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We Make It Happen With Our Brand-New WCI Website!

August 20th, 2014

Happy Monday, wine buddies! So last week, we showcased the newest changes in our website and how a lot of stuff were redesigned to make things bigger and better for everyone. But of course, that was just a simple overview. So we decided to actually give everyone a visual tour of the brand-new WCI website. Check this out:

As we have mentioned in last week’s post, our main custom wine cellar landing page was completely revamped along with live changes to the rest of that section on our website. These changes include:

  • The drop down menu/navigation
  • Removing Custom Wine Racks landing page altogether
  • Bringing the Platinum Custom Wine Racks, Gold Custom Wine Racks, and Silver Custom Wine Racks out into the main navigation menu

If you hover on drop-down menu on the website, particularly the far upper left corner (Custom Wine Cellars), you can see how the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Series landing pages have all been redesigned with newly selected, hand-picked images from our custom photo libraries to represent what we feel is a more up to date, current representation of our custom product lines. It’s also way easier to access the custom lines now since you are just one click away from viewing the product pages unlike in the previous layout.

Note, too, that we have enlarged all the images as well as streamlined the overall template of these pages. It’s to emphasize our response to our clients’ need for hassle-free navigation of all the sections of our website and particularly, our product pages. You’ll also notice that the racking styles for each Series have been grouped accordingly (Individual Bottle, Diamonds, Corners & Curves etc.) as well as the accessories and molding packages. This makes for a more efficient system in helping the potential customer search for the desired items.

Last but certainly not the least, remember that we also launched theĀ  My Projects/Bookmark It feature on our site. As mentioned in the video, we went one step further in enhancing their accessibility to all WCI products via this function. We incorporated the orange plus symbol throughout the site to indicate to customers that they can Bookmark a product. Plus, there’s the added option of customers being able to share their My Projects folder with us when submitting a Design Request Form on the site.

And yes, expect more good things to happen with your future wine cellar projects when you shop here at WCI! So share the love by sharing these fab site upgrades with fellow wine cellar fans now. ^_^

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