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How To Make Good Use Of Wine Cellar Lighting

April 24th, 2013

You don’t need to rack your brains or wipe out your bank account just to give your wine cellars a new look. It’s actually just a matter of utilizing the right resources, such as the right accessories and accents. By playing around with them, you can turn out so many different, interesting, and very unique looks for your custom wine cellar projects. Let’s take for example wine cellar lighting accessories. They actually serve to accentuate your wine cellar and create various moods as well. Here’s a practical guide on how you can use the right wine cellar lighting packages efficiently.

1. First, go over your wine racking assembly carefully.

You’ll need to check which sections or areas in your wine cellar need to be enhanced so as to create the mood you want. There are different types of lighting accessories you can use for this purpose. For example, LED Downlights are best used on custom wine cellar ceilings so you can accentuate the same accordingly. Moreover, they also increase the aesthetic appeal of other elements in your wine cellar, like when you have custom wine cellar art. Since you usually mount the same in a standard archway, proper lighting is essential to bring out the beauty of your chosen masterpiece.

2. Second, decide on the kind of mood you want to bring out.


There are those who prefer a slightly dim setting to their wine cellars. Then, they would want to throw the spotlight on their most prized bottles and exquisite glassware. But there are also others who want their wine cellars to be warm and welcoming. Hence, they aim for a more illuminating atmosphere. Still, there are also those who want things to be a little more dramatic. So they would play around with lighting elements and fixtures. A great example of this would be WCI’s Fluorescent Slimlites which are usually used to illuminate stained glass or other decorative applications. Check out our Etched Light Box ceiling option so you’ll get a more visual idea of how this works!

3. Third, consider the major materials utilized in your wine cellar.

What does this mean? It simply means knowing how to properly enhance the major materials in your wine cellar project with lighting elements. Let’s take the case of a glass-enclosed space. This is one cellar design that really needs to incorporate the proper lighting package. Light and glass go together like ham and eggs. No one can argue with the reality that when light plays upon glass, it creates one of the most dramatic and ethereal effects one can set his eyes on. So if you have glass panels, doors, windows, or lots of beautiful wine glassware around, throw some light their way!

Also, if you’re opting for an unstained version of your wood wine racks, it’s highly recommended to use proper lighting accessories to accentuate the same. Otherwise, the natural color of the wood and the gorgeous grain patterns can’t be fully appreciated. Take the case when you’re using Redwood, Rustic Pine, or Prime Mahogany.

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