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Stackable 12 Bottle Wine Rack: Why You Should Grab One Now

January 31st, 2013


The weekend is just around the corner! It’ll be the perfect time for some much-needed R&R after the long and hectic workweek. So why not grab the opportunity to do a little online shopping for your wine cellars? You might be pleasantly surprised at what you can stumble upon in our online store. You know how we love to give wine cellar enthusiasts more and more reasons each week to customize their wine cellars even more. Well, here’s another reason to splurge this weekend!

Fully assembled straight to your doorstep!

CPS13_MFor those of you who haven’t visited our Small Wine Racks section in the website, it’s about time you did. Our sweet collection of small wine racks is definitely one of the most practical buys around. They are superbly functional and wonderfully space-efficient. You can store dozens of standard-sized bottles while making good use of the available space in your cellars. They are generally stackable and compatible with a lot of other racking options offered by WCI. That means that they can accommodate any ceiling height as well, allowing for extensive flexibility in terms of assembly and design as well.

This month, we’ve added a brand-new feature to one of our best-sellers in the Small Wine Racks category, the Stackable
12 Bottle Wine Rack
STACK12-DW_M. It now ships fully assembled, so there’s no need for you to wrestle with a hammer or nail gun to put everything together! You just have to wait for it to arrive at your doorstep and place it directly in your wine cellar. Talk about convenience with a capital C! That’s not all. The rack is now on a whopping 40% off discount, without the need of a promo code. How’s that for a fabulous treat to cap off the wine week?

Now it bears noting that the Stackable 12 Bottle Wine Rack is designed to be stacked side by side and on top of one another for up to ten feet in height. It’s very versatile and can work with other wine racking systems, from our custom wine rack lines to the affordable wine rack kits. It also comes completely stained with a contemporary dark stain finish, giving it a very elegant look. Like all wine rack products here at WCI, this item is also proudly made and crafted in the USA. Order one, two, and even more of these at the very amazing sale price of only $53.99. Remember that you get them FULLY ASSEMBLED – a certified no-fuss purchase! Grab one now before all stocks get wiped out.  *Cheers*

Opening The “Doors” To Fab Wine Cellars

January 30th, 2013

Have you taken a look at your current wine cellar door or entryway? Have you asked yourself if it indeed serves it purpose in your wine cellar? Keep in mind that your door or entryway is not just for purely aesthetic purposes, although this IS one of its essential roles as well. But more than that, the right door or entryway contributes a lot in the achievement and maintenance of ideal wine storage conditions in any wine cellar. We’ll go a little deeper into this concept, so do read on!

Door VS. Entryway


Before we go into the details concerning the functional properties of these wine cellar doors and entryways, let’s clear up the little confusion first. Wine cellar doors and entryways are not exactly one and the same thing. Basically, a door is a part of the entryway, the latter being the whole package: door, frames, doorjamb, and other miscellaneous sections. For example, here at WCI, you have the option of purchasing just your custom wine cellar door or have our talented specialists design the entire entryway for a more personalized touch.

Whether it’s just a door or the entire entryway, one factor is still common to both: to maintain a seal on the entire wine cellar so that the temperature and humidity levels are kept intact. As connoisseurs, we must never forget that good insulation, a vapor barrier, and environmental control system are all key components in keeping perfect wine storage conditions. Moreover, crucial part of environment control comes with picking out the right door or entryway.

WCI has them all!

Here at WCI, we work with a variety of materials in order to craft custom wine cellar doors and build entryways which can serve their basic functions in any wine cellar. We have incorporated wood, glass, and even wrought iron to turn out standard designs, glass panel doors, iron doors and gates, and even glass-enclosed transformations. These products are all top-notch when it comes to both quality and craftsmanship. Moreover, we provide highly professional installation services, such as for the installation and assembly of glass panels and glass-enclosed cellars which necessitate utmost caution and expertise. That’s not all! You can turn out even more unique looks for your entryways by customizing your individual doors. For example, you can choose to add custom glass etchings, moldings, or decorative wood trim for more fabulous designs. Check out our extensive collection today to explore your options!

Next week, we’ll be having the second How To Series for the month of Love. We’ll be talking about How To Choose Your Wine Cellar Door Or Entryway, so you should definitely watch out for that. Bookmark our blog today and subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates. *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #118: The Regal Presence Of Prime Mahogany In Classic Mahogany Stain

January 29th, 2013


It’s vintage goodness with a capital “V!” Hello, Tech Tuesday guys and gals! Get your eyes ready for a visual fantasy today. Did the first few images take your breath away? Well, they sure did for us!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 214597
Wood: Platinum Series/Amber Blaze
Maximum Capacity: 455
Where: Bluffton, SC

It’s now time to sing praises to this stunning creation which combines the best racking elements of the Platinum Series with a most luxurious wood choice – Prime Mahogany. This is the first episode in our 2013 archives where we’ll be featuring this beautiful wood choice, so we’re pretty pumped up! First off, allow us to elaborate on the outstanding properties of this wood. You can see from the images that the racks showcase  rather regal aura, don’t they? This is the advantage of Amber Blaze over other hardwood species, with its prominent dark, reddish brown tones. Even unstained, the wood is plenty gorgeous enough. But with this project, Classic Mahogany stain was used to emphasize the beautiful grain patterns even more. See how the rich colors are magnified by the bright lighting elements.

Next, let’s get a better eyeful of the wine racking assembly. This is such an ingenuous mix of individual bottle storage racks, diamond bins and cubes, and fixed shelves.  We especially love the Diamond Bin with Solid Face Trim installed on top of the wine displays rather than its usual location at the bottom in most racking systems. It serves a decorative purpose as well, apart from being able to store several dozens of loose bottles. That just goes to show how flexible the Platinum Series really is, allowing one to utilize all available spaces more efficiently as can be gleaned from these pictures.

 Below is a great shot of the wine cellar ladders and countertops. We like how the eclectic design adds a nice, funky edge to the overall regal demeanor of the wine cellar. It softens the strong statements somewhat and makes the wine cellar appear elegant but welcoming. Incidentally, WCI carries a superb line of custom wine cellar ladders, tabletops and countertops, and other wine cellar accents as well.

It may be a little early to tell, but this is one project that will definitely be getting into our top ten list this year. How about you? We’d love to hear what you think of today’s feature! See you all next week for another awesome episode. Have a wonderful wine-filled week ahead, guys ^_^.

Wine Cellar Basics With Ravishing Redwood

January 28th, 2013

Just like any other constructing project, building a custom wine cellar requires getting acquainted with the basic elements. One of these is definitely your wood choice for your wine racks. Keep in mind that there are plenty of options, but you have to select the most suitable. When we say “suitable,” this would also depend on a number of factors such as the size of your collection, the theme you’re going for, and of course, your budget. For these reasons, WCI has endeavored to make our wood choices as varied and extensive as possible. So today, let’s talk about one of the most popular and inarguably best choices for ANY custom wine cellar project – Redwood!

Two of a kind!

Redwood had always been a highly recommended wood choice for both residential and commercial wine cellar projects. It’s totally worth its price because it is such a top-grade and flexible material to work with. You guys have seen us work with this wood option in so many wine cellar transformations before. We don’t deny that it’s the most in-demand wine racking material carried here at WCI.

There are basically two major sub-species under the Redwood category: Clear All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood. Both more or less sport the impressive physical characteristics of the wood with just marked differences in the color. Clear All-Heart Redwood takes on a deeper reddish brown hue, especially when it ages. This is the result of the tree taking on minerals as it grows, explaining the much richer reddish brown tones. Premium Redwood, on the other hand, sports more variety in terms of colors, ranging from white to pink to red and reddish brown. That’s what makes it quite a popular choice when cooking up different looks for a custom wine cellar project.

The Redwood specie in general is highly resistant to shrinking, warping, and checking. The wood becomes more beautiful and the colors more distinct as the years pass by. You can check out an actual sample of the wood that was left buried for 2,000 years and is still in top-notch condition. This one’s from the Clear All-Heart Redwood family. Moreover, Redwood is very easy to dress up with custom stains and finishes. We owe this to its open-celled structure which barely contains any pitch or resins. This makes it possible for the wood to absorb and retain all types of stains and finishes remarkably well.

Mother Nature’s pick as well!

RTRIMC_SWhile Redwood may lead the pack in terms of quality, style, and cost, it’s also no slouch when it comes to environmentally friendly features. In fact, it’s right up there with all the other clean and green options! All Redwood at WCI is purchased in accordance with the guidelines of the Sustainable Forest Initiative program (SFI, for brevity). This simply means that the wood has been harvested in a way that will definitely make Mother Nature proud. We’ve been doing this for quite some time now and we’ve earned our certification for being officially part of the SFI program worldwide.

Note that Redwood is a clear type of wood with virtually no knots. This makes it more cost-effective in terms of manufacturing and production. So on top of all these amazing attributes, it’s also one of the most practical choices you can have for a custom wine cellar project. Check out our WineMaker Redwood wine racks kit and other wine cellar products crafted from this superb wood option today! ^_^

A Visit With Vintner

January 23rd, 2013

Quality, functionality, and cost-efficiency all in one wine rack kit. Is this even possible? Oh, yes it certainly is! When it’s the Vintner Series Wine Racks kit you’re talking about, you get all these and possibly a lot more. It’s not a big surprise that it cleans up each year as one of our highest selling racking assemblies. 2012 was a fantastic year for Vintner, but we’re hoping 2013 would take things to an even higher level. We’ve already started out a Tech Tuesday episode with it and we’re expecting so much more to come. So while those are still in the works, let’s have a visit with Vintner!

Versatile wine racking in every which way!

The Vintner Series sports a plethora of bottle racking options perfect for storing wine bottles up to 3 and ½” in diameter. These would include your Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Pinot Noirs. Each bottle is cradled in customized rails that are carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges. That means each bottle is safely and comfortably stored without you having to worry about the labels tearing off when you remove or replace them. But what’s even more impressive is the actual racking configuration. Vintner racks are designed to accommodate almost any ceiling height, especially since they now come in 3-ft and 4-ft options as well.

Perhaps one of the instrumental upgrades to the kit which may just go unnoticed is the incorporation of spacer bars to the racks. They may probably mean nothing to the wine cellar novice, but they’re actually one of the significant reasons for Vintner’s easy and flexible assembly. These spacer bars are sent with a dado that snugly fits each column of your racking. You can choose to assemble the rack with the nails provided, or you can utilize a brad nailer for better efficiency. These now make it possible for you to literally rack and stack them one on top of the other or side by side for a sinuous appearance to your entire wine racking assembly. In addition, the bottom rails of all racks were also upgraded to sport 1 7/16″ square cut bottoms. This allows the bottles to be securely held above the floor level so the bottle does not break accidentally by hitting a hard floor.

Last but definitely not the least, the kit also carries extensive bulk storage options which can be utilized in commercial wine cellars as well. That’s why if you’re just starting a wine or general liquor business, this is one of the most cost-effective and space-efficient choices you can have. Here are a few samples of Vintner’s bulk storage racks to feast your eyes on:

Learn more about this amazing wine rack kit by checking out our All Racking Comparison and browsing through our Learning Videos. Also, don’t forget to watch out for our Tech Tuesday episodes and Testimonials where we usually run features on various wine cellar projects utilizing WCI wine racking products. All WCI wine racks are proudly made an crafted in the US of A! Subscribe to our mailing list for more updates on them today. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #117: Real Elegance With The Platinum Series In All-Heart Redwood

January 22nd, 2013


Define ELEGANT wine cellars. Ask us and we’ll define them in two words: Platinum Series. Sounds confusing? Then allow us to elaborate by taking you guys on a grand tour of today’s Tech Tuesday feature:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 211134
Wood: Platinum Series/All-Heart Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 2533
Where: Aromas, CA

Today we’re bringing you a wine cellar project that echoes all the sentiments of a enthusiast with the penchant for nothing but understated elegance. That’s why the Platinum Series custom wine racks were specifically chosen in order to bring about this desired effect. Take a good, long look at the supremely tasteful racking assembly and you can easily see what we’re talking about.

The images are an undeniable visual treat, aren’t they? You can see so much variety in terms of bottle storage options reflected in them. That is the biggest attraction of the Platinum Series. It can provide fully customized wine racking in full-depth style. The racks are designed to be highly flexible and space-efficient, enabling you to store more bottles than you ever thought possible. This wine cellar alone can easily hold over 2,000 bottles in individual and bulk storage options as well as single and double deep with spacing for half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes.

Now functionality aside, let’s also peruse the assortment of wine racking styles showcased by this project. Almost all the popular choices were utilized for this wine cellar to give it an authentically versatile appeal. We love how the individual and bulk wine storage racks were combined with the Diamond Wine Racks and Quarter Round Shelf to create a really polished transition from floor to ceiling. It’s worthy to note that the Platinum Series also carries a bevy of Wine Displays and Decorative Accents for a more finished look to any wine cellar project. That would include Archways, Tasting Tables, and Workstations, as you can see from the image above. All these certainly bear the earmarks of ELEGANCE in every which way!

Do you also approve of the lovely golden highlights set against the unstained racks? This is the outcome of the combination of the gorgeous color of Clear All-Heart Redwood, custom LED wine cellar lighting, and the lovely golden hues of the wine cellar flooring. They certainly add a very classy vibe to the entire project! We’re going to be showing you guys how to jazz up your wine cellars with the right decorative accents on the next How To series so you can achieve something like this as well.

So how would you rate today’s episode? Share your thoughts and opinions with us by leaving a comment below. Till next Tech Tuesday! *Cheers*

Sensational Set-Ups With The Silver Wine Racks Series

January 21st, 2013

Who says that your first ever wine cellar project can’t be a sensational one? Some are quite skeptical about being too “ambitious” especially when it’s the very first time they’ll be working on a wine cellar for their homes. But there no such thing as being too ambitious, particularly if you work with the right people and you know exactly what to work with! Take for example having a nice little chat with our professional wine cellar design specialists and learning about custom wine racking options. For starters, let’s talk about the Silver Series which is considered to be one of the best choices for beginner wine cellar projects.

The racks…

If you have a growing collection, you have to consider two things: storing the bottles you currently own and making sure there’s still space for the bottles to come. Even if you have just started your collection, there’s bound to be a few prized bottles in there. That’s why you also have to create a decent storage environment for them. This is exactly what the Silver Series line can provide. There’s nothing complicated or impractical about the racking options that come with this collection. In fact, they’re probably the most budget-friendly solutions you can find.

The series comes complete with individual and bulk bottle storage options, as well as curved and corner racks for spanning stubborn corners and sharp
ind angles in the designated space for your project. Note that all of these racks sport reduced depth, making them more space-efficient. This also makes them way more affordable. So for beginner wine cellars, these racks are definitely an ideal choice. You don’t have to spend a fortune, yet you get to experiment with racking styles worthy of a posh wine cellar project!

The accents…

The Silver Series is not limited to providing functional wine storage solutions. On the contrary, you will be able to turn out truly sensational and unique wine racking assemblies by mixing and matching the flexible components of this collection. Apart from the wine racks, you can also add some quirky effects thanks to the selection of decorative accents and moldings. There are even custom tasting tables and tabletops as well. Plus, you can dress up both your racks and other wine cellar accessories from an extensive selection of custom stain and finish options to create an almost limitless number looks. Go from classy to vintage, minimalist to baroque, or romantic to eclectic just by changing, adding, or subtracting the right accents here and there.

 The cost…

Since it’s your very first wine project, you also have to realistic when it comes to the amount you’ll be spending. You have to work out the proper budget. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be frivolous! Later on, you can remodel, renovate, or even revamp the entire appearance of your wine cellar when the need calls for the same. But for starters, it’s recommended to do things is moderation. Working with the Silver Series can actually let you stay within your budget without compromising on the sensational appearance of your wine cellar and the quality of your wine racks. Check out our All Racking Comparison to get a better idea of how cost-effective this custom wine racking option can be.

So are you ready to turn out a sensational wine cellar project today? Then get in touch with our professional wine cellar consultants ASAP! ^_^


Testimonial Thursday: The Bed And Breakfast Of Hannibal Goes WOW!

January 17th, 2013

Hello, Testimonial Thursday! Have you guys been waiting for this? Well, buckle up because it’s the first ever for 2013. Today, we’re going to one of the most popular and best-selling commercial wine display racks here at WCI: the Rectangular Bin Wine Display.

The client who requested the installation of this superbly functional wine display is actually one of Missouri’s finest inns – the Bed and Breakfast of Hannibal: Garth Woodside Mansion. It’s an absolutely gorgeous Victorian-inspired traveler’s lodge which hosts wine tasting events every weekend. Needless to say, we’re privileged to equip this enchanting place with the right wine racking system for their growing collection. The feeling was also mutual when we presented the client with the finished product!

“Only one word from the shoppers, “WOW” – thanks WCI, up in one day, filled the second day.”

~Julie Mills Rolsen~

Here you can see how the bottles are arranged in such an orderly yet stylish fashion. The racks allow full wine bottle depth coverage at 13 ½” deep as well as displaying your fastest selling products in the display trays. You can also see how over-sized bottles can be easily accommodated by these trays, showcasing them to maximum advantage. These bins come in combinations of 2, 3, or 4 columns as well which make them highly flexible and perfect for marketing high volume wines.

You can conveniently mix and match them to create a variety of storage options as well as unique racking assemblies for your wine cellar, like what we did here with the 5-column display. Plus, the racks come with a Vinyl Base platform, raising them about 4 inches off the ground so they won’t be easily damaged by accident, especially during peak store hours. The Vinyl Base can also be applied to the sides for a minimum upgrade fee should you wish to keep the entire rack damage-free. You can also choose to add in casters for better mobility and space-efficiency.

So that wraps up our very first Testimonial Thursday for the Year of the Snake! There will definitely more awesome features coming up soon, so don’t you dare miss out. Check out our Store Testimonial page for more inspiring reviews from our happy clients and don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list for the latest product releases and hot deals. *Cheers*

An Illuminating Experience With Custom LED Lighting

January 16th, 2013

If you’re not a wine cellar specialist, you can’t help but overlook some of the essential details when undertaking a custom wine cellar project. It’s only natural, though. Most of us are inclined to think that it’s just all about having the right wine racks, wine cooling units, and furniture. Indeed, these are the major elements when building a custom wine cellar. However, these are not the only things that count! You also have to consider right accents such as your custom wine cellar lighting.

Why it’s so important!

Why is it necessary to have the right lighting package installed in your custom wine cellars? Note that the word is “necessary.” We can give you three compelling reasons for this. First off, it will allow you to highlight your prized collection and display each bottle to maximum advantage. Keep in mind that your wine cellar is not just for storage purposes. It’s also for properly displaying your collection. But keeping your bottles in a poorly lighted space doesn’t do anything for them at all, don’t you agree? Second, it also enables you to organize and locate your bottles more efficiently. This is especially convenient for those with extensive and growing collections. Imagine what a hassle it would be scouring your cellar for vintages you want to pour because it’s lighted so poorly.

The third reason would be because of purely aesthetic purposes. Knowing how to play around with your lighting elements can allow you to create a number of moods for your wine cellar. It can also let you experiment with different looks. For example, you can choose to have a sultry aura by placing your LED display lighting fixtures in strategic locations. Or you can go for a visually stimulating appeal by putting the spotlight on your custom wine cellar ceilings with recessed LED Downlights. Then again, you might also want a romantic theme which you can easily achieve by playing around with Fluorescent Slimlites and stained glass. Glass and light combinations on custom wine cellars are highly popular and you can come up with so many designs using various decorative applications.

Last but not the least, LED lighting is also utilized to highlight not just your wine bottles, but also your wine racks, furniture, and other accessories as well. For example, you can bring more attention to an exquisite piece of wine cellar art by placing it in a beautifully lighted Archway. Or, you can accentuate the gorgeous color of your wood wine racks whether these are stained or not with a linear LED display lighting system. Indeed, there is just so much to gain from the right custom wine cellar lighting package that you cannot just make it an after-thought. So why not talk with our specialists today and make your project a more illuminating experience! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #116: A Mix Of Classic And Contemporary Goodness With The Platinum And Vintner Series

January 15th, 2013

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

~Anna Wintour~

The fashion world is not the only place where you can showcase uniqueness and a great sense of style. You can also be iconic in other areas, like your homes, for example. They say that wine cellars are now actually the next home icon and we’re quite inclined to agree, especially with something as fabulous as today’s Tech Tuesday:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 222115
Wood: Platinum/Vintner Series/All-Heart Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 426
Where: Burlingame, CA

Our first impression with this transformation is that while it sports a supremely classic look, it also gives off a snazzy modern vibe. You guys will probably immediately take notice of that little black box there that looks like a television console. It’s actually a piece of really amazing contemporary Hand-Painted Canvass Scene! This is actually one of the more notable points of this wine cellar project. It’s a mix  of classic and contemporary elements thrown together to create a totally unique appearance. Let’s take a closer look!

This project sports one of the most seamless wine racking assembly we’ve come across. Don’t you just love how everything looks so polished and clean-cut? Plus, there is so much variety in the bottle storage options. It’s the work of the Platinum Series custom wine racks and Vintner wine racks kit. It’s two of the best racking choices you can utilize when you’re seeking to turn out top-notch wine racking assemblies.

Check out the bevy of wine racking styles fitted into this wine room. You have an interesting combination of individual and bulk bottle storage racks, Solid Diamond Bins, adjustable shelves, and displays. This makes storage of almost all types of bottle sizes possible, including your champagne, magnums, and other larger formats. Custom moldings and tabletops crafted from unstained Clear All-Heart Redwood complete the assembly for a harmonious result that’s absolutely eye-candy.

Now here are a couple of shots of the different types of wine storage racks comprising this awesome project! Unstained Clear All-Heart Redwood is indeed one of the smartest options when you’re aiming for an elegant, understated charm for your wine cellar. Combined with the custom LED lighting accessories, the wood’s natural reddish gold color stands out in a gloriously vibrant manner. Also, take a look at how the curved corner racks with custom curved corner moldings span the length of the narrow and almost irregular floor and ceiling areas. It’s the picture of seamless perfection, don’t you agree?

You can learn more about the wine racking products, furniture, and other wine room accessories used in this episode by subscribing to our mailing list. Alternatively, you can also scour our Tech Tuesday archives so you can see the scores of unique projects we have undertaken, from residential to commercial wine cellars and even home tasting bars. Make your wine cellars as iconic as THIS one by getting in touch with the WCI specialists today! ^_^


Say “Hi” To WCI’s Commercial Wine Gondola Shelves!

January 14th, 2013

Are you guys familiar with the term “wine gondola shelves” or “wine gondola shelving?” If you’re not, then you better be, especially if you own a wine establishment or you plan on opening one this year. Wine gondola shelves are pretty much basic shelving options that can display your merchandise with maximum efficiency. So what’s the difference when it’s a WCI wine gondola shelving? Well, for one, you get extensive storage for your products in very attractive options. For another, you don’t have to compromise on floor space at all because our commercial gondola shelves are super space-efficient. So why not say “hi” to this collection and check them out NOW!

1. Islands

Wine display islands are certainly one of the more popular choices for commercial wine bottle storage. They allow you to showcase your stocks in the most attractive manner possible. But WCI takes things a few notches higher as far as this commercial gondola shelving option is concerned. We have a fab collection of semi-custom display islands in single and double deep storage options. They are basically free-standing racks, but you can also choose to utilize them together with our other commercial wine racking products for a plethora of storage and design alternatives. Apart from the standard designs, we also carry stunning Circular Wine Merchandisers and Carousels which also make for highly attractive centrepieces in your establishment.

2. Merchandisers

You can’t for ask for anything more functional than WCI’s commercial wine merchandisers when it comes to storing bottles by the dozen. These racks were specifically designed for marketing high volume wines for more productive sales. Busy wine stores would do well to stock up on these uber practical display racks which WCI is now selling in combinations of 2,3,4, and 5 columns. They come with a vinyl base which can raise the racking by around 4 inches from the floor to prevent the bottles stored at the bottom from being accidentally kicked or damaged. You can also opt for casters to be installed so you can change locations of the merchandisers with ease and maximize the use of whatever floor space you have available. Currently, we have the following stuff up for grabs in our online store:

                * Merchandisers

                * Full Height Wine Display Merchandisers

                * Half Height Wine Display Merchandisers

3. Wine Displays and Cabinets

For commercial wine establishments, practical bulk storage options are pretty important. There will always be a lot of loose bottles in all sizes imaginable waiting to be properly stored and displayed. You also have to organize them accordingly so that your customers will have a more convenient time shopping around. These are exactly the purposes that WCI Wine Displays and Cabinets can serve. We have a really huge selection to choose from, allowing you to display your stocks in a number of very unique ways, too. We even carry Wine Lockers for super secure storage, especially if you’re selling rare and expensive vintages. Take a look at some of these delectable picks:

Note that all these commercial wood wine racking products are proudly crafted in USA. You can find out more about them by checking out our Commercial Wine Racks section in our homepage or by going over our Commercial Racks Photo Gallery. *Cheers*

A Rendezvous With The Silver Series Wine Racks

January 10th, 2013

Because the shopping season is finally over and done with, something tells us that you may be thinking of tightening your belts this year. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your dream wine cellar projects. In fact, “budget” is one of the factors we always consider during the planning stage. That’s why we provide wine racking options that can cater to your financial capacity. The best thing though, is that you don’t have to compromise as far as both quality and style are concerned. Take the case of our Silver Series Wine Racks collection!

Cost-effective goodness!

The Silver Series offers the perfect blend of cost-efficiency and style which makes it the best option for those working on a relatively strict budget. It’s also highly recommended for those who are just starting on their very first wine cellar project. The two main features of the series are its reduced racking depth and extensive wine racking options. The reduced depth for the racking selection makes for the super budget-friendly cost of this custom wine racking line. Nonetheless, you still get more or less the usual variety of wine storage choices: individual and bulk, corners and curves, as well as custom accessories. The individual bottle racks also come in single and double deep storage options, a lot like the other more substantially priced series. That means you can store larger-format bottles, including champagne and magnums.

Space-efficient excellence!

Going back again to the “budget” issue, it’s also a common tale that some wine cellar enthusiasts do not really have enough space in their homes for a full-blown wine room. That’s not really a big issue, however. You can still have a fabulous wine racking assembly even when space is quite limited. Wine cellar closets, refrigerated wine cabinets, and under stairwell transformations are quite popular these days. Plus, if you utilize the Silver Series, you can literally squeeze in more bottles, even when you have a growing collection. Note that the reduced rack depth offers room for more bottle storage. Yet, you don’t have to worry about your wine cellar looking cramped or totally disproportioned. Corner and curved racks plus custom moldings make it possible to cut those stubborn corners and edges with ease for a smooth and polished appearance for your wine racking assembly.

We’ve featured a fair number of gorgeous wine cellar transformations utilizing the Silver Series in our Tech Tuesday archives. You might want to go through them so you can see exactly what we mean! Also, try to catch our other Tech Tuesday features this year because we’re sure to have a couple of projects using the Silver Series. Have a fab wine weekend, everyone!

How To Start A Custom Wine Cellar Project

January 9th, 2013

Cheers to wine Wednesdays! Well, here at WCI, it’s more like “How To” Wednesdays. Remember that for the first Wednesday of each month, we’ll be featuring a new learning blog post to help you out with your custom wine cellar projects. Today, we’re kicking it off with how you can begin planning out your custom wine cellar projects for this year. So if you’re a complete newbie, then this is a must-read for you!

1. First off, decide on your BUDGET.

No wine cellar project can actually begin to come into fruition unless this first and very crucial detail is settled. Your budget doesn’t have to be inflexible, of course. But you have to set a ceiling, especially if you’re going to be loaning the funds. The last thing you want would be to keep on stretching your budget until you can’t afford to pay it back anymore. In other words, you have to be practical because anyway, WCI has lots of cost-efficient options for you. Actually, WCI offers financing assistance if you’re planning to undertake a commercial wine cellar project or remodeling activity.

2. Second, think about the STORAGE CAPACITY.

Once you have decided how much you’ll be willing to blow on your custom wine cellar project, the next step is to determine just how much space you’ll be needing for your collection. Try to estimate just how fast your collection is growing so you can make room for more bottles accordingly. You will be happy to learn that most of the wine racking options here at WCI allow for extensive bottle storage even when you have limited space for the actual wine cellar. Our stackable, expandable, and uber flexible wine racks and displays can let store more bottles without having to worry about overcrowding. Basically, you have three custom lines to choose from, apart from our wine rack kits:

3. Third, talk to an experienced CONSULTANT.

Don’t panic right away and think that this will cost you big bucks because it won’t. And even if it will probably do, it’s still highly recommended to let a professional check on your wine cellar rack plans. Otherwise, you will end up making costly mistakes once the construction process is underway. It’s definitely the case if you’re a total newbie. Without the guidance of a professional, you may find yourself with undesirable results once the project is completed. That means you’ll have to spend a mint again trying to get everything right.

Here at WCI, we provide for consultation services absolutely, one hundred percent FREE! You can put in a design request and get a complimentary 2-dimensional drawing of your wine cellar. That’s not all. The design package also includes a price quote a plan view, key page, elevations of each wall, molding plan and so much more. But if you’re just planning on a much smaller project, then try out our Live Chat feature and have a specialist walk you through some of the basics of wine cellar construction. It would be a waste not to take advantage of something like this, don’t you think?

After you’re done talking with the WCI’s team of experts, then you’re all set to go. You can now begin scouring for materials, furniture, accessories, and so on to get the construction phase going. Incidentally, that will be discussed in the next How To installment, so stay tuned! We hope you enjoyed this post and learned a few things or more from it. Till the next post! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #115: A Rustic Experience With The Gold Series And Premium Redwood In Classic Mahogany Stain

January 8th, 2013


Happy New Year, Tech Tuesday fans! It’s a brand new year with brand new things here at WCI. It’s definitely true with our Tech Tuesday episodes! We’re going to be bringing you guys really unique and inspiring transformations, starting with today’s feature. So you’d do well to bookmark our blog like right NOW so you won’t miss out on anything each week ^_^.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 216556
Wood: Gold Series/Premium Redwood
Maximum Capacity: 1559 bottles
Where: Thousand Oaks, CA


Doesn’t the raw, rustic charm of this wine cellar really catch your eye? It’s a cornucopia of styles resulting in a vintage yet modern assembly that’s both easy on the eyes and on actual bottle storage. There’s not big secret to this project at all, though. It’s simply the right combination of custom wine racks, wood choice, and stain and finish options!

Starting off with the racking assembly, the Gold Series makes its first appearance for this year. You can see how beautifully proportioned the racks are, with individual bottle storage racks on top and Open Diamond Racks and fixed shelves at the bottom. I’s an assembly that reeks of formidable function in terms of bottle storage options. Look at how the entire cellar appears to be so compact and yet it can easily store over 1,500 bottles.



As for the wood choice and stain option, one of the popular choices here at WCI was also utilized. We’re talking about none other than Premium Redwood in Classic Mahogany Stain. But these are not all that are responsible for the strong, rustic appeal of the cellar. The right LED lighting package also contributed a lot to drawing out the beautiful, bold colors of both the wood and stain option. We also love the way that marble tabletop is being highlighted by the wine racking assembly, emphasizing its elegant white-washed color.


Here’s a close-up shot of the bulk storage racking. Diamond racks are pretty popular and are used in almost all our projects. That’s because they are so flexible when it comes to storing loose bottles in standard and larger-sized formats. Plus, they offer one of the best storage solutions when it comes to dealing with wine cellar space issues.

And that wraps up the very first Tech Tuesday feature for the Year of the Snake! What do you think so far? Your comments, opinions, and ideas are very much welcome! Also, if you want more details on these genuine, made in the USA wine racks used in this project, subscribe to our mailing list and connect with us via our Twitter and Facebook pages today. See you all next week!

Wine Cellar Innovations’ “How To” Series

January 7th, 2013

It’s the start of the work week, wine cellar buddies! Is everyone revved up and aiming for a totally productive year? We know we are! But first things first. Last week, we mentioned that there will be some significant additions to the WCI blog this year. Well, we’re certainly not going to disappoint you on this one. Beginning this week, we’ll be running our monthly “How To” series on our blog. What is this all about? It’s exactly what it stands for! One Wednesday each month, we’ll be featuring a How To post covering specific aspects of custom wine cellar construction, wine storage, wine racking assembly, wine cellar design and maintenance, and a whole lot more.

These will definitely be very helpful not just for wine cellar newbies, but even veteran enthusiasts as well. We’ll be providing you with highly useful tips and guidelines on how you can achieve and maintain your dream wine cellars as well as how to get your prized collection to age gracefully. Plus, we also have some great ideas to share with commercial wine establishments. So here’s a sneak peek at the interesting stuff we’ll be bringing you throughout the entire year:

Wine Cellar Construction “How To” Series

In this series, we’ll be having in-depth discussions on how you can start on your very own wine cellar project or undertake a wine cellar renovation activity. Note that it’s not as simple as just buying a few wine racks or even a wine rack kit and putting everything together. There are still a number of other essential considerations to think about, especially if you want to get the results you desire. Keep in mind that more than just a few enthusiasts have ended up having to spend twice as much as they expected on a project. That’s because they failed to take into account the bare essentials as well as seemingly little but crucial details. So start things right and be adequately informed first!

Wine Cellar Transformation “How To” Series

What’s the difference between these articles and those from the “construction” series? For one, these tips and tricks will focus mainly on the style and design of your wine cellar. For another, it will also assist you in dealing with space issues in your home or commercial wine establishments. Here, you’ll be able to learn just how you can come up with a variety of awe-inspiring and absolutely unique looks for your custom wine cellar projects. In addition, you’ll find out just how you can accommodate a growing collection, despite the limited space in your home or store. We’ll be reeling off the top WCI racking products which can provide you with the best storage solutions as far as these issues are concerned.

Wine Cellar Care “How To” Series

As the title suggests, this series will contain posts focusing on how you can take better care of your wine cellars, from the racks down to the furniture, wine cooling units, humidifiers, flooring, doors, and more. Some of these helpful hints are pretty simple, but a lot of us neglect doing them which is why our cellars deteriorate faster than expected. We’ll also be throwing in some interesting ideas on how you can achieve beautiful yet eco-friendly wine cellar transformations. The “green” wine lover will certainly be looking forward to these very informative articles.

And do you know what’s even better than just having to read these posts? We’ll also be giving you lots of visual treats with illustrative images to help you envision the tips and hints we’re trying to get across. Moreover, we’ll also be throwing in some learning videos from time to time. So you guys better bookmark the blog ASAP so you won’t miss out on anything! Remember, THIS Wednesday will be the very first How To feature for the month January. Catch you all then! *Cheers*

WCI Stuff What To Watch Out For This 2013

January 3rd, 2013

“Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.”

~Oprah Winfrey~

Truer words were never spoken! We also adhere to more or less the same ideals here at WCI. We strive to bring about only the best solutions to all your wine cellar needs, after all. Thus, we also make it a point to improve on both our products and services, every step of the way. Why should we settle for “okay” or “fine” when we can give everyone the excellence they’re looking for? So while we’re touting off a lot of new stuff for this year, you guys also shouldn’t forget our oldies but goodies because we have so many amazing projects in store.

More awesome Tech Tuesday episodes!


Our Tech Tuesdays have always been something to look forward to. If you’re looking for inspiring ideas for your wine cellar project, you should definitely follow this section of our blog. Every Tuesday of the week, we feature a different project undertaken by our team of professional wine cellar design specialists. You’ll get to see a plethora of wine cellar styles as well as detailed description of the various WCI products used in each transformation. It’s also a lot easier to locate the items you’ve been wanting to check out such as wine rack kits, wine cooling units, custom wine cellar art, and other wine cellar accessories because each feature directly links to these specific sections.

Watch out for Testimonial Thursdays!

For the entire year, we’re going to be featuring wine cellars from clients who have been generous enough to shower our products and services with positive feedback. For a couple of Thursdays each month, you’re going to find us showcasing projects we’re currently working on or have finally been accomplished along with the reviews given by the respective clients. From time to time, we’ll also be putting up videos apart from images of the construction process. It’s the perfect opportunity to witness how some of our racks and other products can be assembled and installed, especially for DIY kits. Plus, if you bought something from our online store or requested our services, you’re welcome to share your experience and we’ll be sure to feature that, too!

Don’t miss out on Current Specials!

This section of the WCI official website is ALWAYS updated. This is where you can keep yourself abreast of all the latest sales, hot deals, discounts, and other awesome offers. It’s a must to check this on a weekly (if you can’t do it daily!) basis so you won’t miss out on the promo codes, sale, and shipping deadlines. You’ll also find it more convenient to navigate for the actual sections of the products because this section links directly to them.

Next week, our very first Tech Tuesday episode will be coming up as well as the first Testimonial Thursday for the month of January. We’re also going to be announcing sale periods for some of our best product picks. So start bookmarking us today and subscribe to our mailing list as well. It’s a New Year for new and fabulous stuff for you and your wine cellars only here at WCI! ^_^

A Little Something New For 2013!

January 2nd, 2013

The New Year is here! Cheer to 2013! It’s the year of the Snake, guys, so what do you think is in store for everyone in the months to come? To be more precise, it’s the year of the Water Snake. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the year where significant developments in the area of science and technology are sure to be witnessed. We kind of agree with that forecast, at least, as far as innovations in your wine cellars are concerned. In fact, that’s exactly what’s been going on here at WCI. We’re planning to start the year with some really positive changes in our products and services. It’s time to whip up a little something new, reinvent old concepts, and innovate all the way! For starters, here’s what we’ve come up to greet this New Year with a bang:

1. Welcome the Vintage View Evolution Series!

Actually, we’ve given you guys a glimpse of this newest addition to our metal wine rack family last year. But that was just a sneak peek! This year, we have some amazing plans in store for future commercial (and even residential!) wine cellar projects utilizing this groundbreaking label-forward racking system. The Evolution Series incorporates acrylic panels and steel support rods to provide a most flexible and extensive racking assembly to any wine cellar project. That means you will be able to store more bottles by creating more space when there seems to be none. Existing commercial wine cellars will definitely find these as indispensable additions to accommodate their ever growing stocks!

2. Say “Hello” to 3ft and 4ft Racking Options for Vintner!


If you thought that excellence can’t be improved upon, then you haven’t seen the latest version of our Vintner Series wine racks kit yet. Vintner has proven itself to be one of our most versatile and best-selling custom wine racking kits over the years. It’s an undeniable favorite with so many custom wine cellar projects, even with those working within a relatively limited budget. That’s because Vintner has covered all the bases, from function to style, to symmetry, space-efficiency, and even cost. But we actually found more ways to make this wine rack kit even more amazing than ever! It may seem too good to be true, but it really is. The kit now sports 3-feet and 4-feet height options, enabling the racks to accommodate any ceiling height. This also means an endless stream of choices when it comes to storage options for your precious collection!

3. Give it up for more Curvy Cube accessories!


And hey, even our Curvy Cube line went through some fab changes as well! We’ve always been proud of how unique our Curvy Cubes and Displays series is and how wonderfully space-efficient they are as well. We’ve also gotten quite a number of inspiring reviews from clients who purchased the cubes for their homes or wine establishments. Because of this, we felt that we had to pull out at all the stops and make this line even better than ever. So come this Year of the Snake, we’ve introduced some delicious add-ons which are designed to make this line even sexier and more functional than before. Check out the Individual Curvy Cubes End Table, Individual Curvy Cubes Side Table, and our other Popular Packages now.

So obviously, this is just the beginning – the tip of the iceberg so to speak! We have a WHOLE YEAR of wine cellar adventures to cover. Stick with us, bookmark our blog, and subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on anything this year. *Cheers*