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Technical Tuesday Episode #131: The Right Ambiance With Vintage View And The Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks

April 30th, 2013

They say “ambiance” is just another fancy word for setting the mood, only that we pay a whole lot just to have it. Well, that’s not exactly true. Ambiance would certainly refer to the kind of atmosphere you create in a specific place, like your home or store. However, it doesn’t mean you have to burn some really serious cash to have it. You can have the right ambiance when you know exactly what you want to achieve and where to secure the necessary tools for the job. Let’s explore today’s Tech Tuesday episode and grab some useful tips along the way!

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 226156
Wood: Platinum/Vintage View
Maximum Capacity: 1544
Where: Fort Wayne, IN

Today’s feature is, by no coincidence, a commercial wine cellar projec.! So we’re basically looking at an ample-sized storage capacity for a restaurant over at Fort Wayne, IN. And since it’s a resto, the most important consideration would be building a wine cellar which can both be practical and attractive enough to entice the customers to come, have a bite and drink or two, and come again and again!

Now this particular project exudes a really nice clean, organized layout. You can also tell how spacious it is in terms of bottle storage capacity. The wine racking assembly is a mix of the Platinum Series custom wine racks and Vintage View metal wine racks. This is a sure-fire combination for turning out a timeless ambiance for any commercial wine establishment!

Check out the stylish arrangement of the Individual Bottle Storage racks, Diamond Cubes, and 3-feet, triple deep Vintage View Wine Racks in metallic black finish. The entire look is so neat and polished, further enhanced by the custom crown and base moldings. We appreciate how the floor area was maximized to accommodate over 1,500 bottles in such a versatile racking set-up.

Here’s a wonderful shot of the racks up-close. Don’t you think they sport a really luxurious feel with that lovely pinkish hue? You’d be surprised to learn that’s actually the natural color of the wood itself! All-Heart Redwood is such a popular choice for custom wine cellar projects because not only is it super durable and resilient, but it also has such a distinct, elegant color as well as gorgeous grain patterns. You can learn more about the amazing features of this wood specie in this section of our website ^_^.

And here’s one of the most distinguishing elements of this commercial project: the custom Quarter Round Display cabinet accentuated by a special LED lighting package. Note that the seven custom niched wine shelves can cradle eight wine bottles each for a total of 56 bottles all in all. This is one of the best ways to show off your most popular labels or your store’s rarest vintages. It’s easy eye-candy for your customers!

The client also ordered for our Red Oak Rolling Ladder to complement the wine racking assembly. Keep in mind that here at WCI, we can provide each and every detail for your wine cellar project, down to accessories such as ladders, step-stools, tasting tables, and so much more. That way, even the smallest details of your project can be tailor-made to complement your wine racks, furniture, and decor.

Interested just how much you’ll be shelling out for a classy ambiance such as our Tech Tuesday feature for today? Our design consultation services are absolutely 100% free! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it can actually be and how the result is worth every dollar you spend. Plus, we provide commercial financing options as well. We hope this episode sparked the inspiration you need to get things started. Get in touch with us today! *Cheers*