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We Make It Happen With Space-Efficient, Custom Wine Cabinets

July 8th, 2014

Our refrigerated wine cabinets are not exactly the newest products to roll off our production line, but they come with essential features that will certainly be “news” to those who may have overlooked them. First off, consider the reality that not everyone can have decent space for a formal wine room in their homes. Plus, also think about those who’d want to have ample bottle storage space in their offices or other similar venues.

A full-blown racking assembly is out of the question, so how do you go about creating the proper storage environment for your bottles? This is where WCI’s space-efficient custom refrigerated wine cabinets can make it happen for you!

All-In-One Storage Solution!

racking assembly

The Wine Sentinel is the carrier brand in our line of these unique refrigerated bottle storage wonders. Since it’s a custom-built unit, it’s tailored to suit your specific space AND storage needs. That means you don’t have to worry about actually “making space” for it in your home or office. It will work itself out for you!

And here are some essential things you’ll need to know about these all-in-one storage solutions. One, it’s reasonably priced with the complete package pricing starting out at $8,344.90. Two, at such an affordable price range, you get to fully customize the units in any design and color to suit your needs and preferences. There is a ton of wood and stain options available to help you achieve whatever style you desire. Three, the highly important wine cooling unit is actually included in the cabinet which is definitely a huge cost-cutter. Keep in mind that quality wine cooling units are not exactly cheap, but they’re also something one should never scrimp on in a wine cellar project.

Last but not the least, the Wine Sentinel model comes with a beautiful French Door entry for a truly elegant look to your custom wine cabinet. You can also choose to add custom moldings and other decorative accents like the base, crown, casing and door handles to match other existing décor. That way, your wine cabinet will look really built-in!

Want to know more about how we can make this all-in-one storage solution happen for you? Chat with our professional consultants today and fill out the Design Request Form to get things going! ^_^

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