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The Holidays, Movies, And Wine!

December 30th, 2013

Less than 2 days to go and 2013 will officially be over. Most of us are likely enjoying the much-needed downtime brought about by the holidays. The same is true for us here at WCI! Let’s take a break from the usual stuff and share some fun things to do while we count down the hours to the New Year. To be more specific, we’ve whipped up a list of must-see holiday movies. But while we’re going to be taking a break from wine cellar projects, this doesn’t mean we’re not going to be doing anything wine-inspired. On the contrary, this list STILL smells of all the goodness of our favorite drink all-year round: wine!

Kami no Shizuku (Drops of God)


We’ve mentioned more than just a few quotes from this Japanese drama time and again in our blog posts. This is technically not a movie because it’s a 9-episode Japanese drama series in renzoku format. But it’s definitely worth the watch since the manga (comics) is actually a New York Times bestseller. It tells of the journey of Kanzaki Shizuku, son of the world renowned wine critic Kanzaki Yutaka, and the challenges he had to face to take ownership of his legacy – Yutaka’s splendid European mansion hosting a vast and famous wine collection. He must correctly identify, and describe in the manner of his late father, thirteen wines: the first twelve known as the “Twelve Apostles” and the thirteenth known as the “Drops of God.” He also learns that he has a competitor in this, a renowned young wine critic called Toomine Issei, whom his father has apparently adopted as his other son.

Bottle Shock


True-blue wine connoisseurs might well be familiar with this fascinating movie. This follows the story of British wine critic and his passion to gather California’s best wines and put them up against France’s best wines in a blind tasting. For a wine movie, it’s anything but tame. Read steaming sexual rendezvous in the vineyard, female cellar intern, and fabulous tasting labels!

A Walk In The Clouds


This might be a fairly old one, but if you haven’t seen it yet, do spend time to do so. The film stars Keanu Reeves in his prime (forget about 47 Ronin for a while) and the plot revolves around a young soldier returning home from World War II who is looking to settle down and start a family with the woman he impulsively married just before enlisting. After learning she is not the woman he imagined her to be, he heads north alone to Sacramento in search of work. Along the way he meets a beautiful young woman who is heading home from college to her family vineyard to help with the grape harvest. When he learns she is pregnant and was abandoned by her boyfriend, he offers to stand in as her husband so she can face her Old World domineering father. During his stay at the family vineyard, they fall in love and face the angry rejection of her father together (summary courtesy of Wikipedia).

The Muppets Movie 1979


Who doesn’t love The Muppets? Don’t let the kiddie presentation throw you off this oldie but goodie, though. Kermit the Frog and Ms. Piggy’s dinner date is filled with so many interesting wine and wine drinking facts. A big plus is seeing Steve Martin’s short cameo as a waiter/sommelier!

Find your perfect holiday wine movie and toast the last days of 2013 together with the wine cellar team. Here’s to welcoming another year of fun and fab wine cellar transformations. Cheers!

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