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Circular Merchandisers And Curvy Cubes Spell Unique Wine Cellar Style

January 29th, 2015

Want to update your wine store with a totally unique look? Take a leaf out of today’s DIY feature! Our client Laurie wanted to give her establishment a little more “oomph” by choosing racks that can properly showcase the store’s collection while throwing in plus points in the style department. She found her answer in our commercial wine merchandisers and and Curvy Wine Cubes:

Commercial Wine StoresSince they wanted some fancy silhouettes, the Circular Wine Merchandiser was the perfect choice. Owing to its distinct configuration, this rack offers up high wine storage capacity in a compact format. The merchandiser is perfect for high traffic areas since it allows 360 degrees of visibility of one’s products. It can even be built around a variety of poles or support columns in your wine store. The above picture the client sent us is a wonderful example of just how effectively one’s merchandise can be displayed by this rack.

Tasting Room Display

Apart from the Circular Wine Merchandiser, the client also wisely purchased some Curvy Wine Cubes which certainly gave the store character with a capital C.  These sexy cubes are one of our commercial best-sellers given their very flexible configurations topped off by an attractive contemporary design.

Our cubes can either be stacked (as what the client opted for here) or wall-mounted, depending on your style preference. Platforms can be used to separate the cubes when stacked vertically or horizontally. On the other hand, if you wish to mount them for maximum space-efficiency, the necessary mounting hardware is also available. We loved how the client mixed and matched the various cube designs and accentuated the arrangement with custom lighting elements for a truly elegant profile.

“I assembled a 5 x 5 wavy cubicle wine rack myself and got help from my husband to assemble the circular merchandiser with the air gun that was provided by Wine Cellar Innovations. The online instruction video and the printed materials that come with the kits are easy to follow. All of the pieces were custom ordered with triple lacquered and looked beautiful. However, some were not packaged correctly and stuck together. Those pieces were promptly replaced at no charge. The lighting in the photo is something that we purchased from Home Depot and installed ourselves.”

~Laurie P.~

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