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Cost-Efficient Racking Versatility With The WineMaker Series

April 4th, 2013

So who of you here is getting started on a brand-new wine cellar project? Who will be undertaking one for the very first time? We’re pretty sure one of the main concerns would be on the kind of wine racking assembly that needs to be put in. This would be especially the case if the assigned space for the project is quite limited. We’ll save you guys the trouble of searching for the best solution for this little dilemma by showing you a WCI product which can give you all the answers you need.

What WineMaker can do…

Remember that here at WCI, we have several remarkable selections of wine rack kits which help wine cellar enthusiasts create unique wine cellar transformations at prices suited to their respective budgets. But apart from that, there are also kits that are absolutely perfect for beginner wine cellar projects. These kits are cost-effective, visually appealing, and of course, highly space-efficient. Let’s explore more about the WineMaker wine rack kits and see exactly what they can do!

First and foremost, the WineMaker series actually has all the same racking options as the more sophisticated Vintner line. That would mean not just the usual individual and bulk bottle storage options but also more dramatic alternatives such as the following:


Second, WineMaker exhibits amazing space-efficient features compared to the other kits because the racks in this series are configured with reduced depths. Hence, the racks can be made to fit smaller areas for more compact assemblies. This is really practical, especially for those who are just starting out with their wine collections. Plus, you also won’t have much of a problem adding in more storage space since these racks are basically the usual rack and stack type WCI manufactures. You can easily create more storage space by mixing and matching the various styles and playing around with the floor to ceiling configurations.

Last but definitely not the least, the series is super cost-effective. For example, the display row extends past the front of the rack and allows for greater visibility of your wine label. Moreover, instead of the beveled rails which are a trademark of the custom wine racking lines here at WCI, WineMaker racks sport round-over rails. This still makes it just as easy for you to remove or replace your bottles without worrying about the labels being torn when you slide them in and out. Oh, but there’s still one more thing before we wrap this jig up! Note that the 15 degree wine bottle display rows are unique to the WineMaker line which gives the series more bonus points in terms of wine racking versatility.

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