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Technical Tuesday Episode #127: Staying On The Straight And Narrow With The Gold Series Wine Racks

April 2nd, 2013

How was the LOOOOONG weekend, Tech Tuesday fans? We bet you guys had a fab one! But if you are getting bummed out with having to go back to work again all too soon, don’t put on that frown just yet. Don’t forget that you have something to look forward to at the very start of the week and that’s another exciting Tech Tuesday episode:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 226009
Wood: Gold/Premium Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 1727
Where: West River, MD

Ever wondered what those tight, narrow spaces in your home could be good for? Well, today’s feature can give you the answer to that. Check out how this wine cellar project managed to maximize the client’s compact floor space and provide storage for over 1,700 bottles. A WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split unit was utilized to provide the proper storage conditions, given the narrow composition of the wine cellar.
You’ll notice that the wine racking assembly made full use of the available floor and ceiling space as well, with the individual bottle racks and displays carefully stacked to accommodate the maximum ceiling height. In addition, there’s enough space for loose bottles with the Open Diamond Bins and shelves for the wine crates and boxes. Pretty versatile for such a limited area to work with, don’t you agree?This is the magic of WCI’s Gold Series custom wine racks. They can easily provide for full depth racking for any type of wine cellar project, including those with limited floor area. But despite that, you can still have so much flexibility in terms of storage options and racking design. Apart from the standard individual and bulk bottle storage racks, the series also offers curved and corner wine racks to help span stubborn corners, nooks, and crannies and still put them to good use. Plus, custom crown and base moldings as well as decorative accents help make the final wine racking assembly look more seamless and polished.

Unstained Premium Redwood is the wood choice for the racks, making this wine cellar perhaps one of the most cost-effective ones we’ve done so far. That’s because Premium Redwood is a wonderfully affordably priced clear grade of wood which can give you the best value for your money. It’s durable, highly resistant to shrinking, warping, and checking, and endowed with a gorgeous variety of grain patterns. Moreover, Redwood in general grows even more beautiful with age, pretty much like wine. With Premium Redwood, you initially get a light pinkish brown color which eventually deepens to more luxurious golden brown and reddish brown shades as the wood ages.

Now if you have some of those smallish, empty spaces in your home which you might think are quite useless, perish the thought! Take another long, good look and you’ll see there can actually be a custom wine cellar in that space. All you need to do is have a chat with our wine cellar design specialists today and see how it can all be possible. Thanks for tuning in to another Tech Tuesday episode and don’t forget to check out our How To Wednesday tomorrow. *Cheers*