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The Right Fit With Half Height Wine Display Merchandisers

April 11th, 2013

Low ceilings in your wine establishments? They won’t get in the way of maximizing your storage space for your wine collection, not when you have us to help you out. Our commercial wine storage solutions are very versatile that we daresay there’s no storage problem we can’t handle ^_^. Now take for example when your store sports average or even pretty low ceiling configurations. For sure, you can’t put in full height racks and displays in there. But, who says you need to? There are also half-height wine display merchandisers which are tailor-made for narrower floor to ceiling areas and we’re bringing you some awesome samples of these in today’s blog:

3-Column Bin Wine Display – Half Height

WCI’s standard-sized, popular Bin Displays have just gotten an upgrade – in a different way! The 3-Column Bin Wine Display now comes in half-height option for more flexible storage alternatives. The product is ingeniously designed to stand on top of our half height adjustable cabinet to match the other full height commercial wine racks. The bins are now available in several wood choices such as Rustic Pine, Premium Redwood, All-Heart Redwood, and Prime Mahogany as well as different stain and finish options. This allows you to customize your bin displays and make them mesh with the existing décor of your wine establishments.

Adjustable Shelf Wine Cabinet – Half Height

Our Adjustable Shelf Cabinets have always been one of our best-sellers in our commercial wine racking line. This time around, you can actually utilize this item in your stores in half-height options! With the half-height version, you’ll be able to create more storage space at floor level for your cases, jug wines, and overstock. Plus, they can also be utilized as an island centerpiece, or just a freestanding or back-to-back rack. You can display not just your famous wine bottles, but also other specialty drinks and spirits like beer, softdrinks, and other beverages. Since the middle shelves are adjustable, you can even order for additional shelves to be put in.

Three Shelf Half Height Vertical Wine Display Bins


This is one of WCI’s commercial wine racking products that cleverly combines wine storage with display functions. With the half-height version, you get to store approximately 110 bottles in full bottle depth coverage at 13 and ½ “ deep while displaying a maximum of 30 of your best-selling ones. The bins were specifically designed to work with our Half-Height Adjustable Cabinets by standing on top of the same. With that, you will actually be able to match the other full height wine storage options!

Wall Wine Display Unit


Every wine establishment, regardless of the size thereof, should invest in these super practical Wall Wine Display Units. For smaller stores, the half-height options are ideal for marketing your impulse wine sales. These stand-alone racks are highly recommended to showcase your most popular, fastest moving merchandise. They are generally placed near check-out counters or areas in your store which can easily catch the eye of last-minute shoppers. You will be surprised at how these display units can boost your sales and market your product offerings in the most effective way.

These half-height options are definitely not limited to what we’ve shown you guys here. There are still plenty more, including our column and tier merchandisers. In addition, all these display merchandisers come with Vinyl Base and Caster upgrades. It’s best to note that only WCI offers for Vinyl covered base platform on most of its commercial wine racking products, including coverings on the sides thereof upon the customer’s request. With this, you won’t have to worry about those bottles displayed on the bottom racks being accidentally kicked or your racks being damaged as well when things get pretty busy in your stores.

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