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Wine Cellar Lighting Accessories: Why They Make All The Difference!

August 30th, 2012

Ambiance or in other dictionaries spelled as “ambience,” is defined as the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect it has on people. Other synonyms of the word include “flavor,” “feel,” “mood,” and “spirit.” Maintaining the right ambiance is very important, especially when we’re talking about specific places like wine cellars or wine establishments. It’s not just about having the ideal wine storage conditions therein but it’s also about setting a particular kind of mood that will make people appreciate every bottle that you uncork. In setting the right kind of ambiance for your wine cellars or establishments, wine cellar lighting plays an exceptional role.

Wine Cellar Custom Lighting

The role it plays…

Wine Cellar LightingYou guys must have noticed that in a number of our Tech Tuesday episodes, we have placed particular emphasis on the wine cellar lighting package purchased by the clients. That’s because the strategic installation of such lighting accessories emphasize the major points of a custom wine cellar: the wine racking system along with your precious wine bottles; the gorgeous accents such as the archways and tasting areas; and even the wine cellar flooring and ceilings.

You will especially come to appreciate the value of a quality lighting package when you place a piece of exceptionally good wine cellar art framed against a Standard Archway. Take for example purchasing from WCI’s exquisite collection of customized hand painted wine art paintings or murals. Moreover, when you incorporate glass into your wine cellar design like paneled glass doors or stained glass murals and other decorative glass applications, it’s imperative that you put in proper lighting accessories to enhance them to the fullest. After all, what better combination is there in terms of style and design that light and glass?

And the role WE play!

So how does WCI come in when it comes to helping you wine enthusiasts out there create the perfect ambiance for your wine cellars? Well for one thing, we Fluorescent Similiteshave a superb collection of wine cellar lighting packages that would answer to any kind of setting you would want for your custom wine cellars. For example, our LED downlights are perfect for putting the spotlight in your ceilings and archways with more than 50,000 hours of running time. The recessed LED lights seem to give as much as 40 watts of light owing to the tight range of the beam. Plus, the effect is a romantic and super elegant look to your wine cellar.

We also have a fantastic LED Display Lighting package to accent your wine racks and displays and illuminate your prized bottles. They are highly flexible and much more affordable than incandescent since they possess over seven times the life expectancy. Even better, our linear LED display lighting system is environment friendly, certified with the RoHs directive and lead free! The lighting construction sports a peel-off backing which enables you to adhere it efficiently anywhere in your wine cellar. Plus, it’s resistant to vibration and humidity as well.

Last but not the least, there’s also WCI’s Fluorescent Slimlites designed specifically for illuminating stained glass or other decorative applications in your wine cellar. Our Etched Glass lightboxes are one of our more popular custom ceiling selections that can give off an ultra sophisticated look to any wine cellar. So define those wine cellars with the right ambiance and contact us for your custom wine cellar lighting package today!

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