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Curvy Wine Cubes – Curvaceous, Salacious, Delicious!

February 11th, 2013

It’s kind of human nature to become bored with things after a while. Maybe that’s why change is the only thing that’s constant in this world. It pretty much applies to our wine cellars. So if you’re also up for a change with your standard wine racks and displays, we’ve got just the solution for that. Get ready to welcome a curvaceous, salacious, and delicious addition to your wine cellars in the form of our Curvy Wine Cubes and Displays!

It’s fun and affordable!

Stacking and racking wine racks has never been this fun or interesting. It’s all thanks to the unique, curvy profiles which you can create with our Curvy Wine Cubes and Displays series. The cubes sport a distinct size and ergonomic assembly for faster assembly and flexibility. They are super space-efficient since you can stack, rack, and mount them anywhere in your home, not just your wine cellars. The fab design can make a great aesthetic fit even in your living rooms, home tasting bars, dining rooms, kitchen, and even the bedroom if you wish! We also made sure that the cubes come in a variety of wood choices along with stain and finish options to accommodate all sorts of style and design preferences. This simply means the cubes can be matched with any existing décor, whether it’s in your wine cellars in particular or your homes in general. We also have Curvy Cube Accessories to better accentuate the cubes and give them a totally “completed” look. Plus, Popular Packages are also now available with the cubes coming complete with platforms and display trays.

It can go anywhere, too!

Convex Curvy Wine Cube with Diamond InsertHere’s the other amazing thing about these cubes: they’re not just for residential wine cellar use. Yup, yup, yup! You can actually give your commercial wine establishments a nice curvy and sexy touch with our Curvy Wine Cube Displays. You can create contemporary retail wall displays in just a matter of hours! Or, you can also take advantage of our complimentary design services and have our team of highly experienced wine cellar consultants whip up a “curvilicious” profile for your wine stores. You get to save a bundle while being able to turn out a more up-to-date look for your wine racking system. Check out our installation video for the full walkthrough on how to assemble the racks. You’ll definitely come to appreciate it even more when you see how hassle-free the procedure can be ^_^.

The year is just starting, so go on and start making some awesome changes in your wine cellars! Order these cubes today and enjoy collecting and storing those bottles even more. Thanks for following our blog and don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s Tech Tuesday episode! *Cheers*

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