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How To Build Your Wine Cellar In Specific Locations

February 27th, 2013

It’s that time of the week again, wine cellar fans! Welcome to another episode of our How To Wednesdays. As promised, we’re going to be showing you guys some useful hints on how you can build your custom wine cellars in specific areas in your home. Note that location is never an issue here, but you just have to make sure your budget can keep up with the costs of maintaining idea wine storage conditions. So if budget is a little tight, then you might as well consider other more practical options which we’ll definitely be outlining for you ^_^. Let’s get started!

1. Build it in your basement!


This is perhaps one of the best locations for a custom wine cellar project. The basement is located at the lowest, underground section of the home which means that existing temperature and humidity levels are already very favorable for wine storage. So a wine refrigeration unit with standard cooling features will be enough to keep your collection cool and comfy 24/7. You’ll be spending a lot less for electricity, too. Those with spacious basements in their homes should consider converting a substantial portion thereof to their dream wine cellars now!

2. Build it in your garage!

But what if your house doesn’t have a basement? Not to worry! One of the next best options is the garage. Garage renovations are pretty popular these days. Most homes have a lot of extra space in their garage, especially after a family member has moved. Take for example your son or daughter who’s now off to college bringing his or her car with her. Your two-car garage can now be utilized for other worthwhile projects, like your very own custom wine cellar! Naturally, you’ll have to start with your floor plan, consider the materials to be utilized and how you can create the perfect storage conditions therein. That’s why our experienced wine cellar consultants are just waiting here in the wings to help you out, with consultation fees at absolutely ZERO cost.

3. Build it under the stairs!

Seriously cramped for space in your home? Try looking again! Some nooks and crannies are more useful than you think, like that little space under the stairs (think Harry Potter and the cupboard under the stairs. He fits, too!). That spot can actually be transformed into a gorgeous wine cellar for your collection. Under stairwell transformations are unique, space-efficient, and really affordable, too. Check out these samples from our past Tech Tuesday projects:

4. Build it in your living space!

Yes, wine cellars CAN be built in your living spaces as well. In fact, glass-enclosed wine cellars are one of the most popular projects here at WCI. A lot of wine cellar enthusiasts love displaying their prized collections in cellars using glass fronts which can showcase each bottle to the fullest. If you have time to browse through our Tech Tuesday archives, you’ll see a good number of uber gorgeous glass-enclosed wine cellar transformations that pump up the aesthetic value of any living space. In fact, here are just some samples for your viewing pleasure:

5. Build it like your closets!

Another ingenious space-saving solution which also happens to be a really fun and unique concept is wine cellar closet transformations. We do a lot of these here at WCI! You can actually have enough space for a few hundred bottles or so with a closet built from the smallest, seemingly insignificant areas in your home. Plus, if it’s a really tight squeeze, you can even have one build directly from the walls.

Keep in mind that these are not limited alternatives as well. In other words, there are still more locations to explore for your custom wine cellar project. All it takes is a little ingenuity, a little creativity, and a little help from the right professionals. We hope you enjoyed today’s series and don’t forget to take advantage of our free wine cellar consultation services. It’s about time you started on that dream wine cellar NOW! *Cheers*