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How To Choose Your Wine Rack Kits

April 3rd, 2013

How’s it going wine cellar buddies? It was one blessedly long weekend, wasn’t it? We’re pretty sure you guys enjoyed it immensely and wrote down lots of memorable wine tasting moments. We’re also pretty sure you’re all prepped up for another round of our How To Wednesday, so let’s get cracking! Today, it will be all about WCI’s awesome line of wine rack kits and how you can choose the most appropriate one for your wine cellar projects.

1. First, ask yourself how many bottles will you be storing or aiming to store in the future.

WCI has a pretty extensive line of wine rack kits and each comes with its own distinct features and capacities. While all of them can generally work with any residential or commercial wine cellar, there are some which may be more suitable for your purposes. When you’re just starting out on your collection or when you have a really huge one, you might need a different type of set-up. So for example, the WineMaker Series is highly recommended for beginner wine cellars since it’s very cost-effective and space-efficient thanks to its reduced racking features. On the other hand, the Vintner and Designer Series can work extremely well for bigger collections.

2. Second, think about the types of bottles you’ll be storing.

While most of us are likely to store standard-sized bottles, don’t take for granted the larger sizes, especially for champagne and other specialty drinks. Just because it’s a “wine” cellar doesn’t mean you can’t store other types of spirits in it as well. Assess your collection carefully as well as future ones you’re planning on stocking up. Don’t forget that there are also wines which are packaged in bulkier formats. Fortunately, most of our wine rack kits are available in single and double deep storage options and may be configured for such larger sizes.

3. Third, consider your available space.

This is particularly necessary for those who already have existing cellars in their homes or establishments. You’d want to utilize a wine rack kit that can provide you with more storage space while occupying less floor area in the process. That’s why it’s very important to do a height comparison of the kit racking options so you’ll know exactly how high they will go when you stack them up. Some kits like Vintner can go up to 10 feet, but also have 3 and 4-feet options for more compact configurations. But the Traditional Rustic Pine kit can go up to just 6 feet.

4. Lastly, don’t forget your style preference!

Note that some lines have a little more flair in terms of wine racking styles compared to others. For example, the Vintner Series is very versatile with fancy options such as Waterfall Wine Racks, Individual Diamond Bins, Diamond Cubes, and a lot more. Also, if you want to achieve a more vintage appeal for your wine cellar, you can probably go for the Traditional Rustic Pine kit. But for those who prefer understated elegance to their projects, the Traditional Redwood or Designer kit may be the best way to go.

Check out our Wine Rack Height Chart and our Video Galleries today to explore more of the flexible features of our kits and how they can put the AWE in “awesome” in your wine cellar projects. ^_^