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Awesome Accoutrements From WCI

March 28th, 2013

Sometimes, we’re so focused on the major elements in our wine cellar projects that we tend to forget the importance of wine cellar accents and accessories. Nonetheless, these little additions can provide both aesthetic and functional benefits in a number of interesting ways. Let’s try to get more up close and personal with them and see what our wine cellars have been missing out. Get those shopping carts ready, too!

Snazzy Wine Tasting Tables


A wine table these days is not just something to offer you space to pour or mix your favorite drinks. You can have a bevy of other uses for the same, including extra bottle storage, glassware display, and even food preparation for your hors d’ oeuvres and other occasion appetizers. WCI actually has a nice selection of eye-catching and space-efficient wine tasting tables crafted from quality materials such as wood and glass. They can be fully customized with our various stain and finish options as well as personalized glass etchings, like so:


Stylish Wine Cellar Ladders

When you’re done racking and stacking your collection, you’ll soon find out that you’ll need to access those bottles in a most efficient manner possible. That’s why you’ll definitely have to think about investing in a quality wine cellar ladder. But it should not just be all about the durability of your ladder. You can also find a way to access your wines in fab fashion with our custom Rolling Ladders.

These ladders come in a variety of select wood choices with Red Oak in Clear Finish being the standard. However, you can also have yours crafted from Birch, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, White Oak, Lyptus, Alder, Walnut and several other wood options for just a slight upcharge. All ladders can’t be lacquered, but you can still dress them up from our extensive stain selections and they also come coated with standard clear finish. Note that each ladder is manufactured with a reinforced bottom step for maximum safety and support.

Gorgeous Cabinet Hardware and Drawer Pulls


Turn your other wine cellar furniture such as your cabinets, drawers, cigar humidor, and locker doors into work of art with these handsomely crafted knobs and pulls. There are plenty of designs to choose from, from antique knobs to romantic and intricate pulls, vintage cabinet locks, and more. You get to customize the hardware with different finishes for a more unique appearance and to match the same with the existing décor in your wine cellar. Check out some of these selections now:

And these are not all! We have lots more custom accents and accessories for both residential and commercial wine cellar projects. Plus, we even sell other practical items such as Brad Nail Gun & Nails package, Wine Bottles Tags, Wine Bottle Leash, and so much more to help you organize your cellars efficiently. Just keep checking our site out or better yet, subscribe to our mailing list for the latest product launches, and hot deals and discounts!

How To Insulate Your Wine Cellars (Part II)

March 27th, 2013

Last How To Wednesday, we discussed several essential tips on how to insulate your wine cellars the proper way. Nonetheless, that list is far from complete. Keep in mind that the insulation process should never be taken for granted. That means each and every aspect thereof has to be considered very carefully. Last week, we ended with the third step which is to cover the walls and ceilings of your wine cellar project. For sure, things don’t end there and we’re here to continue where we left off!

Fourth, choose your wine cellar door with care.

It’s a bit lamentable how lots of wine cellar projects fail to place the proper importance on their wine cellar doors. It’s actually not enough that you just put in a regular door because this is not just an ordinary room. Don’t forget that this is a wine cellar we’re talking about and one that requires the ideal storage conditions to be maintained to help age your bottles gracefully. Hence, your door must be made of material that is highly durable and flexible as well. For example, you can certainly go for glass door options, but the thickness and insulation values have to be considered.

Fifth, install your wine cooling unit correctly.

Nothing can be more detrimental to your wine cellar that a wine cooling unit that is improperly installed. It will not be able to perform its task of maintaining the right temperature in your wine cellars or worse, you may not be able to seal off the same correctly. Different types of units require various installation and assembly procedures. For example, if you are purchasing a WineZone ducted Air Handler, you will need to run the ducting and line set at this stage. Generally, the ducting will be found in the wine cellar, running to the air handler that is normally placed in a mechanical room. But if it is a self-contained cooling unit, there will be a need to make a hole in the wall which is just the right size for the same.

Sixth and last, utilize good quality wine cellar flooring.

Most of us also fail to grasp the importance of the role of the proper quality wine cellar flooring in a wine cellar project. You can’t just put standard flooring material or go for the ones you feel are the most attractive. Your flooring must be able to help maintain the temperature and humidity levels in your cellar and let you achieve total environment control over the same. Check out our popular flooring selections such as our eco-friendly Cork Flooring and Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring as well as decorative Painted Tile and Mosaic flooring for interesting blends of function and style.

Now never forget that the goal of every wine cellar is to help each bottle achieve its peak taste. This can only be possible if you’re wine cellar is insulated in all the right places. If you need more information on how to do this, all you need to do is contact our wine cellar consultants or shoot us an e-mail anytime!

Technical Tuesday Episode #126: Classic Platinum Series Combo With Custom Cigar Humidor

March 26th, 2013

It’s that time of the week again, wine cellar fans! We know you guys are looking forward to another awesome Tech Tuesday episode and we’re definitely not going to disappoint you. Today’s feature is a classic display of the extensive racking opportunities brought about by the Platinum Series line:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 228222
Wood: Platinum/All-heart Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 1115
Where: Dix Hills, NY

All-heart Redwood Capacity 1115We’ve always been partial to glass-enclosed living spaces and this project gives all the reasons why we should be. What we have here is an irregularly-shaped wine room mapped out to solid, seamless perfection with the help of custom, full-depth options from the Platinum Series wine racks collection. In general, you can see individual and bulk bottle storage racks being mixed and matched to create a unified assembly which can store not only standard-sized bottles, but also magnums, champagne, and other larger sizes.Adjustable Shelf Cabinets with Curved Corner Racks

In particular, you get an amazing conglomeration of racking styles all coming together to turn out a most unique racking system. You have Open Diamond Cubes, Adjustable Shelf Cabinets, Curved Corner Racks plus custom crown and base moldings to smoothen out the corners and edges in a most effortless way.

Humidor CabinetNow another attractive feature of this project is the addition of the Humidor Cabinet which is like a miniature version of the wine cellar door (see first image). WCI manufactures these custom-made cigar humidor cabinets which boast of clear glass doors, angled wood cigar shelves to display cigar cases or loose cigars, a pull out shelf for additional loose cigar and accessory storage, and their own lock and key. You can further choose to have the cabinet made with just a single door or a double one.

Unstained Clear All-Heart Redwood is the wood choice for today’ feature. We’re pretty happy to see more of these unstained versions coming out because one can really appreciate the gorgeous, natural colors of the wood this way. Clear All-Heart Redwood sports richer Reddish Brown tones compared to its sister specie Premium Redwood. It initially starts of with a pinkish brown color when freshly milled and later on takes a deeper, more attractive color as the wood ages. That’s why a wine cellar made from this wood only becomes more elegant and beautiful as it puts on more years.

Custom LED lighting in Wine Cellar

Custom LED lighting was also incorporated to further emphasize the wood’s color as well as the glass elements of this wine cellar. Note that the right type of wine cellar lighting can bring about so many different looks for your wine cellar. You can achieve a warm, classic appearance like this project or go for a bolder, regal theme or perhaps a soft, romantic theme and so much more!

Individual Bottle Racks Equipped with Beveled Rails

All wine racks in the Platinum Series collection are proudly made in the USA, with the Individual Bottle Racks equipped with beveled rails with eased edges providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. You can easily replace or remove your bottles without having the labels tear off, thanks to these custom add-ons. If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest products at WCI, especially those featured in our Tech Tuesdays, simply subscribe to our mailing list and bookmark our blog today. *Cheers*

“Green” And Fab With Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletops

March 25th, 2013

Last week, we featured what we thought would definitely be Mother Nature’s pick on wine cellar flooring: wine cellar Cork Flooring. Continuing with our “green” campaign, we’re going to show you guys today what we think she’ll have for her tabletops. Let’s have a little one-on-one with one of WCI’s top-selling vintage lines: the Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletops!

Authentic vintage flavor!

If you’re an avid Tech Tuesday follower, you will surely notice that WCI’s vintage line from flooring to countertops and tabletops is especially popular. Lots of wine cellar enthusiasts yearn for that authentic old-country charm which only this line can give. As far as tabletops are concerned, the Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletop option had always been a favorite with so many wine cellar projects. It’s not like it’s without good basis, though. There are more than just one or two reasons why one should definitely go for this product and these are what we’re about to find out.

First and foremost, these tabletops are crafted from reclaimed wood components from aged wine barrels. Thus, you get to feel a truly genuine old-country flavor when you incorporate these elements into your wine racking assembly in particular and your wine cellars in general. Take note that each piece is highly customized and closely hand-crafted to produce a superb work of art. No two planks are exactly alike so your tabletop is endowed with a totally distinctive look.

Now let’s talk about the two most important terms when it comes to this unique product: Cooperage and Infusion. All Vintage Wine Barrel products sport either or both of these two features which set them apart from all the rest. Cooperage refers to the outside portion of the wine barrelhead and bears the distinct markings of each individual barrel. This way, one will actually be able to identify the original contents of the same. Basically, you get 7 markings or stamps within every 12 square feet of cooperage material.

As for Infusion, this would refer to the inside pieces of wine barrel material. Notice that Vintage Wine Barrel tabletops have an inherently luxurious dark burgundy color even when unstained. This is because they have already been stained – that is, stained with wine infused permanently into the wood. Keep in mind, however, that Infusion pieces do not have the “cooperage” stamps on them. When you order for this product, the boards already come pre-finished and sealed. The pieces fit together like a kiddie jigsaw puzzle with the tops marked where the lace seam goes. Hence, assembly and installation is as easy as pie! Of course, you can also always choose to call in our team if you feel like professional assistance is necessary.

Now go and be the first to go “green” and fab this spring season, starting with your wine cellar tabletops! Note that the same options are also available with our custom wine cellar flooring. *Cheers*

Mother Nature’s Pick For Your Wine Cellar Flooring

March 21st, 2013

If you had Mother Nature as your wine cellar designer, how do you think she would style your wine cellar flooring? A lot of us have this notion that wine cellar floors are pretty much like standard ones. So we’re mostly thinking of the usual materials like tile, marble, stone, or even wood. However, it’s always best to never forget that when it comes to wine cellar construction, each and every section thereof must be considered so as to create the proper storage conditions for your bottles. Ordinary materials won’t be enough. Plus, you also have to consider the eco-friendly feature of the materials, unless you don’t care for the environment at all! Well, if Mother Nature had her way, we’re pretty sure she’d be going for this:

Charming Cork Floors!

Cork floors are perhaps one of the most highly recommended materials for custom wine cellar projects. That’s because cork possesses so many amazing qualities that any wine cellar enthusiast definitely have to get acquainted with. For one, it is a natural and durable material and a rapidly renewable resource that is harvested with minimum impact on the environment. That will definitely get the two thumbs-up from Mother Nature! But that’s not all. WCI Cork Flooring also sports a number of other highly interesting product features such as:

  • A moisture protection system called “JointShield” which is applied at production to the edges of the floor panels. Owing to this, the edges of cork floor panels become more watertight and are sealed off completely. Hence, your floor will wear better even though there may be a lot of spills and you have to clean things up often.
  • We also enhanced the properties of Subherin, an inherent substance of cork which is a natural insect repellent by adding Microban & Insect Repellant. You need not worry about termite problem setting in with your cork floors!
  • Moreover, WCI Cork Floors sport Wear Enhancing Abrasion Resistance Finish or Wear Top. This increases wear and scratch resistance, making your floors doubly durable. Nonetheless, it doesn’t affect the versatility of the flooring and even better, the finish also meets European Environmental regulations.
  • Cork Floors are natural fire inhibitors. Thus, you won’t have a problem with them catching fire or spreading it to the entire wine cellar and home as well. This also means you don’t have to worry about toxic gases and combustion arising out of a fire emergency.
  • In addition, Cork Floors are thermally and acoustically insulated. Did you know that Cork contains over 100 million prism- shaped cells per cubic inch? The significance of this is that the air-filled cells allow Cork to provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Lastly, Cork as a material possesses natural resiliency. It’s very soft and comfortable despite its impressive durability.

So if you’re in the middle of planning out your wine cellar project today, think about it from Mother Nature’s viewpoint as well. After all, there’s nothing to lose but everything to gain when you make eco-friendly decisions at all times! Stay tuned for more of our “clean and green” posts in the next few weeks. ^_^

How To Insulate Your Wine Cellars (Part I)

March 20th, 2013

Just how important is it to properly insulate your wine cellars? Let us tell you right now that it’s not just important – it’s crucial to creating ideal wine storage conditions. That’s why ensuring proper insulation cannot be overemphasized. The funny thing is that it’s not just newbie wine cellar lovers who make mistakes or harbor misconceptions when it comes to this matter. Some veteran enthusiasts are also not as knowledgeable which is why we chose this particular topic for today’s How To Wednesday.

1. First, select your construction materials very carefully.


The type and quality of the materials you’ll use on your wine cellar project will be highly instrumental in maintaining ideal storage conditions therein. Note that in one of our previous How To episodes, we mentioned that location is not that big of an issue when it comes to wine cellar projects. This is certainly true, so long as you utilize the right materials for the job. We’re not referring to materials for the wine racking system but for the cellar itself. In particular, you have to carefully build your walls, ceilings, and flooring. You’ll need to install studs, soffits, the opening for your wine refrigeration system, and of course, your vapor barrier.

2. Second, select your insulation and vapor barrier.


When working on a new construction, it’s imperative you have to stud the space to frame out your wine cellar. But before doing so, you’ll need to seal the concrete walls prior to installing the studs. Sealing would mean insulating the walls and installing your vapor barrier prior to doing anything else. There are two common methods you can use for this: spray foam or 6 mil vapor barrier and fiberglass batts. Most wine cellar design and construction specialists would recommend using spray foam because it will prevent the possibility of a puncture mark in your vapor barrier.

3. Third, cover the walls and ceilings.


Keep in mind that the entire structure of your wine cellar must be taken into account when insulating the same. It’s not just the walls that have to be properly built but also the ceilings. So after installing the studs, vapor barrier, electrical outlets and so on, you’ll need to cover the walls and ceilings. For this purpose, you again have to select the most appropriate material to withstand high humidity conditions. This is especially the case if you’re going to build your wine cellar in locations other than the basement or garage.

More often than not, water-resistant drywall or “green board” is the most common choice. The green board should be screwed into the walls and ceilings and fire-rated penetration sealant should be utilized to seal around all penetrations on both sides of wine cellar. Then, you can proceed to painting the drywall to finish the job or apply decorative options like our Tongue and Groove paneling. It’s suggested to stick with water-based paints as well since oil or solvent based paints can leave a lingering odor in the wine cellar and have other negative side-effects.

Well, we’re not done just yet! Don’t forget that insulation should be all about the ENTIRE structure and not just some sections of it. So don’t forget to catch the second part of this series next week by bookmarking our blog. Also subscribe to our mailing list so you can get the latest updates on our products and even more interesting wine cellar construction tips. See you all next week!

Technical Tuesday Episode #125: Smashing Curves With The Platinum Series In Unstained Prime Mahogany

March 19th, 2013
Curves may be sexy, but they can also prove to be very difficult to deal with. It’s especially true when you’re talking about wine cellars. Today’s Tech Tuesday episode will show you how to trim those naughty corners in a super fab way!
What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 228629
Wood: Platinum/Prime Mahogany
Maximum Capacity: 865
Where: Water  Mill, NY
Prime Mahogany Curved Corner racks
Check out this insanely gorgeous wine cellar project featuring curved and corner racks from nothing less than the Platinum Series custom wine racks. For the record, this series reflects the widest variety of storage options in a full depth style. You get safe bottle storage in single or double deep options with spacing for half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes. This wine cellar in particular is able to hold over 800 bottles in safe and stylish storage.

Safe and Stylish Curved Wine StorageLet’s have a look at the racking assembly from a different angle. Here you can see the continuous flow of the racks and how they mesh so well with the other wine racking components. Notice how they span the length of the room creating a seamless, flowing proportion. The trick here is in the custom curved moldings which are designed to match the profile of the curved racking.Curved Racking and Custom Curved Moldings

Here are two great shots showcasing the effortless flow of the racking system all across the room. We are very much in awe at how the floor to ceiling configurations have managed to taper the sharp edges, nooks, and crannies in this wine room. Note also that there is still available floor space left for additional small wine racks, tasting tables, or maybe a wine display island.Sharp Edged Crannies Wine Room

Quarter Round Shelves were also added to this assembly to cap everything off in a highly unique and elegant fashion. These shelves can be utilized to display some of your best vintages, choice glassware, and other wine accessories. Or, you can also choose to put in other odds and ends to give the wine racking system more flair, like putting in crystal vases filled with fresh springtime blooms – the very first of the season!

Deep brown Quarter Round Shelves

Now some of you might mistakenly think that these racks were stained owing to their rich, deep brown hues. But the fact is that they are not and what you’re actually seeing is the natural dark, reddish brown color of the wood. This is what sets Amber Blaze apart from almost all wood species for custom wine cellar projects. Since it’s an average priced material, it sports a totally luxurious appeal which is worth every dollar you shell out. Prime Mahogany is an extremely dense, hard and heavy wood with beautiful grain patterns that retain custom stains and finishes really well. Nonetheless, the natural color of the wood is equally attractive and lends a regal aura to any wine cellar project.

We can honestly say that this is one HOT Tech Tuesday feature for this month and we’re betting you agree with us on this 100%! But if not, then tell us how you’d rate this project and what would you want to see on our future Tech Tuesday episodes. Have a lovely spring beginning, wine buddies and see you all next week! *Cheers*

Get Maximum Storage Vintage View Wine Racks

March 18th, 2013

When you own a commercial wine establishment, getting enough storage space will be a perennial problem. It’s definitely the case when there are special occasions or holidays and people would just usually barge in and make some last minute purchases. That’s why it pays to invest in durable, resilient, and space-efficient wine racks. But what if you already have an existing wine racking assembly? How do you go about creating more space for your stocks without making your store look so overcrowded and disorganized? This is the answer you’d definitely want!

Stack them up with the Vintage View Wall Mounted Series!

Vintage View Wine RacksVintage View metal wine racks are just what the doctor (or in this case, the wine merchant!) ordered to provide maximum storage space for busy and growing commercial wine establishments. These highly practical metal wonders will hold hundreds and thousands of bottles in secure and stylish storage options. Let’s take as an example the Vintage View Wall Mounted Series. This is one of the pioneers of the Vintage View Wine Racks collection, sporting two different finishes and single, double, and even triple deep bottle options.

Black Metal Wine Rack FrameNow these racks can either be attached to a wall or displayed floor to ceiling with the help of Floor to Ceiling Frame. That means you have more control over your floor space and you can certainly have more room for additional bottles. For added flexibility, the racks are configured in such a way as to be able to hold split-sized bottles apart from standard-size ones by mounting them 5.5 inches apart. Currently, you get two different height variations with these racks: 3Ft and 4Ft options to accommodate more space-efficient floor to ceiling configurations.

Pile them up with the Vintage View Evolution Series!

Evolution SeriesVery recently, the Vintage View Series have also evolved to become even more formidable with the introduction of the Vintage View Evolution Series. We call this our groundbreaking label-forward racking system which incorporates acrylic panels and steel support rods. The result is the production of highly resilient metal wine racks which can store wines and other spirits as well. Wine establishments will certainly appreciate how practical the racks are, enabling them to store so many wine bottles in a compact yet organized manner. But apart from that, their artistic sense will also be stirred with the sleek modern appearance of the racks. They can give your stores (or your homes, too!) a modern vibe and even if you’re sticking with a vintage theme, it will still work out and give things a little twist. So what you get is actually a more unique look for your establishment!

You can check out our Technical Tuesday episodes for features on this product. In several projects, we utilized them in glass-enclosed living spaces for a very elegant and eye-catching look. Also subscribe to our mailing list so you can get the latest updates, particularly on hot deals and discounts on all our wine racking products. The week is just getting started so don’t forget that it’s Tech Tuesday tomorrow followed by our How To Wednesday. We have so many new stuff to share, so don’t miss out!

Mark Ye Cellar Goes “Designer!”

March 14th, 2013

So what do we love about Thursdays? Well, apart from the fact that it reminds us that the weekend is about to roll in, it’s also the best opportunity for us to showcase inspiring testimonials from happy and satisfied customers. Yup, yup, it’s another Testimonial Thursday to look forward to, wine cellar lovers! Today, we’re featuring the products brought by Mark Ye Cellar on a web order basis. They had everything completely installed, so let’s check out the finished product!

From the image, you can see that the client purchased a couple of custom wine racks from our Designer Series. In particular, they sent in for the Open Diamond Bin, Curved Corner with Display, Curved Corner with Wine Display, and the 4-column and 5-column Individual Bottle racks. These are all perfect choices since the client has a fast-growing collection. The Designer Series provide custom amenities combined with quality and cost-efficiency to boot. Thus, both the beginner wine or a veteran will definitely be able find the racking system to suit his needs with this collection. Of course, it also goes without saying that it can satisfactorily cater to the needs of commercial wine establishments as well!

Now exactly what are the custom amenities that you get when you “go Designer?” You actually get full depth bottle storage options, with the individual bottle storage racks featuring twin beveled ends and rounded edges. These make for much safer and comfy bottle storage and you can easily remove or replace your bottles without worrying about having the labels torn. Note also that for the Diamond Cubes and Bins (like the one you see in the photo), decorative face trim is incorporated for a much more polished and stylish appearance.

Basically, with the Designer Series, you can accommodate additional wine storage above racking, creating numerous unique looks for your wine cellar project. But despite the flexible configurations, you still get the best value for your dollar. Note that the line now includes never before been offered products such as the fancy Waterfall Wine Racks, Quarter Round Shelves, and Wine Displays. As you can glean from the photo the client sent us, even the simplest racking arrangements can yield polished and elegant results:

“More wine needs to be loaded but the install is complete!” ~Mark~

Well, you can bet your best vintage we’re as excited as Mark is in filling up the racks to the brim!

Now if you’re also wondering about the wood choice, don’t sweat it out too much. That’s just the versatile beauty of Premium Redwood. However, there’s really nothing “just’ about this wood choice, given its remarkable durability and resiliency at such great cost. Here, the racks are sporting the unstained version, with the soft gold tones being accentuated by the custom lighting system.

Well this Testimonial Thursday officially caps off our week and gets the weekend to an awesome start! We managed to make another happy customer, thanks to the consistent efforts of our design specialists, installation team, and marketing staff. So if you’re one of those who is contemplating on purchasing our products today, don’t hesitate! Get in touch with our team if you’re entertaining some doubts and load up those shopping carts ASAP. Then send us your photos, tell us what you think, and let your warm words be the next bright spot on our Testimonial Thursdays. *Cheers*


How To Choose The Best Finish For Your Wine Cellars

March 13th, 2013

It’s hump day and you know what that means! It’s another How To series for this week and we hope everyone’s all hyped up for what we’re going to be bringing in today. This time, we’re going to show you guys how to choose the best stain and finish options for your wine cellars. Note that while unstained wood is already naturally beautiful, adding a custom stain and finish to the same will also allow you to create various looks for your wine cellar.

In addition, they will serve to enhance the natural colors of the wood as well as the variations in the grain patterns. But before you go ahead and have your racks and furniture stained, it’s best to go over some essential details first. Here is a very useful guideline on how you can select the most suitable stain and finish options to match your style preferences:

1. First, consider the kind of look you’re going for in your wine cellar.

Wood Stains

Your wine racks, furniture, and other accessories will take on different appearances depending on the type of stain or finish you’ll apply. Some can make your wine cellar appear bolder by enhancing the deep and rich tones of the wood. Others can give you a simple, understated look. There are also those that can cleverly age your wood, giving it an authentic vintage appeal. So before you finalize your decision, make sure you have properly decided on the kind of look you really want your wine cellar to showcase. Try checking out this page in our website for detailed descriptions on the visual impressions each stain and finish option can bring out in your wood choice.

2. Second, take into account the type of wood you’re working with.

Beautiful Wine Racks

Keep in mind that there are wood species which can absorb and retain all sorts of stains and finishes well and there are those that aren’t as susceptible. If you want your custom stain and finish to really stand out, you have to ascertain that you’re working with the right wood choice as well. For example, Redwood is a top-quality wood choice for custom wine cellar projects because of its fantastic attributes. One of these is the ability to retain stains and finishes extremely well. The grain patterns become more pronounced if you use darker stains and finishes. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a highly luxurious appearance for your wine cellar, Prime Mahogany is the wood choice to consider. With the right stain and finish, the wood’s color becomes more regal and stunning.

3. Third, consider the existing décor and layout of your home.

Glass Wine Room

Now it’s fine if you are going to build a separate wine room, like a basement or garage wine cellar. But if you’re going to have one in your living space or perhaps a wine cellar closet, you also have to make sure that your wine cellar’s appearance will work with the existing décor and layout of your home. You can choose to let it mesh with the same or create a striking contrast. The important thing is that it will not destroy the artistic symmetry of your home. We have so many selections here at WCI and we can even provide free consultation and let experienced wine cellar design specialists help you come up with the most appropriate choice.

4. Fourth, think about the time element as well.

Some stains and finishes require multiple applications, like the Lacquer Finish. Others are pretty tricky to turn out and require substantial time to achieve the look that you want, like the Distressed Finish. But there are also those that can be completed a lot faster because of the less complicated process involved such as the Light Danish Stain and Classic Mahogany Stain. So before you choose, think about the lead time as well. If you’re in a rush to finish your custom wine cellar, then you might as well go for a simpler type of stain or finish. However, if you’re willing to wait for the sake of a more unique look, then by all means spare the necessary time to have the work properly done.

Need more advice on how to dress up your wine cellars? No problem! Chat with our wine cellar design specialists today or leave your query below or shoot us an e-mail anytime. See you all next How To Wednesday! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #124: Easy And Efficient Storage With The Gold Series Custom Wine Displays And Diamond Bins

March 12th, 2013

Top of the week, Tech Tuesday buddies! Here’s something that will surely perk up the interest of those of you who either: one, don’t have enough space in their home for a full-blown wine cellar or two, don’t really feel like putting up one because they don’t plan on having an extensive collection.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 228302
Wood: Gold/Premium Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 233
Where: Marion, OH

Vertical Wine Rack
What you’re seeing here might look a little something like a bookcase, but it’s actually the Open Vertical Wine Display Cabinet from the Gold Series custom wine racks collection. This eye-catching number can be squeezed into those tight corners in your home which cannot properly accommodate standard depth wine racks. Or, you can also choose to use this to cap off the end of a peninsula or island for a totally dramatic touch. Note than you can place two to a maximum of three bottles per row. It’s also perfect for those who don’t really intend to host a growing collection, but who also need to have the proper storage for the same. Moreover, if you’re just starting out, this would also be a great option to keep those bottles safe and comfy until you can build your very own custom wine room.

Stone with Wine RacksPremium Redwood was chosen for this project, coated in Dark Walnut stain with lacquer finish. You can see the deep golden hues of the wood being enhanced by the custom stain and finish options, creating a beautifully polished effect. It bears remembering that Premium Redwood has an open-celled structure with little or no pitch or resins. Hence, it is able to absorb and retain all kinds of stains and finishes really well, as you can see from these images. In addition, the wood sports an extensive grain variation which is accentuated even more by dark and shiny finishes like the one we applied here. Best of all, Premium Redwood is part of WCI’s SFI-certified Redwood product line, which means the same has been harvested in the most environmentally safe way possible.

Diamond Wine RackThis project also includes the stylish Diamond Bin bottle racks with face trim for extra bulk bottle storage. These bins are one of the best ways to store your loose bottles in a secure and tasteful way. Plus, the easy to mix and match components can easily go with other wine racking elements, just in case you decide to create more room for your collection later on. So basically, the entire wine racking assembly can hold over 200 bottles while occupying minimal space in your home. Not bad at all, right?

You can actually learn more about these individual wine racking products as well as our very affordable wine rack kits and popular custom wine racks collection simply by subscribing to our mailing list. Plus, you can also follow us on Twitter and Pinterest and like our Facebook page! Check us out again next week for another hot Tech Tuesday episode. *Cheers*

Paint It “Spring” With WCI Custom Wine Cellar Paintings And Murals

March 11th, 2013

Daylight savings time has just started! It’s certainly one way to remind us that spring is just around the corner, huh? There’s still a nip in the air but Mr. Sunshine is definitely here to stay. So why don’t we start coloring our wine cellars with some lovely spring shades to help usher in the season a wee bit faster. Our select choices of custom wine paintings and murals will definitely bring spring even earlier to your homes and your wine cellars in particular.

The exquisite Classic Moments Collection

Nothing can give your wine cellars the feel of authentic old wine country better than hand-painted masterpieces. The Classic Moments Collection is comprised of an array of wine-themed art murals created on canvas with acrylics or oils. There are so many various themes to choose from depending on the mood you want to create. For example, the Chianti, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Cabernet collections are an eye-catching showcase of scenic vineyard inspirations. Muted hues make for a very vintage charm which really lends an old wine country atmosphere. On the other hand, the Chardonnay and Champagne series give off a more eclectic and modern vibe. The colors are more vibrant with lots of plays with shadows and contrasts as well.

The elegant Contemporary Moments Collection

If you’re into landscapes, backgrounds, and other similar concepts, the Contemporary Moments Collection will satisfy all that plus a whole lot more. This collection is composed of textured hand-painted wine and vineyard themed art utilizing palette knife or brush work painting techniques. Here, the talent and skill of the world-class WCI wine cellar artists are showcased at full length. Each background or scenery is so closely depicted that it feels like stepping into the actual place! Note that working with a palette knife is not that easy. It takes tremendous artistic expertise and experience to create three-dimensional textures which are the trademark of this collection. Meticulous attention must be given to the work painting style, overlapping gradations of color, transparency, and varying thickness to turn out distinct treasures such as these:

Now keep in mind that these selections are in no way exclusive! In other words, you can also have your very own, personalized murals or paintings by providing us with your ideas on what you want for your wine cellars. Everything will be designed in accordance to your taste, dimensional needs, and specifications! These works of art are shipped out stretched and ready to hang. If you intend to use it on your archways (which is highly recommended), the paintings will be shipped pre-installed in the same.  Plus, the Classic Moments Collection is now on a huge Daylight Savings Time sale! You get an awesome 35% off on all of the choices in this series. The sale ends on June this year, so get in touch with us for a quote. Hurry and paint it “Spring” today with WCI’s custom wine cellar paintings and murals!

Signs You Need to Replace the HVAC Equipment in Your Wine Cellar

March 8th, 2013

We all know how important it is to keep the wine in your cellar at the perfect temperature and humidity level. The HVAC system in your wine cellar is critical to keeping the corks in good condition and allowing the wine to age gracefully. But if your HVAC system isn’t working well it could put your whole collection in jeopardy. That’s why it might be helpful to know the warning signs to watch out for that could indicate that you need to repair or replace your HVAC equipment.

Wine Cellar HVAC System Can’t Hold Temperature


For a wine cellar, holding a constant temperature between 55° and 58° F is critical to the health of your wine. If your system isn’t able to do that then you should probably call for wine cellar refrigeration repair. The problem could be caused by a faulty thermostat which might mean that you just need to replace the batteries or get a new thermostat. But if you’re also having issues with the humidity in your wine cellar then the problem could be much worse. There could be low refrigerant levels in your cooling equipment. You’ll just need a professional technician to measure the refrigerant levels and add more if needed.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Making Strange Noises

If your wine cellar refrigeration system has started to make any strange noises, it likely means that you need to either repair or replace your system. While some noises just mean that a screw is loose, it can also indicate that there are other, more serious problems with the unit. Here are some of the most common sounds that you might hear.

  • Rattling – A rattling sound might mean that one of the panels is loose. But it could also mean that the fan blade or motor is rubbing against something.
  • Squealing – If your system is making a squealing noise it likely is caused by the fan belt. If it gets old it will start to make a high-pitched squealing sound.
  • Gurgling – A gurgling sound normally means that you have low refrigerant in the evaporator or condenser coils. The gurgling is caused by the excess air in the lines.
  • Hissing – If your system is making a hissing noise it likely means that you have an air or refrigerant leak. This usually happens near the compressor or at the reversing valve.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment Leaking Water


Water leaks are another common wine cellar refrigeration repair. During its normal operation, your refrigeration system will produce condensation on the evaporator coils—similar to when you take a cold glass outside on a hot day and water beads on the side of it. This condensation drips off the coils and falls into a condensate pan which drains the water away. If that drain gets clogged the pan will overflow and cause a leak to occur. Refrigerant leaks are less common but can still occur. Apparently this issue is most common in wine cellar on yachts, marine air conditioner systems are prone to having this problem due to the special environment yachts put them through. Special technicians are required to fix this.

The best way to keep your wine cellar cooling equipment in good working order is to have it professionally installed and maintained. If you do suspect you have a problem, don’t put your wine at risk, call for service as soon as possible.

Author Bio: Shaun Keating is a writer specializing in heating, air conditioning, and energy saving information. He writes for contractors all over the US, including Atlanta air conditioning contactor Premier Indoor Comfort Systems. Check out their blog for more home improvement tips!

The Gaines Wine Cellar Now Fully Stocked!

March 7th, 2013

Can you guys still recall this classic wine cellar project we featured late December of 2012? To refresh our memories a bit, this is the Gaines wine cellar in University PL, WA. You can take a little stroll down memory lane and check out the un-stocked version of this wine cellar here.

The client, Don Gaines, had been enthusiastic in providing us with the latest shots of the now fully stocked cellar and had THIS to say about the finished product:

“Thanks again for all of your hard work in the design and installation of the cellar.  It’s my favorite room in the house! Mike did a great job for us and we have heard that our home may be featured in next year’s “Tour of Remodeled Homes” in the Tacoma area. Happy with how it looks! Thanks again.”

Well, while Don was one hundred percent pleased about our work, we’re also one hundred percent excited about sharing some more “after” images of the project. We’re pretty stoked ourselves at how everything came together perfectly, with the wine bottles, boxes, and bins stored together in a neat and orderly fashion. Note that the Gold Series custom wine racks were utilized to turn out this versatile wine racking assembly. We’d also like to point out that at the outset, there was some trepidation concerning the allotted space for the cellar. The room wasn’t as square as the clients wanted it to be and bits of plumbing were sticking out. Nonetheless, the Gold Series exceeded their expectations as uneven corners, nooks, and crannies were spanned, resulting in a smooth transition from floor to ceiling and one rack to another.

So here you can see how everything came together, with the individual bottle wine racks cradling each bottle securely and comfortably. The larger-format bottles are also nestled snugly in the wine displays. These racks actually come in single and double deep options and you can see from the closer shots that each bottle is cradled on two individual rails with beveled ends. This is a WCI trademark for most of our wine racking products which allows one to remove or replace a bottle without tearing off the labels.

Now in case  it slipped past you guys, Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletops were also used for this project to give the cellar an authentic vintage touch.  They certainly add more drama and elegance to the entire wine racking assembly, giving off the feel of an authentic wine cellar from the countryside. That’s because our Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletops and Cooperage options are all crafted from reclaimed wood components from aged wine barrels. On a side note, you’ll love to know that we have all new lowered pricing on these products today! Just get in touch with a wine cellar consultant or send us an e-mail to get a quote.

Last but definitely not the least, we would like to share again these amazing words from Don who was so pleased about the services provided by WCI just as much as he was satisfied with the products themselves:

“Mike Martin did an excellent job of not only installing the materials provided, but also in prepping the room for the cellar.  He was also very patient with us as we had some delays (wiring, flooring, etc.).  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone.”

 And once again, it’s a Testimonial Thursday worth raising a glass or two to! *Cheers*

How To Choose The Best Wood Type For Custom Wine Cellars

March 6th, 2013

It’s How To Wednesday once again, wine cellar fans! We hope you guys are enjoying these episodes as much as we are. How To Wednesdays are super fun and inspiring because while sharing great wine cellar construction tips with everyone, we also get to explore more creative wine storage concepts. So basically, it’s a give-and-take for you guys and us here at WCI! Now today’s topic will be all about how to choose the best wood type for your custom wine cellar project. This is highly important because the right material for your wine cellar is indispensable in providing the ideal storage conditions therein. So let’s check out the top considerations we should keep in mind when making our choice.

1. Resiliency


This is definitely the first and foremost characteristic which you should watch out for when comparing various wood choices. For custom wine cellars, specifically wine racks, you’ll need to work with materials that are highly resistant to shrinking, warping, and checking. That’s because you’ll need to create a conducive enough environment for your wine bottles which will allow them to age at a graceful pace. Materials which have poor resistance to rot, mildew, and insects will create so much problems for you later on, especially when your wine racks will become infested. This is certainly not a scenario which you should experience. Some recommended wood choices are Redwood (both Clear All-Heart and Premium Redwood species) and Prime and Amber Blaze Mahogany which rate very high in the resiliency and durability charts.

2. Grain Patterns

Since you’re talking about a custom wine cellar project, then you would want the same to look as unique as possible. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to select a wood specie with distinct grain patterns that can give your racks and other furniture a beautiful and dramatic appearance. You also have to consider how well the grain patterns will show up against different custom stain and finish options. That way, you will be able to choose the kind of look you’d want your wine cellar to showcase. For example, Rustic Pine sports a wide variety of grain patterns, but the wood is mainly characterized by subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. Thus, it’s the best wood choice if you desire an authentic vintage theme for your wine cellar project.

3. Affordability


Of course, you should also ascertain that you get the best value for the materials you choose for your wine cellar project. This is especially the case for those working on a more or less strict budget. But working within a budget doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise the quality of the wood because there’s no need to do that at all. There are several wood species that are affordably priced while possessing the essential characteristics of resiliency, durability, and extensive grain patterns. Some popular examples are Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Prime Mahogany.

4.  Eco-friendly


In whatever project we undertake for our homes or commercial endeavors, we should never forget to take into account the impact it will have on our environment. There’s nothing to lose but everything to gain from being environmentally conscious. Fortunately, here at WCI, we also provide for eco-friendly custom wood choices. For example, our Redwood products are all SFI-certified. That means they have all been harvested in an environmentally sound manner. So when you purchase your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture made from this wood specie, you can rest assured that Mother Nature is being protected as well.

Now if you still need more help in selecting the appropriate materials for your wine cellar projects, all you need to do is get in touch with our professional wine cellar consultants today. Consultation is one hundred percent free! Or, you can also take advantage of our Live Chat feature. Thanks for following this episode and see you guys again next week. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #123: Diversified Wine Storage With The Gold Series And Vintner Wine Racks Kit

March 5th, 2013

“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”

~Louis Pasteur~

That’s why we should take care of our collection properly! And what better way to do this than by putting together a wine cellar that can properly store our bottles and let them age at a graceful pace. This is what every Tech Tuesday episode is about. So today, we’re bringing you another fine example of a wine cellar that can keep hundreds of bottles in safe, comfy, and super stylish storage conditions:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 202808
Wood: Gold/Vintner Series/Premium Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 967
Where: Bradfordwoods, PA

Tech Tuesday

Check out this wondrously spacious creation concocted from custom Gold Series wine racks as well as the Vintner Series Wine Racks kit. It’s simply eye-candy seeing so much variation in the racking assembly, isn’t it? The Gold Series is famous for being able to combine budget and aesthetics into one fab package. So here you can see individual and bulk bottle storage options being utilized as well as corner wine racks to form seamless proportions of the cellar.

Tech Tuesday

Apart from the custom Gold Series wine racks, this project also made use of Vintner wine racks kit to further augment the cellar’s storage capacity. We’ve always loved how Vintner manages to let us pull off so many unique looks for the projects we handle, thanks to the highly flexible configurations of the racks. These racks can be stacked one on top of the other to reach a ceiling height starting at95 1/16 “. Plus, by incorporating the custom molding packages, you can play around with multiple heights and go as high as 104 5/16”. Note also that each bottle in the individual bottle wine racks is cradled on customized rails with beveled ends and rounded edges. The purpose? They let you remove your bottles or replace them without tearing off the labels. How convenient is that? ^_^

Diamond Bin

Now how do you guys like the creamy hues of the racks tinged with some golden undertones? They give off a warm yet elegant charm, don’t you think? Well, you might be surprised to find out that’s just the natural color of Premium Redwood! That’s right, no custom stains or finishes were used to enhance the gorgeous pinkish brown colors of the wood. But those richer light golden tones are a product of the custom LED lighting options which allow you to achieve so many different looks and moods for your wine cellar.

Diamond Bin and Storage

Before we cap off the tour, let’s check out the first image above again and shine a little spotlight on that compact and really smart-looking wine cooling unit. It’s the Whisperkool SC 4000pro which is one of the newest units in the SC Series that replaced Whisperkool’s XLT line. This unit is designed for simple through-the-wall installation which makes it an efficient and affordable choice for any wine cellar project.

So this wraps up another inspiring feature for this week. How did this lovely little creation rate with you? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and keep on checking out our next episodes! *Cheers*


A Closer Look At The New WCI Mini Stack Series

March 4th, 2013

The month of March has finally arrived! Only a few more weeks to go before the Spring season officially starts. We’ll, we’ve been doing a little prepping up of our own just in time for this season. If you missed out on last week’s blog, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on today’s. On Thursday last week, we made an official press release for the launch of the newest addition to our wine racks line: the WCI Mini Stack Series. So today, we’re going to talk more about this exciting product!

Say hello to these miniature wonders!

Now you guys should know by now how conscious we are of addressing the storage needs of wine cellar enthusiasts everywhere. That’s why cooking up more efficient wine storage solutions has always been our top priority. Well this new product is definitely a testament to that vision. The Mini Stack Series is an amazing collection of stackable wine racks in different configurations. Their compact dimensions make them the perfect solution for homes with no available space for formal wine rooms. Or, if you just want to keep a several dozens of bottles in stock in your kitchen or dining room without any present plans for a full-blown wine cellar, then these space-efficient wonders are just what you need.

The series comes with individual and bulk bottle storage racks, open bin storage, Diamond slat wine racks, and even glass racks for your fine glassware. Mix and match these various components and stack the rack one on top of the other or side by side to create your very own wine storage station. You can use them at home, in your commercial wine establishments, and hey, even in your office if you feel like it! The solid wood construction combined with the contemporary Dark Walnut stain give these mini marvels an elegantly distinguished look which every wine racking product here at WCI has. Note also that the series ships fully assembled which means you don’t even have to go through the trouble of putting them together. You get the racks delivered straight to your home all ready for instant bottle storage.

And here’s the clincher! The Mini Series 12-Bottle Individual Wine Rack is now at an enormous 50% off. You don’t even need a promo code. However, this huge discount is for a limited time only, so you better get those online shopping carts loaded right now. Be the first to showcase the WCI Mini Stack Series in your home – wine racking goodness all proudly made in the USA!