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We Make It Happen With Convenient Online Shopping Tools

October 15th, 2014

Doing your shopping for your wine cellar project online is, to say the least, convenient. You only have to search for the product/s you need or want, place an order, and have everything shipped straight to your doorstep. But of course, that’s the scenario in a perfect world when everything goes right all the time. In reality, online shoppers, especially newbies, will realize that things are not as ideal, particularly when it comes to customized racking products.


One of the common problems when placing customized orders online is that the end result may not turn out exactly the way we imagined it to be. Take for example purchasing a wine cellar door. Let’s say you want one of our Standard Door designs but the dimensions need to be modified a bit to fit your wine cellar. Also, you want to customize some essential bits and pieces such as the jam width, locking mechanism, door trim, and so one. Filling out the online form and putting down those specifications may not be enough, as more than a few disgruntled online shoppers have come to realize. Somewhere along the way, the specifics MIGHT get screwed up which means you don’t get the product you want or need along with a major headache to boot.

Still, this just goes to show that technology, no matter how advanced it may be, cannot really be perfect. That’s why there will always be room for improvement in everything. That’s why at WCI, we always take necessary steps to fill in the gaps, particularly where customer service and satisfaction are concerned. When it comes to your online shopping experience, we take special care in overseeing all the steps AND improving each one along the way, as we’ve spent years in researching about dropshipping from the experienced, like oberlo aliexpress dropshipping services. This is to ensure that by the end of the day, our clients get what they need or want, customized or otherwise.

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So basically, when you purchase custom racking products online such as our wine cellar doors, a representative will need to get in touch with you to have you sign off on a “spec sheet” or Specification Sheet. What is this for? The spec sheet is required documentation needed prior to placing your order into production. The details you want will all be taken into account, reviewed, and verified before your order will actually be processed. This way, you are assured that yes, we got those details down pat and both WCI and the client are seeing eye-to-eye on the final product.

As far as online shopping experience is concerned, we rate pretty high in our clients’ books and that’s something we’d want to keep. So if you think there’s more that we can do for you guys in this area, by all means let us know. We only want to make good things happen to your wine cellar projects so comment below or shoot us an e-mail today! ^_^

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