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Technical Tuesday Episode #122: Space-Efficient Elegance With The Wine Sentinel And Platinum Series

February 26th, 2013

Are you also one of those with some serious space issues in their homes that prevent you from having a full-blown wine room? Hey, it’s actually no biggie! You can still have that custom wine cellar you’ve always wished for even with a limited floor area.  Take a look at today’s feature and see how it can all be made possible!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 226640
Wood: Platinum Series/Prime Mahogany
Maximum Capacity: 476
Where: Indialantic, FL

This is a great opportunity to introduce you guys to WCI’s all-in-one storage solutions: our line of custom refrigerated wine cabinets. We have a very extensive selection of these attractive, whisper-quiet additions to your home. What you see here are images of our popular Wine Sentinel series. You will notice that the exterior is designed to match the existing flooring of the room so the cabinet appears really built-in, down to the custom crown and base moldings.

Now let’s check the interior of this simple but elegant creation. See how neat and polished the racking assembly is? We worked in the Platinum Series custom wine racks here to provide super flexible storage options for the client. Notice how there’s enough space for a few hundred bottles in individual and bulk bottle storage options. The racking combination, including the stylish Diamond Cubes make for a nice dramatic flair to the otherwise compact arrangement.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind with these refrigerated wine cabinets. They are specifically designed to suit the storage needs of the client. So we make sure that they are properly insulated with the right wine cellar cooling unit. For this project, we utilized the Whisperkool 2500 Cabinet Series which is perfect with the Platinum Series wine racks we installed. This is considered as the most advanced wine cabinet cooling unit to date and comes equipped with Platinum Series controller featuring the Advanced System Protection Technology.

Check out the rich, dark golden hues of the racks with this close-up shot. This is Prime Mahogany drenched in Dark Walnut stain. Prime Mahogany may not be as common a wood selection for custom wine cellar projects as Redwood, but it’s definitely an excellent choice. It is very durable and with high resistance against shrinking, warping, and checking. Also, contrary to popular opinion, this hardwood specie is actually moderately priced given its amazing attributes. You can learn more about it in this page of our website!

Before we wrap up this tour, it’s also worthy to point out that with the Wine Sentinel cabinets, the entire storage area is greeted by one or two sets of elegant French Doors (like those that you see on the images) fitted out with proper insulation values and weather-stripping. We’ll be talking more about these beautiful, space-efficient wonders very soon on our future posts, so watch out for that.  In the meantime, we hope you guys found this post helpful and inspiring, particularly for your wine cellar space issues. Catch you all next episode! ♥