithstanding, we also simply loved how this compact was stylishly transformed. There’s actually enough space for preparing drinks and food thanks to the wooden countertop and even more space for glassware, cutlery, and other wine accessories in the lower cabinets. Plus, a snazzy looking wine cooler was added, along with recessed LED lighting for a cool, luxurious appeal worthy of that “high-class city living.”

“We love our wine rack.  It was exactly what we needed to complete our wine storage in a small nook of our condo hallway.  Our contractor used a nail gun to assemble it and framed it in to include lower cabinets and wine cooler.  The whole thing is highlighted by the LED lighting in the light bridge.  We love it and only wish we had more room to add more racks!  Thank you.”

~Melissa R.~

Individiual Bottle Columns in Midnight-Black stain

We Make It Happen With Commercial Rack Accessories

October 21st, 2015

Those little add-ons in your wine cellar project can really make a bigger difference than you thought possible. It’s also true with those handy “devices” that can actually spell the difference between an “okay” commercial wine establishment and a snazzy one. So why not invest in these nifty commercial rack accessories today because, hey, better things CAN happen to your wine stores!

DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit


Now THIS baby has to be first on the list for several reasons. The major one, of course, is the fact that it will definitely make your wine racking projects a breeze to complete. With our DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit, assembly and installation of your commercial racking units will not only be accomplished in record time but will yield professional-looking results as well. The kit includes 1 compact brad nailer, 1 three gallon air compressor, and 5000 brad nails. And if your purchase totals to $2000 or more on our online store, you actually get the kit for free!

Island Sign Caddy


What better way to advertise your wine merchandise and store promos than with signs that can really grab the attention of potential customers. Our Island Sign Caddy is just the accessory you need for this. Plus, you can even customize the wood and stain option of the caddy to match your wine racks. Choose from either the cardboard-insert or glass-insert caddy and pump up those wine sales!

Trellis Decor


What better way to accent your wine store than with this custom designed trellis ornamentation. Our Trellis Decor comes in three beautiful patterns: Interlocking Pattern, Diamond Pattern, and Wine Bottle Pattern. Like our Island Sign Caddy, you can match the wood and stain of the trellis to that of your wine racks to make them look like they’re actually part of the whole racking assembly. It’s a very ideal decorative accent for wine stores with tall ceilings to finish off and define feature areas above commercial wine display racks.

Wood Paneling for Standard Wine Displays


Our Tongue & Groove Wood Paneling is a perfect complement to any of our commercial wine displays. You can utilize it as either a wall or ceiling paneling or to finish the back of any commercial wine display. There are two types of wood paneling available for your design purposes: Paneling that can cover 30″ x 83″ dimensions and one for  45″ x 84″ dimensions. Note that standard paneling configuration is 3/8″ thick by 1 5/16″ wide and comes in various lengths ranging from 32″ to 84″ in length.

The list doesn’t end here though! Pop on over to this section of our website for more goodies and make better things happen for your wine stores. ^_^

A Medley Of Materials For Your Wine Cellar Flooring

October 19th, 2015

“Innovations” may be our last name but “variety” is definitely our middle one. And in that aspect, we’re not just talking about our wine racking products. Last week, we put the spotlight on a Testimonial Thursday feature that sang praises to our “excellent” packaging services. Today, we’re going to put the spotlight on another WCI product that also showcases the “variety” element: our custom wine cellar flooring.

You should be quite particular about the floors of your wine cellar project. You can’t just randomly choose any material that would look good and is potentially durable. Keep in mind that your bottles need to be kept in an environment with very specific conditions (an ideal wine cellar temperature range between 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity). That being said, the material of your flooring should also be one that helps maintain such ideal wine cooling conditions. Naturally, you’d also want your floors to be aesthetically appealing and mesh with the rest of the decor in your wine room.

Stunning Vintage Wine Barrel flooring

So what better place to explore your wine cellar flooring options than our online store which carries a medley of materials for your project! First up is our Vintage Wine Barrel flooring option which is one of our most unique flooring products as well as one of the most popular. The materials are authentic reclaimed wood components from wine barrels that can give your wine cellar that feel of being right in the heart of wine country. Note that this is actually a custom, hand-finished product and each piece is, in itself, a unique work of art. You’ll find that there are no two planks that are exactly alike! This kind of flooring will give your wine cellar a distinctive and timeless charm.

Eco-friendly and elegant Cork flooring

Next up is our super eco-friendly Cork flooring option. Cork is a natural and durable material that is harvested with minimal impact on the environment. It is also a rapidly renewable resource. It is very easy to maintain, requiring only routine sweeping and vacuuming to avoid build up of abrasive particles. But, keep in mind that spills should be cleaned up right away. Also, you should use only cleaners specified for use on pre-finished hardwood.Wet maintenance is strictly forbidden as this will be detrimental to your cork floors.

Super stylish Mosaic wine cellar floors

Third is our Mosaic flooring. When it comes to visual appeal, Mosaic floors are just breathtaking. They give off that vintage aura that’s so elegant and stylish at the same time. Our mosaic pieces are created entirely by hand with a unique blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles. The artist breaks the materials into small pieces and artistically composes the pieces into a scene. The scene is then grouted to mason board and a protective glaze is added to seal it. You can request any design or artwork you want reproduced!

Gorgeous Hand-Painted tile floors

Last but certainly not the least is our Hand-Painted Tile flooring. These artistic creations are completely hand-painted and designed around the customer’s taste. Each piece of tile is handled several times – it is hand-painted with a series of colored glazes. The tile then goes through four firings in the kiln. Our glazes are truly baked into the tile for a lifetime of color and durability. Plus, the painted tile is scratch resistant and can be scrubbed with cleaning agents commonly used on tile without affecting the fired glaze.


Client Brings Big Praise To Our Wine Cellar Services

October 15th, 2015

Quality products and quality services should always go together in any business endeavor. One without the other is like driving a car without proper coverage – it simply should not happen. That’s why here at WCI, we cover all the bases, from the products you purchase down to how they are actually delivered to your doorstep.

Note that here at WCI, we provide a variety of wine cellar services as well, from custom consultation and design services to assembly and installation, commercial design services, and so on. Our consultation and design services are actually being offered free of any cost – something that potential clients should really keep in mind and take advantage of.  All it involves from your end is submitting a plan to any of our wine cellar design consultants and requesting a complimentary 2-dimensional drawing of your wine cellar. We will then come up with your design accompanied by a quoted price for the cellar, a plan view, key page, elevations of each wall, molding plan, and an optional ceiling plan if a raised panel ceiling is requested.

As far as our installation and assembly services are concerned, our team is comprised of factory certified installers with over 60 years of installation experience. That covers both residential and commercial wine cellar projects! Plus, they can work flexible hours even during weekends and perform post-installation clean-up work as well. Your place is left as neat as a pin at no additional cost at all.

But these are not all that we do. Again, our services are as varied as our products so we cover even the seemingly standard details with the same fervor – like our packaging and delivery services. So when your product is shipped to your doorstep, you can rest assured that it will arrive safe and sound. But if on rare occasions it doesn’t due to unforeseeable circumstances, we also make sure that it’s replaced or any error is immediately rectified to the client’s satisfaction. As a testament to this, here’s a glowing testimonial recently give by a very happy client which we definitely want to share with everyone:

“Let me congratulate you, and your company, for an excellent job in packaging.  I took the doors wrapping mostly apart tonight and everything, so far, is in perfect condition. The cooling unit you sent me was equally packaged as well. Will let you know once we go to install if there are any issues. So far, excellent!”

~Ron M.~

Secure packaging of wine cellar products

We Make It Happen With New Lacquer Options For Your Wine Racks

October 14th, 2015

We believe that there’s always room for improvement, whether it involves our wine racking products or our services. After all, the needs of wine lovers everywhere evolve over time so it makes perfect sense that we should do our best to address those changing needs as well.

That being said, we’re quite excited to introduce our newest brainchild. We’ve continued to “innovate” at our Cincinnati, Ohio wine cellar factory in line with our primary goal to bring our clients (including potential ones!) only the best product offerings coupled with the most affordable price tags. This time around, we’ve decided to upgrade our stain and finish options for our wine racks, or to be more specific, our lacquer option.

Elegant lacquered wine racks

Now it’s to be noted that custom lacquer options do not exactly come cheap. This is one of the biggest reasons why lacquer was utilized mostly on projects such as high-end custom wine rooms and the like. For the total novice, it bears to keep in mind that applying lacquer basically requires a certain level of of manpower in order to properly add several coats to every nook and cranny of the wine room. But thankfully, developments in technology over time has enabled us to come up with more efficient and – get this – more affordable methods to utilize lacquer options in wine cellar projects, starting with WCI’s Designer Series wine rack kits.

Things have just gotten better!

Our popular Designer Series kit

Our Designer Series wine rack kits have always been pretty popular, but we just went on ahead and raised the bar a tad more with the new lacquer option for the series. Stains and lacquers are a practical add-on to your wine racks and not just for aesthetic reasons. That’s because apart from providing your racks with a glossy and elegant finish, it also makes them durable and scratch resistant.

Why you need lacquer on your racks

You guys will be extremely pleased to learn that our 6-Foot Full Depth Designer Wine Racks now come with water-based stain and lacquer option. The fact that they are “water-based” should be a heads-up that here at WCI, we take into consideration all the essential aspects in manufacturing wine racking products, including caring for the environment. Because they are water-based, they contain little to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are very detrimental not just to the wines but to one’s health and to the health of the planet as well.

Moreover, the water-based stains that WCI offers online take on the pristine look of unfinished wood and give your wine racks a more dramatic flair. With our Glossy Standard Finish lacquer, your racks will take on an extra level of intense shine. And don’t forget – since this option comes with the Designer “kits,” that means the cost is not as heavy as when you work that option out into our custom lines.

Technical Tuesday Episode #257: Money Well-Spent With The Platinum Series Wine Racks

October 13th, 2015

Proper planning of your wine cellar project will always involve budget considerations. If you’re planning on spending a pretty penny on one, then it’s only appropriate that you get your money’s worth. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re getting (and perhaps even more!) when you choose to work with WCI wine racking products, particularly our cream of the crop: the Platinum Series custom wine racks.

Project # 250751
Wood: Platinum / All-Heart Redwood
Stain: Unstained

Lacquer: None
Bottle Capacity: 1353
Where: Tallapoosa, AL

Standard Archway in unstained Redwood

You certainly can’t go wrong when you splurge your wine cellar budget on the Platinum Series. This custom line is second to none when it comes to quality as well as style, with over 120 wood, stain, and finish options to choose from. The craftsmanship of our Platinum racks is impeccable and we’re not even bragging about that! Each unit is carefully detailed so that when you mix and match things up, the racks fit snugly into each other to create a seamless transition from the floor to the ceiling of your wine room. Moreover, essential add-ons such as crown and base moldings, custom cabinetry, and other decorative accents are made available to really bring together any wine racking assembly and give it that polished, elegant appeal worthy of a magazine cover.

Close-up of Platinum's Individual Bottle Columns

But that’s not to say that the Platinum Series is focused on ostentatious arrangements. In fact, the beauty of this series is that even with the simplest of racking units, you can turn out a classy looking wine cellar, just like our Tech Tuesday feature today. This ample-sized wine room that can store over 1300 bottles doesn’t have anything too fancy on its plate, but check out how varied the bottle storage options are and how the racks just flow all around the corners of the room:

Beautiful Platinum Individual Column Racks

Thanks to the simplicity of the layout and them choice of materials (unstained All-Heart Redwood being the wood option), the beautiful craftsmanship of the wine racks have been highlighted to the fullest. That also includes the other interesting elements of this project such as the custom arched ceilings and marble stone floors. This wine cellar is actually a testament to our claim that working your budget to accommodate the Platinum Series into your project is definitely money well spent. Note that we offer free design consultation services as well as a free quote, so why not take advantage of it and go for “Platinum” in your wine cellar projects today! *Cheers*

Individual and Bulk Bottle Storage Options

Most Popular Ways To Assemble Your Wine Racks

October 12th, 2015

Putting together wine racking products purchased here at WCI is not exactly rocket science. While things may indeed go a lot more smoothly if you’re an experienced builder, it doesn’t mean that a complete novice won’t be able to get the hang of things. It’s especially the case with our wine rack kits. We spent years developing wine racks that would address any and all kinds of storage needs and that includes ensuring that these racks can be assembled and installed with ease. Spell DIY!

Get acquainted with our three convenient assembly options!

Our Professional DIY Installation Kit

Newbies will be quite delighted to learn that there is actually more than just one way to put together a wine rack – in fact, there are three. Note that all these three assembly options can be utilized in all of our wine racking products, unless we indicated otherwise. We’ll take the Individual Bottle Columns from our wine rack kits as an example since they are unofficially the most in demand racking style for both residential and commercial wine cellar projects.

First off, it helps to keep in mind that our Individual Bottle Columns from all our kit series are equipped with spacer bars sent with a dado that snugly fits each column of the racking. This configuration enables faster assembly and makes for the sturdier composition of the racks.

Now the first assembly option is using a regular hammer and nails. This is probably the crudest method among the three although it can definitely be done on our wine racks. It’s highly recommended that you possess adequate experience handling a hammer with other more or less similar types of construction work before deciding on this method.

The second option is to screw the racks together. For this method, you will need to pre-drill and countersink the holes to ensure you do not split the material of your racks. You’ll also need to change your drill once you put in the screws. While this is a more advanced way of putting together your racks, there are still a few kinks that need to be ironed out. For example the pre-drilling requires you to be at least adequately experienced with similar type of construction work in your home, much like when you assemble other furniture like cabinets, cupboards, and so on.

The third and what we definitely consider as the most convenient assembly method is using a brad nailer or “nail gun.” With a brad nailer, you don’t need to do any additional prep work unlike the other two methods. The brad nailer lets you get the job done in fraction of the time nails or screws will take. More importantly, you can rest assured that your nails are attached securely which then translates to a properly built and durable wine rack. And here’s something pretty awesome: WCI actually offers a DIY Installation Kit that comes complete with a nail gun, compressor, and brad nails. Plus, if you make a wood wine racking purchase of $2000 or more, you get it 100% free!

Check out this learning video and get cracking on your DIY wine racking projects today!

Why Our Redwood Gets The Ravest Reviews

October 8th, 2015

Redwood has held on to the title of our “most popular wood option” when it comes to wine cellar projects for quite a long time now. It also seems that it’s not going to give up the crown any time soon. We can certainly understand why that’s the case, but it’s also only fair that everyone else knows the reasons why this wood specie is a champ in the books of most wine cellar enthusiasts.

A class all on its own…

Gorgeous Redwood wine racks

Needless to say, Redwood is really a class all on its own because this softwood specie has somehow managed to combine all the essential elements of a top-grade wine cellar wood option: quality, durability, cost-efficiency, and even eco-friendliness. Note that Redwood is actually classed as a “softwood” instead of hardwood, earning for itself another title, “The Prince of Softwoods.” Nonetheless, even though it’s considered as the lightest of softwoods, Redwood has established a solid reputation of providing sufficient strength and resilience for a wide variety of uses. There are basically two types of Redwood: Clear All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood, both of which we carry here at WCI.

Except for some slight variations in color, grain patterns, and performance characteristics, both types of Redwood are at par when it comes to quality and value. In general, Redwood boasts amazing resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking in addition to durability. This would explain why the wood ages beautifully, particularly in unstained wine racking projects. You will be able to witness how the wood takes on an increasing darker depth of color as it oxidizes, giving it a more elegant vintage appearance.

Beautiful unstained All-Heart Redwood

Now all these features notwithstanding, there’s another factor that makes this wood specie really stand out from among the rest on our product list – it comes with the SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) stamp of approval. That means that the Redwood manufactured here at WCI is being harvested in an environmentally sound manner. Below are just some of the snippets from our highly satisfied clients who have experienced just how outstanding Redwood is as a wood choice for their wine cellar projects:

“”We made the best choice eight years ago in choosing Wine Cellar Innovations! Our basement wine cellar recently flooded and our All Heart Redwood wine racks became water stained. Instead of WCI taking our order to replace the damaged parts, they recommended we sand the damage away. Guess what? It WORKED! THANK YOU to Wine Cellar Innovations for your superior All Heart Redwood wine racks!”

~Adam and Theresa Burick~

“We LOVE our wine cellar.  We renovated a 1926 basement into a wine cave and it was really a seamless process thanks to Wine Cellar Innovations. The only problem is that we never want to leave the basement. The design and sales team was great with their communication of details and the installer had the skill of a surgeon.”

~Pam & Scott Drew~

We Make It Happen With Smart Wine Racking Wood Choices

October 7th, 2015

Selecting the most appropriate wood specie for your wine racking project is actually a much bigger deal than you think. It’s not always about choosing the most affordable or the best “quality” wood. Of course, these are essential factors you’d need to consider, but your wood choice should be based on the total package, a balance of all the essentials and not just one or two of them.

That being said, WCI took the time to actually provide you guys with the answers to the classic question: “What is the best wood for my wine cellar?” Indeed, there is a wide variation in wood species and of course, personal preferences are varied as well. So what we did was put together a broad spectrum of wood choices in a healthy assortment of colors, grain patterns, and finishes to accommodate our customers’ needs and tastes as we as that ever pressing factor – the budget.

We make it happen with extensive wood selections!

Wide variation in wood species

In a nutshell, WCI has put together the top five quality woods based on their inherent characteristics such as durability, resistance to rot, mildew and insects as well as warping, checking, and shrinking, variety in grain patterns,  manufacturing cost, and so on. These are: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, Prime Mahogany, and a fifth choice which we’ve dubbed as Your Choice of Wood. The latter was aptly categorized because it’s basically a collection of all the commercially available wood species WCI is able to provide to its clients. As far as the top four wood options are concerned, we actually purchase them in quantity and pass the savings on to our clients. That means the “affordability” factor is taken into great consideration as well!

Prime Mahogany & Rustic Pine

So how are we able to provide such an extensive selection of wood choices in the Your Choice of Wood category? The answer is quite simple. WCI actually has a fully integrated mill which takes lumber from a rough-sawn stage all the way through the finishing details. Thanks to these capabilities, we can manufacture wine cellars in any wood commercially available. Check out the list of wood species we have manufactured in. Note as well that we base the prices on the current market value of the wood, ensuring our clientele a fair price tag on our products all the way.

Select Wood Samples

And here’s something everyone should also keep in mind: our select woods list is not exclusive. If you don’t see the type of wood you want for your wine cellar project on the list, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll do our best to secure the best pricing on it for you. For example, if you’re looking for fire-retardant-treated wood for your wine cellar, we can easily advise that our Redwood fits the bill quite well. The superior performance of redwood lumber under fire exposure has been known for decades. “Recent testing by numerous laboratories in response to new standards for decks in California’s wildland-urban interface has reaffirmed redwood’s reputation as a fire-safe decking product,” as reported by the California Redwood Association.

In other words, you name it and we’ll make your wood choice happen for you! Get in touch with us today and we’ll definitely help you find your answer to the best wood option for your wine cellar. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #256: Bottle Storage Variety In Your Wine Cabinets With The Platinum Series

October 6th, 2015

Variety in wine bottle storage doesn’t necessarily translate to having a large wine cellar. That variety can be achieved even in a limited space, especially if you’re working with the right products. WCI has already established that by utilizing creative methods along with our flexible racking products, maximizing bottle storage capacity in any kind of space can be done almost effortlessly. Case in point – today’s Tech Tuesday showcase:

Project # 260132
Wood: Platinum / Clear Alder
Bottle Capacity: 595
Where: Fayette, GA

Platinum Series Racking

So what we actually have here can technically be called a “wine cabinet.” But note that this is a custom-made wine cabinet which means it comes with several perks that a standard one definitely won’t be able to offer. First off, this elegant project was created with racking units from the Platinum Series. This alone should be enough of an explanation (if you’re an avid WCI blog follower, that is!) why this cabinet can hold nearly 600 bottles. And that’s not all. Check out the snaps below and see just how varied the bottle storage options are:

High Reveal Displays

So here you have Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays for Wine, Champagne, and/or Split Bottles with Beam Supports, Diamond Bin Bottles with Face Trim, Solid Vertical Displays, and Wood Case Bottle shelves, coming together to provide individual and bulk bottle storage. To cap off the entire assembly, some choice add-ons were incorporated, like the stylish Quarter Round Shelf and Archway with Tabletop option. And as a clever style scheme, glass panels were utilized to enclose the assembly, making it appear more like a compact wine room than just a wine cabinet:

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar

Here’s a much closer look at the wine racks. We’d also like to point out that the racks were crafted from Clear Adler which is not really a common wood option. Nonetheless, we are able to provide select woods apart from the popular choices (All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Prime Mahogany) thanks to our fully integrated mill which takes lumber from a rough-sawn stage all the way through the finishing details. Owing to these capabilities, we are able to manufacture wine cellars in any wood commercially available. Check out this section of the website to find out the select woods we have manufactured in. Note that our product prices are based on current market values, so our clients really get their money’s worth. You can also check out our Wood Swatch Simulator as some of these select woods are featured there as well.

Clear Alder Wine Cellar

Essentially, even if you opt for a wine cabinet as opposed to a full-scale wine cellar, bottle storage variety shouldn’t get compromised – not when you have us here at WCI to help you out! *Cheers*

The Wine Sentinel: Our All-In-One Wine Storage Solution

October 1st, 2015

Not everyone is prepared to have a formal wine cellar in theirs homes due to a variety of reasons. We’ve mentioned these before, with reasons ranging from limited space to budget constraints, or not having enough time to actually go through the entire construction process. So we’ve also come up with solutions to these situations by providing clients with storage alternatives for their bottles. By far, one of the most popular ones are our custom refrigerated wine cabinets, otherwise known as the Wine Sentinel line.

Wine Sentinel Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

We’ve featured several projects this year showcasing Wine Sentinel units that have been customized to suit the storage needs as well as style preferences of our clients. In all of these projects, the common denominator is the word “custom-built” because that’s what these wine cabinets are – in every sense of the word. This latest project is a testament to how WCI can create these amazing built-units that can match any space and decor in your home:

Allheart Redwood Wine Racks

Now this unit is outfitted in the Platinum Series wine racks in All-Heart Redwood and a Cellarpro wine cooling unit. The entire assembly can hold up to a little over 720 bottles, just like an entry-level wine cellar. Thanks to the custom options, this wine cabinet is equipped for both individual and bulk bottle storage and dressed up in Dark Walnut Stain for a really luxurious appearance. A non-standard set of French Doors was also incorporated to complete that look of “modern elegance.”

Cellarpro Wine Cooling Unit Allheart Redwood Wine Cabinet

Designed internally and externally according to your needs, we also ensure these refrigerated wine cabinets are properly insulated, as they include a properly specified wine cooling unit for the area. As earlier mentioned, this particular cabinet is equipped with a Cellarpro wine cooling system. In addition, all our French doors are also geared with proper insulation values and weather-stripping. Note that tinted windows can also be provided in order to minimize light exposure to protect the wines, yet still provide you with a nice view of your collection. Other customizable options include and are not limited to the moldings, wood choice, stains and finishes, as well as Raised Panel Cabinetry Sides. And as a fun design tip, keep in mind that we can design the cabinet to your ceiling height and you can use your base, crown, casing and door handles to match your home’s existing decor. This way, your cabinet will look truly built-in!

Wine Sentinel Allheart Redwood