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No Waste Of Space With Custom Wine Cellar Solutions

June 27th, 2012

Not all of us have the luxury of space in our homes for a full-blown wine room. But this doesn’t mean we can’t have a place to house our growing collection. Just when you think there’s not enough or even no space at all in your home, WCI can still whip up some really clever wine storage solutions for you. It’s all about getting acquainted with the right wine racks and wine cellar furniture and how they can work to create a customized wine cellar to suit any wine storage needs. We’ll show you how!

1. If you can’t have a room, try a closet!

You can’t any more practical than this! If you guys haven’t heard of a wine cellar closet transformation yet, you’re definitely missing on something majorly awesome. WCI actually specializes in creating these wonderful wine cellar closet projects as can be gleaned from a good number of our Tech Tuesday episodes. With a wine cellar closet, you don’t need a huge space to house even a growing collection. Unused nooks and crannies in your home, dusty corners, blank spaces on the walls – any of these hold a gorgeous wine cellar closet within! With the right wine cellar rack kit and a few accessories, you get custom wine storage minus the space issues.

2. Make the most out of metal!

So say there’s really not enough space in your home for a proper wine cellar. Who says you’ll just let your precious bottles lie around randomly? You can still create the proper storage for them using the right tools for the job. WCI’s Vintage View Wine Metal Wine Racks and Black Lattice Wine Racks can fit easily into tight corners in your home bar or kitchen. There’s no need to actually make a wine room from scratch, especially when the space in your home as well as your budget doesn’t permit it. These superbly crafted metal wine racks offer the perfect storage solutions without clashing with your existing décor.

3. Invest in a wine cabinet!

We’re not talking about any ordinary cabinet here. We’re talking custom-made refrigerated wine cabinets! Custom, pre-built wine refrigerated cabinets are one of the best alternatives to building an actual wine cellar. You can store hundreds of bottles in these fully customizable and built-in units, keeping each one in the best of taste conditions. Moreover, these cabinets can be designed to fit into any space in your home, to match any décor, and to accommodate any ceiling height. They are also extremely attractive since you can personalize both the inside racking configuration and the outside doors and panels. Check out our Wine Sentinel units, our Vinotheque Series, and our Le Cache Wine Cabinets and see why they’re the next best thing to a full-blown custom wine cellar project.

All these notwithstanding, we take things a few notches higher with free consultation services with our professional wine cellar design specialists. Now you can chat with highly experienced professionals who can work out the most effective storage solutions for your wine storage needs for free ^_^.

Tech Tuesday #89: Simplicity Is Definitely Beauty With The Gold Series In Premium Redwood

June 26th, 2012

What’s up Tech Tuesday fans? It’s the last episode for this month so we wanted to make the most of it. Let’s take a tour of this deceptively simple wine cellar using WCI’s Gold Series custom wine racks in Premium Redwood:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 221002
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold Series
Maximum Capacity: 948
Where: Atlanta, GA

Premium Redwood, Gold Series
Perhaps the most attractive feature of this wine cellar project is in its simple layout which in effect gives emphasis on the versatility of the wine racking system. You can see from the photo here how the Gold Series was cleverly maximized to create a very extensive wine racking system which can readily hold nearly a thousand bottles. Given the limited floor space for the project, this is definitely one of the specialties of WCI’s wine cellar design professionals: providing wine storage solutions in the most creative ways possible against all odds!

Dark Walnut stained cellarHere’s a great shot of the wine racking system where you can actually see the amazing variety created with the Gold Series. Individual bottle wine racks, wine displays, diamond bins, and solid vertical displays all come together in a classic masterpiece that reeks of nothing but pure elegance. The Dark Walnut stain was a perfect touch to enhance then natural color of Premium Redwood and make the racks showcase a more bold appeal. You can actually check out our collection of custom stains and finishes and see how they work against different wood types.

The client also purchased a Wine Guardian 3000 cooling system for this custom wine cellar. Wine Guardian ducted systems are one of the best choices you can make for residential cellars, regardless of the size thereof.  They are versatile and self-contained and easy to install as well. There’s also no problem when it comes to design because the sleek appearance of the units can mesh well with any wine cellar style.

So if you’re the type who goes for something simple yet totally functional and can still sport an elegant charm, a wine cellar like today’s feature would be right up your alley. Contact us today or try out our live chat feature for free wine cellar design consultation. More to come next week!

Exploring Wood Choices Beyond The Top 5 (The Last Chapter)

June 25th, 2012

The third and final chapter is here! How was the weekend, everyone? We hope you got in some much needed R&R and popped open a few good bottles, too. We’re down to the last installment and we’ll be exploring the last batch of select woods offered here at WCI for your custom wine cellar projects. In the previous chapter, we’ve covered three more hardwood species: Beech, Rosewood, and Red Oak. In this final chapter, let’s learn about the properties of three more members of commercially available hardwood and see whether or not they’re up to par.


Ash wood seems to be a favorite among skilled craftsmen and carpenters because of its versatile properties. It’s said to be a very durable specie and quite flexible to manufacture. It has found its uses mostly in furniture making, production of sports equipment, musical instruments, and wood flooring. It also exhibits highly attractive wood colors ranging from a light blonde (perhaps hence the color “ash blonde” for the hair) hue to deeper yellowish brown tones near the core. Because of its inherent strength and flexibility, it is often used as a substitute for Oak which can relatively be more costly to manufacture.


When it comes to origin, Cypress is probably one of those woods with the most impressive one. Historians claim that it’s the same wood used to build Noah’s Ark during the Great Flood as well as St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Cypress is said to possess a natural durability which is second to none. It contains cypressene which is a kind of preservative oil which would explain why the wood is so hardy. It is highly resistant to decay, insects, chemical corrosion, and other similar degenerative elements. Moreover, Cypress exhibits undisputedly attractive looks with its predominantly honey tones highlighted by reddish, olive, and occasional chocolate hues. The wood is a popular choice for outdoor applications such as telephone poles, railroad ties, fences, and also for furniture work and decorative hardware.



Poplar wood is common to a lot of wood craftsmen for use in trimmings, moldings, and panelings for cabinets and other furniture. Even though it’s classified as hardwood, it’s pretty lightweight with low bending, shock resistance, stiffness and compression values. In terms of working properties, this wood is reported to be quite easy to work with because it displays minimal movement in performance and holds up well against splitting. It also absorbs and retains most stains and finishes very well, especially when dark stains are applied. The wood’s best features would be its excellent strength and diversity and it’s affordable as well.

There are actually so many other select woods commercially available for all your custom wine cellar projects over at our online store. If you wish to go with other wood choices, then it’s highly recommended you talk with our design specialists and learn more about them. That way, you’ll be sure to pick the best ones for your dream wine cellar! We hoped you enjoyed this series and do share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below ^_^.

Reviewing Racking Styles For Custom Fitting Wine Cellars

June 21st, 2012

Perhaps one of the more common questions our wine cellar design specialists are usually faced with is this: “What’s the best racking style for my wine cellar?” or “What kind of wine racks should I go for?” Even the more veteran of wine cellar enthusiasts debate upon such topic from time to time. So in order to help you guys a bit more, we’ve put together a brief but comprehensive review of our wine racks collection for more efficient comparison of their respective features.

Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks

Let’s start off with the most versatile of the series: WCI’s Platinum Series custom wine racks. We’ve talked about the Platinum Series in few blogs before and a whole lot of times in our Tech Tuesday episodes. If budget isn’t an issue in your wine cellar project, then this is the wine racking style to go for, without a shadow of a doubt! The series showcases the most extensive variety of wine racking options you can find, all in full-depth style. This would include both individual and bulk bottle storage options. Moreover, the racks come in either single or double deep and allow for the storage of bottles of any possible size. Those with extensive collections would do well to go for this kind of wine racking system, especially when they have limited space in their homes for an actual wine room. The variety of storage options afforded by the Platinum Series enables one to outfit any kind of wine cellar project, regardless of the size and location thereof.

Gold Series Custom Wine Racks

Now we also cannot help but run into a situation where we desire a truly top-notch wine cellar but the budget isn’t as generous as we’d want it to be. This is not something that should stop us from realizing our wine cellar goals, not when there’s the Gold Series to turn to. The Gold Series is the less expensive version of the Platinum Series which incorporates the latter’s best features for a wine racking system that’s easier on the pocket. This is the racking option to go for when you desire a distinct and stylish look for your wine cellars while remaining within budget. The series carries almost the same choices as Platinum, from individual to bulk bottle storage racks to curved and corner wine racks, wine displays, tasting tables, and decorative accents. The series also sports beveled rails and eased edges for super safe and comfy bottle storage. While it lacks the almost limitless flexibility of the Platinum Series, it can still allow you to create an great number of looks for any custom wine cellar project.

Silver Series Custom Wine Racks

For wine lovers who are just starting out on their collection or for those struggling with really tight spaces in their homes for a decent wine cellar, the Silver Series line was developed purposely to meet such issues. This collection answers to the problems of space, style, and cost in a wine cellar project. So if you’re one of those wine lovers with a growing collection with barely any space to spare in your home, and a limited budget to boot, do not despair! You will find that the Silver Series wine racks can still make everything come together. Thanks to the reduced depth of the wine racks, the series can accommodate compact spaces while still giving you the opportunity to explore different styles and designs. The reduced rack depth also makes for cheaper manufacturing which would explain the very affordable price tag on your wine racking system!

We know that even after this article, there will still be a few or even more questions on your mind about these custom wine racks. That’s why we’ve made it a point to provide not just free consultation services but a live chat feature in our website as well! So why not chat with our professional design specialists today and get all the answers you need. ^_^