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How To Make Your Wine Racking System More Appealing

April 17th, 2013

You hear how people keep saying that there’s a science to doing things and all that. Well, with creating custom wine cellars and in particular, custom wine racking system, you don’t need to get it down to a science. Instead, what you need is an artistic touch! A more attractive array of wine racks can accentuate your prized collection and actually turn your wine cellar into one of the main attractions of your home. We’ve whipped up a couple of fab ideas for you guys to try out:

1. One, pile on the diamonds!

Diamond wine racks, that is! These racks are an amazing storage option for your bottles, whether you want to do so individually or in bulk. In most cases, you’ll find lots of bulk storage selections when it comes to these types of racks. Nonetheless, there are also individual bottle storage options, such as the Individual Diamond Bin and Diagonal Bin Rack available with WCI’s Platinum Series. These units can be made with either solid edge-glued wood or plywood as well as the additional option for an interior face trim for added visual impact.

2. Two, explore the beauty of wine displays!

Wine displays serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. Practical because you get to showcase the gems of your collection in a more advantageous way. As for the aesthetic aspect, just think of the numerous amazing design possibilities you can create with these custom wine displays. Those that we provide at WCI are cleverly configured to work with most of our other wine racking element so you can mix and match components for more dramatic results. Some popular examples of these would be our Quarter Round Shelves, Waterfall Wine Displays, and Vertical Wine Displays.

3. Three, try out snazzy wine merchandisers!

Basically, wine merchandisers are meant for commercial wine establishments. Nonetheless, there’s no stopping you from using one in your home, especially if you have a very extensive collection. If you host over a thousand bottles of wine, including other spirits and specialty drinks, you’ll definitely appreciate the functionality as well as the distinct way these merchandisers can display the same. Our personal faves are the Circular Wine Merchandiser, Wine Display Island with Countertop, Circular Wine Carousel, and Island Wine Displays.

4. Four, add a dash of sleek metal!

Metal wine racks are definitely one of the biggest boons to the discriminating wine cellar enthusiast. They are wonderfully space-efficient, highly durable, and absolutely stylish. WCI’s Vintage View Metal Wine Racks Series is certainly the perfect example. The racks come in two gorgeous finishes: Chrome and Black Pearl and are designed to be attached to a wall, or can be displayed floor to ceiling when a Floor to Ceiling Frame is purchased. Plus, the new Evolution Series has also recently been added to provide an innovative solution for commercial and  residential projects  requiring a truly  modern look  and feel for storing wine and spirits.

So go on and jazz up that wine racking assembly today by incorporating these exciting additions! You can also find a lot more choices just by taking enough time to browse our online stores. Thanks for tuning in to today’s How To Wednesday and don’t forget to check back next week for more interesting tips and wine storage solutions. ^_^