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Get Gorgeous With Glass Panel Doors

February 21st, 2013

Did you check out our latest Tech Tuesday episode? It’s an elegant showcase of a glass-enclosed wine cellar project. The first quarter of this year seems to be pfilled with a lot of glass-inspired wine cellar projects for WCI. Are we complaining? Certainly not! Who can say no such an exquisite element to be utilized in one’s wine cellars? When we’re talking elegance and class, the answer is definitely in the GLASS! So for today, we’re going to be talking about another glass-inspired addition to your wine cellar transformations: gorgeous glass panel doors.

Now there are basically four main classifications of glass panel doors here at WCI. We’ll tackle them one at a time:

1. Plain glass

If you’re just starting on your very first wine cellar project, plain glass panel doors come highly recommended. They are simple, but a wonderfully attractive addition to your entryway. It’s especially true for those with limited spaces to work with. The plain glass panels can add dimension and depth to your wine cellar and make it seem bigger and more spacious. Plus, it’s not intimidating or overwhelming which gives you the chance to experiment with other elements, like your wine racks and furniture. Of course, you can also choose to add some custom trimmings, hinges, and locks for a little more flair.

2. Custom Personalized Glass

Now for those of you who feel a bit more adventurous, the custom personalized glass panel doors may be more to your liking. You can have your very own personalized designed etched onto the tempered and high-quality panes for a truly custom look. But you can actually also choose from our on-hand selections. Just note that lead time for production or reproduction of the etchings will vary depending on the design you pick. All etchings are sandblasted which will make them last for a really long period of time.

3. Etched Glass

For more variety in terms of design, etched glass panel doors are your poison. These can be done on almost any door configuration: plain glass, half-glass half raised panels, sidelights, double doors, transoms, and even French doors and more. You can easily increase the aesthetic value of your entryway and give it a very unique look with these custom etchings. They can even be done on forged iron or wrought iron gates and grilles that come enhanced with glass elements.

4. Painted Glass

There are also some who are fond of adding a touch of color into their wine cellars. What better way to do this without overpowering the other elements in your wine cellar than with a beautiful painted glass panel door. WCI can paint the inner glass pane based on the specifications of the client. Thus, you can select any artwork you desire or if you wish, you can have our talented wine cellar artists design one for you. Painted glass can be done on almost any type of door style as well. For example, if a door or sidelight has painted areas, it will be triple paned with the painted piece of glass having paint on both sides. The painted part will be insulated between two plain pieces of glass.

Note that in all these categories, the panes are properly tempered and insulated to ensure that the ideal storage conditions are maintained in your wine cellar. Plus, we offer an extensive selection of wood choices as well as stain and finish options, unless you prefer an unstained version of the wood. If you want more nitty gritty details, all you need to do is shoot us an e-mail or get in touch with our talented wine cellar design consultants. Get gorgeous with these glass panel doors today!

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