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Vinyl Bases for Wine Racks: Protect Your Investment in Wine Displays

February 14th, 2013

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What’s better than a functional wine rack for your wine establishments? We’ll tell you what! A functional wine rack that provides extra protection for your bottle AND lets you clean up easily, too. Sounds too good to be true? Not when you have us cooking up ingenious solutions to all your wine storage needs. Let’s talk more about WCI commercial wine racks and displays to prove this to you guys!

What a Vinyl Base can do for you!

Vinyl Bases for Wine Racks

Now here at WCI, we have a pretty extensive collection of commercial wine racks and displays. Each product is finely crafted from the best wood choices and designed with semi-custom configurations. Thus, it’s so easy to mix and match the components and come up with endless design possibilities for any type of wine establishment. But that’s not all. These commercial wine racks can not only store hundreds and thousands of bottles, but they can do so safely and comfortably. For example, the racks and displays can provide for full wine bottle depth coverage at 13 ½” deep. Each bottle is nestled in twin beveled rails with rounded edges for maximum security and comfort. Thus, you can replace or remove the bottles while keeping the labels intact.

Industry Exclusive!

Vinyl Base ColorsBut the safety and efficiency features don’t end there! WCI is possibly the only wine rack manufacturer around that offers Vinyl Bases for all our commercial wine racks and displays. The vinyl base allows for the elevation of the rack or display a good 4 inches off the ground. The significance? Your precious merchandise is protected against accidental kicking and other damage. Think about it! You can’t avoid kicking and jostling customers during peak hours in your store. It’s definitely true when special occasions are right round the corner. It may not be intentional, but you’ll be the one suffering damages when several bottles or more get broken due to the hustle and bustle. Think about those shopping carts, buffers, sweepers, and kicking which both the racks and bottles are often subjected to. But with the vinyl-covered platform base, your merchandise is kept a good number of inches away from all that!

Now the vinyl is usually typically only applied to the front of the base. However, you can also have your racks customized to have the vinyl applied to the sides as well. This will make for maximum protection of both your bottles and racks. And here’s an added perk: cleaning your floors will be a cinch. It’s all thanks to the racks and displays being elevated away from your store’s flooring. It’s also significant to note that the vinyl is attached to wood platform solidly constructed to withstand abuse and comes with a veneered top which is stained to match a selected stain color. Remember that mopping will discolor the racking if your bases don’t have the vinyl covering! So why not give your precious merchandise the extra protection it deserves? Buff your WCI commercial wine racks and displays with Vinyl Bases today.  They’re available in black and brown options! *Cheers*

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