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Why You Should Go For Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks

February 4th, 2013

If you’re going to go for a custom wine cellar project on a relatively flexible budget, then do it right. Don’t do things half-baked, like choosing average quality materials for your wine racks or settling for a design which you don’t really like. Not only will you regret it later on, but the unsatisfactory results will lead to possibly bigger expenses. That’s why if you’re working with a decent budget, then we’re definitely going to recommend going for our Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks. We’ll reel off all the reasons why!

Variety with a capital “V”

Pull Out WoodcaseSince it’s a custom wine cellar transformation you’re after, then variety in bottle storage options is a must. Of course, you cannot get this that easy. Different storage options require different configurations of the racks. But that also means it would cost you. Moreover, not all wine rack kits and even custom wine rack series here at WCI have such range of racking selections. Keep in mind that some of them were tailored to be more cost-efficient so there is a bit of a compromise when it comes to variety. It’s only the Platinum Series that can cover all these needs and perhaps even more.

Racking options with the Platinum Series are all in full-depth style, single or double deep with spacing for half bottles,
 wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes. That means you are able to store more selections since they can accommodate almost all bottle sizes. This also makes for safer and more secure storage. For Individual Bottle Storage rack for example, each bottle is cradled separately on beveled rails. For Bulk Storage, the bins, shelves, and wooden cases are all structured to hold loose bottles, cases, bins, and boxes securely no matter how seemingly cumbersome they may appear in size.

Uniqueness with a capital “U”

It’s owing to this superb flexibility of the Platinum Series that it is able to provide wine cellar enthusiasts with so many choices when it comes to the style and design of their wine racking assemblies. Our best examples of these would be our Tech Tuesday episodes. Last year, we featured so many gorgeous cellars utilizing the Platinum Series. At the start of 2013, we also loaded our January features with projects using Platinum wine racks. Try to backtrack to the Tech Tuesday archives and take a look at each project last month so you’ll see what we’re talking about. Delicious racking layouts were achieved thanks to this wine racking line. Some elements responsible for the unique factor are the Corner and Curved wine racks, Diamond Wine Racks, Wine Displays, and Custom Cabinetry, all offered by the Platinum Series.

Functionality with a capital “F”

Platinum Collection Wine RacksLast but certainly not the least, you can’t find better quality racks anywhere than what you’re going to get with the Platinum collection. Each item is carefully crafted from top wood choices for custom wine cellars like Redwood , Mahogany, and Rustic Pine. That means they are also top-notch when it comes to functionality. Note that the front post of every rack has an eased edge. This is also to ensure that when you are inserting a bottle into the rack that the label does not tear. In addition, the racks are equipped with CNC machined Spacer Bars. A spacer bar is the piece that runs across the entire width of your rack. It is “dadoed” (notched) at various centerlines to provide the proper spacing for your racking. Our spacer bars are machined to include the radius of the post material to ensure a seamless fit for all your wine racking assemblies.

So are you still doubting on whether the Platinum Series wine racks are the right choice for you? Then put those remaining doubts to rest by consulting with our talented specialists now! *Cheers*

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