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Going Gorgeously “Custom” With Wine Rack Kits

February 19th, 2015

Slow and steady does the job as what our client in today’s Testimonial Thursday will proudly show to us. We were floored when we saw shots of his completed wine room. It was gorgeous, from the way the racks were artistically installed down to the lighting fixtures and this absolutely attractive arched, simulated brick ceiling:

custom wine rack kits

The client sent in for some racks from our Vintner Series wine racks kit, specifically some Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins. He did the installation himself, working gradually and carefully and utilizing the right tool for the job: a nail gun. Note that we have always reiterated the importance of using proper tools for assembly and installation of our wine rack kits.

They have been especially configured to be flexible and quite seamless in terms of racking and stacking them together or mounted through the wall. However, it makes a huge difference if a nail gun is used since not only does the job proceed so much faster but the racks are put together properly. You can actually purchase a professional DIY wine rack kit from our website and be well on your way to creating professional-looking wine cellars. Tons of our DIY features are under budget but they definitely sport that custom look and feel worthy of a mag shoot!

wine storage

“When building my new home, I received several quotes to build out my wine cellar. I decided to buy the Vintner Series rack kits from Wine Cellar Innovations. I saved thousands over a custom job. The ordering was easy, shipping was fast. And assembly was without fault especially when using a nail gun. When it came to installation, I took it slow and steady working from the ground up and making sure everything was level and square.

It is now my pride and joy and I can say “I did that!” The room size is approximately 800 sqft and can handle about 600 bottles.” 

~C W Fraase~

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