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No-Fuss Assembly Methods The WCI Way

September 9th, 2013

Let’s face it. If we had a choice, everyone would want to buy stuff that comes fully assembled. Why would you want to go through all the hassle to putting things together when you can conveniently have the finished product? Sadly, that’s not the scenario in the real world. Sure, you can purchase fully assembled items, particularly furniture, but they come at a price. A hefty one! Moreover, it would be impractical to buy a fully assembled piece when it would still have to be shipped from the other side of the globe.

This is something that WCI has looked into over the years, having undertaken so many projects with customers not just locally but worldwide as well. In line with our guiding principle that customer satisfaction should always be foremost priority, we’ve painstakingly put together necessary materials to help all our clients and even potential ones create wine cellar projects less the hassle of the assembly process. Our  solution? These no-fuss methods which will guide you from beginning to end of your racking project.

Three easy ways to get them done!

There are actually three popular ways to assemble WCI wine racking products. You’ll get to know them by checking out the DIY learning videos which we have set forth in our galleries. Take time to watch them and see how our professionals go over the entire assembly process on a step-by-step basis. Our learning video gallery is chock full of DIY tutorials, from short-depth Individual Bottle Racks assembly, to our wine rack kits such as Vintner and Winemaker, and a lot more.

In general, you can put together your racks using any of these three options: one, by using the traditional hammer-and-nails method; two, using pre-drill screws; and three, by resorting to the more modern and faster approach which is with a brad nailer. Our videos go over all these methods one by one so that you don’t get stumped when you’re trying out one of them only to find out it won’t really work for you. In addition, we also offer video tutorials on some of our more custom products, such as our Curvy Cubes.

But this is not all that we do for our customers in terms of making their wine cellar construction experience more memorable and satisfying. We also provide a free DIY Installation Assembly Kit with any custom racking purchase worth $2000 or more as well as a free Install Kit. With the kit AND our learning videos, fitting the pieces in your racking jigsaw is really just child’s play! That’s how we go the extra mile(s!) in order to come up with the best storage solutions for our valued clients.

Last but not the least, WCI can also actually provide factory direct installation services at a cost that would definitely synchronize with your budget. So if you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed, why not give it a shot and get in touch with our professional, factory-certified installers. Shoot us an e-mail today or chat with our team on the WCI website to know more about your wide range of options today! ^_^

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