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Investing In Secured Wine Storage

April 25th, 2013

If you own a commercial wine establishment, you can’t be too careful about your merchandise. It’s especially the case if your merchandise consists of handle-with-care items. Take wine, champagne, and other types of liquor as examples. Even if most of your store is occupied by generic labels of beer and such, you can’t afford to just display them carelessly, right? Well, what more with wine, particularly with the higher-end labels and rare vintages. You have to invest in quality, secured wine storage which is exactly what we at WCI have to offer you!

Wine “lockers,” not just racks!


Under the Custom Wine Displays category in WCI’s online store, you’ll find a sub-category called Secured Wine Storage. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s high time you did. We believe this addition is a must for every wine establishment. These wine lockers come with lattice doors, brass hinges, and locks that can be keyed individually or as a group. In other words, you can choose to have the same key to open all the lockers or a separate one for each. This actually makes for more practical organization of your merchandise on top of having maximum security. For example, you can keep your average-priced but popular labels under the same key and the rare vintages under a separate one.

The lockers can be customized to have individual bottle storage, fixed shelves or adjustable shelves, depending on the storage needs and preference of the customer. Moreover, the dimensions can further be configured to fit specific floor and ceiling plan needs. You can also rack and stack these lockers one on top of the other and side by side to create a continuous and uber spacious assembly. Custom crown and base moldings are available as well to give the entire set-up a more seamless appearance.

Customized to a T!

Now, that’s not all that you get with these fabulous storage wonders. They can be further personalized to match the existing décor and layout of your store. There are several wood choices you can opt for, apart from our top picks such as Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Mahogany. Select wood species are also available and all you need to do is get in touch with us or chat with a live consultant to confirm whether or not such options are presently feasible. You don’t need to shell out a single dollar because design consultation is one hundred percent free! There’s still even more. These lockers can be dressed up in a variety of custom stains and finishes to turn out so many different styles that can work with any type of commercial wine establishment.

Last but definitely not the least, have you guys noticed those brass plates on the bottom portion of each locker? They are customized name plates designed to give the lockers an even more sophisticated touch of distinctiveness and elegance. For wine stores, you can choose to have the category or vintage of the wine engraved on the plates for more efficient organization. But, you can actually utilize these lockers in a more personal way such as when you run a country club or other similar business. The members can each have their own, safe little space for stashing their wine loot with their names custom-engraved on the plates. Now is that classy or is that classy?

All wine racking products here at WCI are proudly made and crafted in the USA. We also offer commercial financing options for commercial clients. So don’t just sit around and let your precious merchandise be exposed to various store risks. Revamp and upgrade with wine lockers today!