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Give It a “Grain” Of Thought (A Nice Insight On Wood Grain Patterns)

May 31st, 2012

You must have heard us talk about wood grain patterns many times in this blog. We love to give emphasis to them especially when we’re talking about custom wine racks. But perhaps not everyone is still well-versed on the significance of wood grain patterns, particularly when it comes to determining your wood choice for your custom wine cellar. So we thought it’s high time we talked a bit more on this interesting subject.

Let’s do a Wiki!

To better understand the value of grain patterns in selecting a wood choice for a custom wine cellar project, it’s good to start from scratch and define what the term is really about. In its simplest definition, wood grain pattern would refer to the grain structure of the wood created by wood cells. Wood basically grows in concentric layers or what is known as “growth rings.” That part of the wood where these living cells converge is the cambium. The cambium generates two types of cells – the longitudinal cells and the ray cells. The longitudinal cells are long and narrow and align themselves with the axis of the trunk, limb, or root, thereby giving the wood its “grain pattern.”

However, since wood has a distinct manner of developing, each wood type develops a different kind of grain pattern from the others. One will be able to identify the differences more closely when the board is cut across the grain. Most wood types sport a fairly straight grain pattern but there are also those with wavy or swirly grain patterns. For example, Redwood showcases a naturally beautiful and relatively neat grain pattern which can range from a relaxed and expanded grain to a tighter and compact one. On the other hand, Rustic Pine displays a more knotty grain pattern with occasional swirls and curls.

So how significant is it?

Now that we’ve understood the basics on wood grain patterns, let’s tackle the more important question: what is their significance when it comes to custom wine racks and wine cellars? We’ll look at this from two angles: economics and aesthetics. In terms of the economics purpose, grain types can determine how a piece of wood is milled. For example, knotty grades of wood like Rustic Pine are easier to manufacture in terms of the milling process, hence, it’s more affordable. As far as aesthetics is concerned, grain patterns enhance the appearance of the wood, giving it an added flair. Take the case of Redwood with its gorgeous collection of neat, comparatively aligned grain patterns.

Wine racks and other wine furniture crafted from this wood type will certainly boast of a very attractive appearance, even when unstained. Moreover, it should also be noted that some species like Oak have a broad distinctive grain pattern which can be appealing to some but not to others. Some species of Redwood and Pine also sport broad distinctive grain patterns.

All these notwithstanding, we should also note that there are grain patterns that absorb stains, finishes, and lacquers better than others. This is quite a helpful piece of information because if you’re planning on staining your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture, then stick with wood species that can retain such custom stains and finishes for a fairly long time. For the record, wood grain patterns usually show up more prominently in darker stains than lighter ones. To learn more about wood grain patterns, wood densities, properties, and more, just check out our website. You can also take advantage of our live chat feature and talk with a professional design consultant to help you out in selecting the most appropriate wood choice for your custom wine cellar project.

Up Close And Personal With Wine Guardian Refrigeration Units

May 30th, 2012

Any wine cellar enthusiast should understand the great value of a quality wine refrigeration unit when it comes to proper wine storage. After all, it’s elementary when it comes to wine cellars that the conditions therein have to be constantly maintained to ensure that the bottles are allowed to age as gracefully as possible. That means keeping the ideal wine storage conditions at all times, from the temperature down to the humidity levels.

Fortunately, when it comes to quality wine refrigeration units and keeping your wine cellars in perfect storage conditions, we’ve got it all down to a science. There’s no exaggeration here, especially since we’re just doing what we do best and that’s bringing the most effective wine cellar solutions to everyone. A few blogs ago, we gave you guys a peek into the new SC series which replaced the XLT Series in our WhisperKool line. That just goes to show how we constantly keep our products up to date to address every wine cellar’s need. Today, let’s shine the spotlight on one of WCI’s best quality and super stylish wine cooling systems: Wine Guardian!


Style, performance, and sophistication!


Wine refrigeration units are many but not all of them can combine the winning elements of style, performance, and sophistication in one easy package – except Wine Guardian! Hailed to be one of WCI’s best-selling wine cooling systems, the series carry units that incorporate cooling, heating, filtration, humidification, ducting, internal safety devices and low ambient control as integrated solutions. That’s quite a mouthful if you just read it so you just have to take the time to check out our online store and see for yourself!

The Wine Guardian series carry two major types of wine cooling systems: the Ducted Systems and Through The Wall Systems. Both have specific configurations and are designed to meet certain storage needs in your wine cellar. Hence, the location of the wine cellar, the size thereof, and the bottle capacity have to be considered carefully when selecting the proper unit. But if you’re a total newbie, it’s best to have a nice chat with our wine cellar specialists and seek professional help in purchasing the right wine refrigeration unit.

Going now to the Ducted Systems, these self-contained units can essentially work with any type of wine cellar. The unique design enables one to efficiently install the unit regardless of the size of the wine cellar and whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes. You can further customize the unit with a number of available options such as choosing either a water cooled condenser or air cooled condenser for the same.

Through The Wall Systems on the other hand are the best solutions you can turn to when you’re working within a budget and with smaller wine cellars. The units have a more limited cooling capacity than the ducted ones but for compact wine cellars such as wine cellar closets and under stairwell transformations, these are the perfect choices. The self-contained units are literally mounted on your walls per their namesake. Make sure you select a good location to mount your unit or request for professional assistance if you’re uncertain.

When it comes to creating the perfect environment for wine storage, you definitely cannot compromise on your wine cooling system. Check out more of our units and talk with our design specialists so you’ll end up with the soundest decision.

Tech Tuesday #85: Picturesque Wine Room with WineMaker Series in Premium Redwood

May 29th, 2012

Happy Tuesday, everyone! You guys must know what this day means by now ^_^. It’s time for another inspiring Tech Tuesday and just look at what we have for you today! Our initial impression with this wine cellar was that it looked like it came straight off a children’s fairytale illustration book. That’s how visually charming it is. And if photos have this much to say about this wine cellar transformation, can you imagine what it looks like in actual?

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 221159
Wood: Premium Redwood, Winemaker Series
Maximum Capacity: 839
Where: Cincinnati, OH

This is one wine cellar that certainly oozes with aesthetic appeal, from the gold-toned wine racking system down to the Standard Eyebrow Arched Top Glass door. All the wood elements in this project are donned in Dark Walnut stain for that bold and elegant feel. For the wine racks, the client wisely chose to go with one of WCI’s most cost-effective wine rack kits – the WineMaker Series Collection.

As you can probably see from the images, the wine racks look very photogenic.But it’s not just the pictures! The individual bottle wine racks from the WineMaker Series are indeed of excellent quality, highly durable, and designed in such a manner that you can rack and stack them to create a seamless, polished look to any wine cellar project. Of course, the wood choice of the client is certainly a major factor in all of these positive outcomes as well. Premium Redwood naturally gorgeous even when unstained. It has been hailed as one of the best choices for custom wine cellars because of the wood’s properties that make it very ideal for long-term wine storage.

Going back to the wine racks, here you can see  closer view of the details of the individual bottle storage racks and wine displays. Notice that the racks were further customized with moldings and series base platforms. That contributes to the seamless look of the racks and how they manage to hug those tight corners in an effortless fashion.


Apart from the custom moldings and series platforms, the WineMaker Series also sports round-over rails that enable you to display your bottles in a most secure way. While the racks don’t carry the signature beveled rails and eased edges of the more prominent Vintner Series, the rounded edges still allow for safe bottle storage without the labels tearing off. Also note that the wine racks are designed with reduced depth unlike the full depth Vintner and Designer racks. The reason for this is simple. This allows for the more affordable feature of WineMaker without scrimping on quality in any manner.

The client also purchased a WhisperKool WK 3000 wine refrigeration unit to keep everything cool and comfy in this cozy little nook. WhisperKool is one of WCI’s more versatile wine cooling systems with units that can match almost any wine storage needs. Regardless of the size and location of your wine cellar, WhisperKool can provide you with  the perfect solution to keep the same in the best of wine storage conditions.

So that wraps up this final Tech Tuesday for the month of May! How did you guys find our wine cellar projects for this month? We’d love to hear your opinions, suggestions, queries, and more! Leave a comment for us below, follow us on Twitter, or add us up in Facebook. See you guys next week for more wine cellar transformation surprises ^_^.




The ABCs of Custom Wine Cellar Transformations

May 24th, 2012

Here’s a classic question we believe we should tackle: How do you start on a custom wine cellar project? Is it really just as simple as say, picking out a design from a magazine or catalogue and reproducing it? Or is it just a matter of buying DIY wine cellar rack kits and putting things together with the help of a brad nailer? Our answers to these questions are all a big, resounding NO.

Turning out a custom wine cellar isn’t that simple but it isn’t something unbelievably complicated either. It’s more like you have to observe a certain process as well, while not scientifically rigid. Still, there are essentials that should not be forgotten especially if you’re looking for results that you really want. That’s why at WCI, we never want to do things half-baked. When we deliver you your custom wine cellars, we make sure that each step taken will lead to pure customer satisfaction. So here’s how we go about it:

1. Initial consultation. This should be the very first and indispensable action a wine cellar enthusiast should take before proceeding with his wine cellar project. No matter how passionate you may be at wanting to create a custom wine cellar, you cannot deny the reality that you will need professional help. Unless you want to waste your precious money and time repeating the project because of construction and design errors here and there, you have to get professional guidance from the very beginning. WCI actually offers free consultation services which come with a free wine cellar design package.

2. Selecting the design. Once the basics have been neatly covered, it’s time to move on to your preferred design. You will definitely have your preferences which our team of experienced design specialists will work exhaustively to bring to life. However, you can also request for further assistance when it comes to choosing the right elements to work with from the wood choice down to the racking style, the wine cellar flooring, ceiling, lighting, and other accessories. If you have something in mind, you can send in a plan to any of our professional wine cellar design consultants and request a complimentary 2-dimensional drawing of your wine cellar. This way, you can actually be able to visualize your dream wine cellar.

3. Review. Definitely, you and your consultant must go over the details of your project before actual construction begins. Specifications must be made to par, especially when it comes to mechanical and logistical requirements. This is exactly how we do it here at WCI because we firmly believe that no stone should be left unturned when it comes to achieving the highest quality wine cellar transformations. Everything must be thoroughly checked and modified accordingly if necessary to ensure that the desired results are met.

4. Construction and installation. Now that everything’s set, it’s time to finally build your wine cellar. Now comes the next equally classic question: should you do it yourself or should you let a team of experts handle the same? The latter is the obviously preferred answer. You will certainly notice the HUGE difference depending on your skill level and the complexity of the job. A professional installer has a lot of experience to add. Even if it’s a seemingly small project like a wine cellar closet, the results will reflect whether or not the right professional touch has been incorporated. If you truly desire to realize your wine cellar dreams, you cannot afford to compromise on this crucial stage.

And there you have it! In principle, the steps are easy enough to understand but whether or not you give each one some serious thought will spell the difference between a custom wine cellar and your DREAM custom wine cellar. So why not get the ball rolling today and chat with our experienced wine cellar design specialists!

Wine Cellar Archways And Workstations: Recognizing The Function Underneath The Form

May 23rd, 2012

There’s no denying that a wine cellar archway adds a certain flair to any wine racking system. Even a simple, compact wine cellar closet can transform into something special with just the addition of an archway. But there’s more to this piece of wine cellar furniture than just its aesthetic appeal. It’s time we also explored the practical side of wine cellar archways, especially when they’re combined with the right elements such as tasting tables and workstations.

Not just another pretty face! 

Putting in a wine cellar archway in your wine racking system doesn’t just glamor and class to it but it also serves a very economic purpose. Let’s take as an example the Traditional Wine Cellar Archway and tabletop. It can serve to frame your valuable piece of wine cellar art and showcase it to perfection. In addition, it provides a very efficient place to for you to prepare and serve up those choice cocktails. You can also opt to be a bit more dramatic and go for a Wine Cellar Archway with Faceplate. The front facing faceplate trim can be customized with various etchings and give your wine racking system an absolutely unique appearance. Or you can also go with the Traditional Wine Cellar Archway with Wine Glass Rack wherein you can actually both store and showcase your delicate pieces of custom glassware to maximum effect.

And not just another tasting table!

Yes, indeed! Apart from the stylishly economical archways, we also carry a superb line of wine cellar tasting tables. These practical beauties work best with the archways in creating attractive yet highly functional workstations. Not only would you be able to prepare your favorite concoctions in these ingenious additions to your wine racking system, but some of them can also serve as really great entertainment spaces. Now you can mix up those drinks, serve them, and have an intimate tasting party all in one easy arrangement! No fuss, no hassles, and no messy clean-ups to be done!

These are just glimpses of our plethora of wine cellar archways, tasting tables, and workstations. Do take the time to visit our online store and view the full collection. Also, check out our Tech Tuesday episodes for special features on how we dress up those wine racks, wine cellar furniture, and other wine cellar accessories for awesome wine cellar transformations!

Tech Tuesday #84 – Exquisite Hand-Painted Mural and Custom Barrel Ceiling with the Gold Series in Premium Redwood

May 22nd, 2012

“Art is indeed not the bread but the wine of life.”

~Jean Paul Richter~

Hello, Tech Tuesday fans! We’re pretty pumped up with today’s feature mainly because it focuses on a more artistic aspect of a wine cellar transformation. What we have here today is a most lovely mix of form and function resulting in a truly stunning custom wine cellar project.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 215688
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold Series
Maximum Capacity: 1461
Where: Manalapan, NY

These gorgeous images the client sent in literally took our breath away. And who can blame us? The natural beauty of Premium Redwood has never been so perfectly enhanced with the choice of flooring and strategic custom wine cellar lighting incorporated into this transformation. Notice how the lighting fixtures were cleverly fitted into the display rows, standard archway, and crown and base moldings to achieve an almost ethereal effect

The focal point of this project is the exquisite piece of wine cellar art framed and placed smack in the middle of the wine cellar room. Now you guys probably heard us talk about our wine cellar art collection more than just a few times in our blog. Today’s Tech Tuesday showcases just how one amazing piece of custom wine cellar art can totally amplify the aesthetic appeal of any wine cellar. The client absolutely loved the custom hand-painted mural and we couldn’t agree more!

Now here’s something really worth checking out! The client ordered for this custom barrel ceiling with moldings creating a really distinct look to the entire structure. We love how it gives the illusion of a more spacious and airy wine room.

We’d also like to give two-thumbs up to the painted evaporator and how it blended so well with the entire wine racking system. Under normal circumstances, it’s a major challenge trying to paint an evaporator so we’re going to be having a little chat with the client’s painter to find out how he came up with such fantastic results!

Moving on to the wine racking system, cast your peepers into the uber elegant wine racks and displays all from the Gold Series. Now the Gold Series has been dubbed as our “custom mid-range” series but you can easily tell that quality and style are never compromised despite the fact that you’re working within a budget. The Gold Series offers the perfect opportunity to balance out all the essential elements of a custom wine cellar from function to form and cost. It gives you almost all the features you can ask for in a classically complete wine cellar: individual bottle storage, bulk storage, wine displays, corner and curved wine racks, custom wine cellar accessories, and custom moldings.

So how did THIS Tech Tuesday inspire you wine cellar enthusiasts out there? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to check back next week for another awesome feature ^_^.

WhisperKool SC Series: Taking Wine Cellar Cooling To A Higher Level

May 21st, 2012

The name Wine Cellar Innovations isn’t just for show. We’re pretty confident that we’ve proven ourselves to be true to our namesake in more than just a few occasions. This month, it’s another big chance for us to show wine cellar enthusiasts everywhere just how the “innovation” in our name is as authentic as it gets.

Now when it comes to wine cellars and wine storage, we’ve always emphasized how crucial a role the right wine cooling system plays. That’s why we’ve provided our clients with quality selections of wine refrigeration units to ensure that the ideal wine storage conditions are maintained at all times. For the past years, we have delivered to wine cellar enthusiasts the ever popular XLT series from the WhisperKool line. Nonetheless, while the XLT series provided truly satisfactory wine cooling features, there’s always room for improvement.

WhisperKool corporation decided to upgrade its products by discontinuing the XLT series and replacing all the units with the more enhanced SC Series. This fresh, super functional wine refrigeration units from the SC series are now available as a true testament to our goal of providing only the best and highest quality wine cellar solutions for everyone. So what makes the new SC Series the more superior version than the old but functional XLT series? Let’s go over a few distinct and major features of this latest addition to WCI’s collection of top-of-the-line wine cellar cooling systems:


1. First off, the SC wine refrigeration units sport larger and thicker coils than its predecessor resulting in increased wine cellar cooling capacity. Thanks to the oversized coils, heat dissipation becomes more effective on the condenser side of the unit. The significance? This is usually the section where most problems occur, essentially those that concern poor ventilation. This is also the reason for a less effective performance of the unit.

2. The fans in the new SC units come with strategically mounted fans, placed at a 45 degree angle facing upwards. This results in a more dynamic airflow and superior air distribution to your entire wine cellar. Thus, the entire wine cellar maintains uniform wine storage temperature and humidity levels. In addition, you are even given the option of flush mounting the unit or mounting it with the rear protruding into the venting space for about 5 inches. In this position, air can circulate more freely and the fans can dissipate the heat in a more effective manner.

3. The SC series sport a new type of controller that is a huge improvement over the previous PDT series controller. In what way?  Basically, this new controller enables you to closely monitor the performance of the unit. Moreover, it will automatically make whatever adjustments are necessary in the event adverse conditions will happen like a condenser coil clogging or other contingencies that might compromise the functionality of the unit. An alarm system is also installed which will notify you immediately when something goes wrong. Hence, essential repairs can be conducted ASAP!

4. Last but certainly not the least, the new SC Series are certainly no slouches when it comes to visual appeal. The designs of the units are more aesthetically pleasing, made from highly durable material, and would work well with the existing décor of your wine cellar. Moreover, your new SC unit will fit perfectly into the same space as your XLT unit so there’s even no space issue involved!

So chalk up another proof of the authenticity of “innovation” on our name! Check out the SC Series and keep your prized collection at the height of wine storage conditions.

Testimony To Artistic Excellence: Beautiful Fence Painting by Augustina

May 17th, 2012

 “A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.”

~Oscar Wilde~

Nothing can compare to the heartwarming compliments given by a happy and satisfied client. We’re proud to say that here at WCI, we’ve been fortunate enough to experience quite a number of these. Now here’s another chance for us to show proof of such customer satisfaction!

“We are extremely pleased with Augustina’s work at our house, which definitely exceeded expectations. The real surprise was Augustina herself who was both charming and professional. We hope to use her again in the future.”

Simon H.

These were the generous words of the client who commissioned one of WCI’s most talented wine cellar artists for an onsite mural project. Augustina is best known for her work on WCI’s Classical Moments Painting collection. Her art is greatly influenced by her Spanish and Mexican heritage, drawing inspiration from timeless geniuses such as Picasso, Rivera, and de Goya.

A couple of months ago, she was commissioned by the client to work on an onsite mural project for their home. Residential and commercial murals happen to be Augustina’s forte, having even worked on homes of royal families. Needless to say, the client was all praises with the finished product! She basically faux trim on their door as you can see from the image above which she hoped added visual interest to the existing home decor.

Here are the stunning images of Augustina’s main work in the clients’ residence. Since a fence was separating the clients’ yard from their neighbor, they are denied of any stimulating visual treats when they look out the window. The fence is too close to their house so it blocks most of the view from outside hence, they decided to put in a mural.

If you took a tour through our Classical Moments Painting collection, you will certainly see the marked similarities of this gorgeous mural to the elegant pieces of fine wine cellar art by Augustina’s hand. She has an exceptional talent for bringing out the best elements of color, contrast, and dramatic light as can be gleaned from this superb masterpiece. Most of these murals are done with acrylics or oils, depending on the client’s preference.

Certainly, art is the reflection of one’s soul. With her truly captivating works, even the clients bore witness not just to Augustina’s skill but also to her beautiful spirit and personality. That’s what makes her a true WCI artist and no doubt, that’s what makes us especially proud of her and her masterpieces. Another feather in our cap and we’re happy to share it with you! ^_^

A Newbie’s Guide To Installing Wine Cellar Art On A Standard Wine Cellar Archway

May 16th, 2012

A few wine cellar projects ago, one of our valued clients purchased a custom wine cellar painting from our wine cellar art collection. Along with it, he also sent a query that gave the inspiration for this post! Its queries like these that make us really happy because now we can share some more useful wine cellar solutions with everyone. Today, it’s all about how you can install wine cellar art on a standard wine cellar archway like that from our Designer Series wine racks kit.

Basically, you can request our design team to do the installation for your convenience. However, there are also those who prefer to do it themselves which isn’t really a difficult thing to do nor an impractical one, especially if you’re planning on putting up the wine racking system from our kits yourself. Now essentially, when you send in an order for a custom wine cellar painting, there are two ways to have it installed. You can simply attach it to the wall or if that isn’t too viable, have the canvas stretched and stapled to the back of the kit archway. So let’s proceed with these very simple steps on how to stretch a canvas on a board.

1. First, roll out your canvas on a flat and clean surface like maybe the floor. Make sure it’s clean since you wouldn’t want your beautiful painting all messed up even before you have installed it. Then, put the frame on top of it and keep in mind that the edges of the canvas have to fall over and cover the outside edges of the board as well.

2. Now it’s time to attach your canvas to the stretchers. The best strategy is to begin from the middle the canvas and work your way outwards and do it in opposites. This will make your work easier and stretch the canvas evenly over the entire board. You can start from the center of any side and staple the canvas to the back of the board first. Then, put in about three staples about two inches apart and just repeat the process with the other two edges until you’re done.

3. Next, try to get someone to help you stretch the canvas as taut and tight as you can over the board. Repeat the stapling process on the edge that is diagonally opposite to the one you had just finished. Continue with all the remaining edges until the entire canvas is neatly stapled in place.

4. Lastly, you’ll have to work on the corners of the board. Fold the edges of the canvas on the outer corners as neatly as possible and staple one on top of the other. It’s better to get someone to help you stretch out the canvas and hold the fold in place as well. In case there are still bubbles or creased portions, simply brush a layer of water over the painting. Don’t be scared of doing this because our oils are guaranteed waterproof!

The same process more or less works with stretching a canvas across an opening. You start out by placing a staple in the middle of each edge then stretching it out and stapling diagonally after that. If you need the canvas to be very taut and secured, you can have a distance of only around 1 to 1 and ½ inch per staple.

Quite simple, isn’t it? But if you run into roadblock during the installation procedure, it’s not a cause for alarm. Just contact us and we’d be happy to help sort things out!


Tech Tuesday #83 – Spunky All-Heart Redwood Wine Closet with Glass Transom

May 15th, 2012

Remember that saying that great things come in small packages? There’s a whole lot of truth in that and we’re here to prove it! Today’s Tech Tuesday will show you guys that once again, lack of space is not such a big deal in a wine cellar project. If you are creative enough and you know how to utilize the right resources, you can still turn out remarkable wine cellar transformations. Check this super compact yet beautiful wine cellar closet in Clear All-Heart Redwood:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 201511
Wood: Clear All-Heart Redwood, Platinum Series
Maximum Capacity: 864
Where: Cranford, NJ

Unlike any wine cellar closet we’ve created before, this one sports Glass Doors with a Transom on top. Now we’re all familiar with how glass doors can make smaller spaces appear bigger than they look. Plus, they make the perfect combination with wine cellar LED lights, giving any wine cellar a vibrant and truly attractive appeal. With a glass Transom added in, it gives standard glass doors a dramatic, stylish twist. We also offer a huge selection of wine cellar doors for highly unique entryways, from glass panels to pure wood inspirations and wrought iron grilles and gates.

Even when you have a limited space for a custom wine cellar, we can make it work for you with the right wine racking system. Here, the Platinum Series makes another amazing statement to its flexibility. As our top of the line series, it can provide any wine cellar project regardless of the size and style with all the wine racking options it needs. Look at how this closet can easily hold more than 800 bottles in full-depth storage. There’s even enough space for larger-sized bottles and magnums as well as wine boxes and crates thanks to the wine shelves an displays at the bottom of the racking system. A standard archway was incorporated to give an added edge to the entire set-up and also to create the illusion of a wider space.

Last but certainly not the least, the wood choice was certainly the most suitable one for this project. Clear All-Heart Redwood has gorgeous reddish gold tones that stand out even when unstained. Moreover, a compact wine cellar such as this one would be glad to know that this wood choice is highly resistant to rot, decay, and disease. And of course, anything Redwood from the WCI online store is SFI-certified which makes this an eco-friendly choice to boot!

As that famous Bengali polymath Rabrindanath Tagore said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Putting together small wine cellar dreams can also lead to bigger ones in the future!

The WCI Clean And Green Campaign: A Year-Round Project We’re All Proud Of!

May 14th, 2012

Earth day was officially over weeks ago but who says we can’t have it all year round? Here at WCI, the clean and green campaign never stops and we want it to stay that way. We’ve been running several posts ever since the year opened on our eco-friendly wine cellar products so you guys might be familiar with a few of them. But since we have always believed in a dynamic approach to any wine cellar campaign, the same goes true for our clean and green activities. We’ve compiled some of the major reasons why Mother Nature would definitely be happier if you choose WCI for your wine cellar project.

1. A WCI wine cellar is guaranteed to be formaldehyde-free.

In early January, we introduced on our blog the Formaldehyde Standards For Composite Wood Products Act which is essentially a federal legislation passed on July 7, 2010. The Act prescribed regulations for the control of formaldehyde content in wood products. This includes wood products like plywood which is used mostly for the building of wine cellars. Since formaldehyde contains cancer-inducing compounds, utilizing wood products rich in the said substance is tantamount to committing suicide. Let’s say, it’s a “kill me slowly but surely” thing.

However, when you purchase your plywood and other wine cellar wood products from WCI, you won’t see any of this coming. Our cabinet-grade plywood for wine cellar and wine cellar furniture purposes comes with the Timber Products CARB Certificate. This simply means that the plywood being utilized here at WCI meets both the state and federal standards for formaldehyde content. Such certification also covers other wood varieties like Mahogany, Walnut, and Red Oak, among others. We’re also currently working on our formaldehyde certification program to extend to more of our wood species, including the less popular varieties.

2. We stick with water-based stains and custom finishes.

Stains, lacquers, and other custom finishes can really define the look of any wine cellar and we understand this as much. However, it’s a toxic fact that most stains and finishes, specifically oil-based ones, are not exactly the healthiest options. Oil-based stains and finishes contain higher levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as compared with water-based ones. In addition, it takes far longer for oil-based stains and finishes to cure which means not just you but your wine bottles as well have longer exposure to carcinogenic compounds. With water-based stains and finishes, not only do you avoid all of these toxic effects but getting rid of them in the event that you would want to do a wine cellar makeover is less hazardous. There’s no need to use potent substances like paint thinner or remover, among others.

3. Our Redwood comes SFI-Certified.

Among all our clean and green campaigns, this has to be the one we’re always fond of mentioning in our blog posts. That’s not without good reason, of course! We’re exceptionally proud of our Redwood wine cellar products, especially since this wood specie is one of the top choices for gorgeous, custom wine cellar transformations. For this reason, we cannot help but shine the spotlight on Redwood each and every time it is utilized in a wine cellar project. Since all our Redwood products bear the SFI seal of approval, this means that we’re actually helping wine cellar enthusiasts do their part in caring for Mother Nature. Whenever they purchase our Redwood, they are assured that the wood has been harvested with minimal impact on the environment.

Our clean and green campaign has embraced even the less major areas of our wine cellar production lines. Take for example our Cork Flooring, Tumbled Stone art, Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletops, and many more. So why don’t you do your part for the environment as well and turn every day into Earth Day by purchasing all your wine cellar needs from us!

Platinum Wine Racks For Princely Wine Cellars

May 10th, 2012

Ever dreamed of owning a wine cellar that reeks of royalty? Seems like everyone does! But a lot of us get turned off at the thought of how much a princely wine cellar can run into. Well, here’s some really good news for all wine enthusiasts out there: wine cellars fit for royalty are just within your reach! How so? It’s all about knowing how to utilize the right wine rack combinations. And thanks to the Platinum Series we proudly carry here at WCI, you can achieve princely wine cellars’ at a not so princely budget.

Platinum Custom Cellar

Top of the line luxury…

Platinum Tech Tuesday 80If you can recall our Tech Tuesday Episode #80, we featured what as perhaps once of the most luxurious looking wine cellar projects we have had the pleasure of designing. The client decked his wine cellar purely in our Platinum Series collection, creating a very elegant look for his wine racking system. The greatest advantage in using the racks from this series is because you can turn out an almost limitless number of wine racking styles. The Platinum Series sports the widest variety of wine racking options, from individual to bulk bottle storage, single or double deep storage options, including spacing for half bottles. Thus, storage is not limited to just standard-sized bottles but to champagne, magnums, and other larger sizes as well.

All the racks from this line are beautifully crafted from a variety of wood choices. The quality of the workmanship is nothing short of outstanding, resulting in polished, exquisitely designed wine cellars that are definitely fit for royalty. The trademarks of the Platinum Series wine racks are the beveled rails with eased edges, eased edge front posts, and CNC machine spacer bars which are all responsible for producing a totally smooth and seamless transition from floor to ceiling of any custom wine racking system. Corner and curved wine racks add to the almost effortless flow of the racks, evening out even the sharpest and most stubborn corners. Plus, the collection of gorgeous wine displays make for the perfect places to showcase your most precious bottles.

Platinum Custom Racking

At an economy price!

You probably won’t believe this until you’ve actually gone through our design consultation process, but the Platinum series wine racks definitely won’t hurt your budget. For one thing, you can opt for more reasonably priced wood choices without compromising on their quality. You can also go for stained or unstained versions of the rack, depending on your budget. Sometimes, unstained versions of the racks are even more attractive, particularly when you’re aiming for an old-world chic or vintage appeal to your wine cellar. For example, unstained Rustic Pine makes for a totally authentic vintage look that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “looking like old money.”

Moreover, with the many alternatives to dressing up your wine racking system provided by the Platinum Series, you can certainly find a way to meet a desired budget. Our lovely custom moldings, archways, tasting tables and workstations, and custom cabinetry options enable you to come up with more interesting wine racking combinations. If you’re feeling a bit lost on the kind of look you want to achieve for your wine cellar, it’s just a matter of utilizing our free design consultation services. You can actually request for a complimentary 2-dimensional drawing of your desired design. Just from this, you will be able to save a lot since there’s even no need to shell out for initial design fees!

So why settle for a fine custom wine cellar when you can have a princely one instead? Plate those wine cellars in Platinum today!

Bulk Wine Storage Wine Racks: Why Bulk Can Still Be Beautiful

May 9th, 2012

Bulk RackingIsn’t it kind of common for us to shy away from anything that’s big or bulky? We think of it as something unattractive or inconvenient. But when we’re talking about wine cellars, bulk can be equivalent to beautiful. How is this possible? It’s pretty simple. Here at WCI, we understand first-hand just how challenging it can be to store a whole load of loose bottles, wine crates, cases, and boxes, especially when you have space issues in your wine cellar. Thus, we’ve come up with creative wine racking solutions that are no slouches when it comes to style. Thanks to our collection of bulk wine storage wine racks, your wine cellars can still look stunning despite all those big and bulky crates, bins, and boxes.

Fixed Shelf Wood Case StorageWood Case Storage|Fixed Shelves

Our Fixed Wine Shelves offer the perfect storage solution for wood wine cases that are too large to be stored properly in standard wine racks. The shelves are generally available in single deep options but you can also order in for double deep wine case storage. The racks are beautifully crafted and you can have your pick from our bevy of quality wood choices. Each cubicle can hold one wine case each with the long monogrammed side facing out for easier organization. Placing the shelves side by side make for a nice, smooth transition in your wine racking system.

Adjustable shelvingAdjustable Wine Shelves

True to its name, our adjustable wine shelves are probably the most space-efficient bulk storage racking option you can find anywhere. You can simply adjust the shelves to accommodate wood cases, cardboard cases, bins, and larger-sized bottles with no problem at all. The shelves’ height can be adjusted to suit any spacing preferences and achieve consistency with your existing wine racking system. The shelves incorporate machine bored holes and pegs which you can insert and remove anytime you want to change up the placement to accommodate just about any of the box or bottle.

Cardboard Case storageCardboard Case Wine Storage

These come in three different variations to address any bulk storage issues in your wine cellar. You have your fixed columns or rows, adjustable wine shelves, as well as pull out wine shelves that can all comfortably store cardboard cases, boxes, and bins. All the racks sport eased edge front posts to ensure that your cases or bottles will remain intact without the cardboard cases or labels being damaged when you remove or replace them. Again, these are available in a bevy of wood options along with custom stains and finishes to match the look of your existing wine racking system.

Still not satisfied? Well, just hold your horses up there a bit because these are not all that we have for you. Other bulk storage options include the following:

Plus, you can also check out our gorgeous collection of commercial wine racks and displays and metal commercial wine racks for even more unique bulk storage options. So who says that anything big or bulky cannot be beautiful? Not when it’s wine cellars we’re talking about and certainly not when you have WCI bulk wine storage wine racks at your disposal!

Tech Tuesday #82 – Falling In Love with Vintner and Premium Redwood In Delicious Dark Walnut

May 8th, 2012

Our first reaction when these photos were unveiled was “Whoaaa!” As far as unique wine cellar transformations go, this has got to be one of the most incredible on we’ve had. We’re pretty pumped up to take you guys on the visual tour so here we go!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 223153
Wood: Premium Redwood, Vintner Series
Maximum Capacity: 900
Where: Akron, OH

Vintner Dark Walnut Wine Racks

If you’re just about suitably impressed with Vintner till now, we’re willing to bet that after seeing this wine cellar, you’ll be totally blown away. We’ve been promoting our top-of-the-line Vintner Series wine rack kit since forever but each wine cellar project utilizing the same leaves us awe-inspired. This uber gorgeous circular wine cellar gives us more reasons to love Vintner and its almost limitless flexibility.

The individual bottle storage racks combined with Open Diamond Bins for bulk storage purposes span the length of the odd-shaped room flawlessly. We’re also loving the custom Dark Walnut stain on the racks because it brings out the beautiful grain patterns of Premium Redwood. Now we know that we’ve featured a number of Vintner and Premium Redwood combinations in our previous Tech Tuesdays. This is exactly how wine cellar enthusiasts can gauge the versatility factor of both the wine rack kit and the wood choice. Notice that despite the similar combos, each wine cellar transformation has been remarkably distinct!

Individual Bottle Storage Wine Racks

Here’s a closer view of the individual bottle storage racks. See how the grain patterns of the wood have become more enhanced with the Dark Walnut Stain? Premium Redwood lends itself to stains and finishes exceptionally well and if you wish for a more solid and elegant look to your wine racking system, Dark Walnut is an excellent choice. Check out our collection of custom stains and finishes and see how they work in achieving a bevy of looks for any wine cellar. The client also opted to add lacquer to give the racks a sophisticated and polished finish.

We didn’t get shots of it but the client also purchased one of our WineZone wine cooling units. Just as Vintner Series is to wine racks, WineZone is like its twin when it comes to wine refrigeration systems. WineZone offers so many options when it comes to custom wine cellar refrigeration so do check out our available units.

Beautiful Custom Crown and Base Moldings

Last but definitely not the least, the entire wine racking system is topped off with custom crown and base moldings, courtesy of the Vintner Series wine rack kit. There are so many options to choose from as well, with custom moldings to fit your Corner Curved Wine Racks for a perfect, seamless touch as you can see from these photos.

So what do you think? Did the tour inspire you? We couldn’t imagine that it didn’t, especially with these tantalizing photos. Just imagine how everything would look when the entire wine cellar is all filled up! Hopefully, we give you guys a glimpse of the completed wine cellar in the future, too. Join us again next week and feast your eyes on more amazing wine cellar projects. ^_^

Vintner Wine Cellars: Why Polished Elegance Is The New Gorgeous

May 7th, 2012

A couple of blog posts ago, we featured a fine gentleman’s classy wine cellar all decked in Vintner wine racks. We were nothing short of enthralled at the breathtaking composition of the finished product. Today, we bring you another magical wine cellar transformation, still courtesy of the ever versatile Vintner.

What we are witnessing here is a testament to Vintner’s famed versatility in terms of wine storage. See how the individual bottle wine racks can manage to house just about any bottle size, from standard-sized wine bottles to champagne, magnums, and other larger-sized bottles. From the image, you can easily see how carefully crafted the racks are, with beveled ends and rounded edges to cradle each bottle lovingly. Notice how exceptionally polished the entire wine racking system appears, especially in the customized wine cellar lighting.

We’re just totally in love with that stunning wine cellar door with the delicate wrought iron design! It creates a most amazing entryway to the equally gorgeous wine cellar that lies beyond it. You can even catch a glimpse of the individual wine bottle racks illuminated by the custom LED lighting peeping behind the grilles and glass. It sure makes for an enticing teaser to potential wine guests!

Now here we can see a closer view of those beautiful individual wine bottle racks in unstained All-Heart Redwood. Redwood and Vintner are one of the more popular and timeless combinations that any wine cellar enthusiast cannot find a fault with. This featured wine cellar gets that point across perfectly. A simple, standard archway adds an elegant touch to the wine racking system and perhaps with the right wine cellar art, it would look even more spectacular. Speaking of wine cellar art, some pieces from our exquisite collection of custom wine cellar paintings and murals would certainly provide the right ambiance.

A trademark of the Vintner Series is the way the racks are specially configured in a semi-custom design to accommodate almost any ceiling height. In addition the curved and corner racks make it possible for the racks to span the width of any wine room, hugging the sharp nooks and crannies with no problem at all. Also, the custom crown and base moldings, particularly those for curved corners as reflected in the image below contribute significantly to the creation of a genuinely seamless look for your wine racking system. We just love how the individual and bulk storage combinations reflect so much versatility in this wine cellar. The Diamond Bins also bring a tasteful, dramatic touch to the entire set-up.

As far as awe-inspiring wine cellars go, today’s feature all decked in pure Vintner goodness really stand out in every angle. With a bottle capacity of over 500, this is one uber practical wine cellar that is second to none when it comes to beauty, function, and style. Learn more about Vintner and our other wine rack kits by visiting our Video Galleries and chatting with our experienced wine cellar design consultants today ^_^.

Fully Stocked WineMaker Series – Wine Rack Kits

May 3rd, 2012

Just a couple of months back, we featured a cost-effective yet luxurious wine cellar transformation utilizing our WineMaker Series wine racks kit. The satisfied client sent in these gorgeous shots of the wine cellar now that they have finished filing it up. We thought it’s only proper that we should share these wonderful images with everyone since we’re every bit as proud of this project as our clients.

Let’s go first with the image of the short-depth individual bottle storage wine racks. The installation photos were simply beautiful, especially with the way the bottles were lovingly accentuated by the waterfall design of the racks. Also, take a look how that display row literally ‘pops’ out thanks to the short depth racks.


When the client chose to go with the WineMaker Series wine rack kit, it was certainly a clever decision. They remained within budget while being able to turn out a luxurious wine cellar worthy of a Vintner or Designer. If you can recall, we’ve mentioned how WineMaker can give you almost the same racking options as the higher-end kits but at reduced depth. The short-depth racks require less material thus, they are less costly to produce. Nonetheless, you compromise nothing, not when it comes to either function or style. This gorgeous, filled-up wine cellar is definitely a living proof of that! As our client wonderfully phrased it:

“Our wine cellar looks beautiful!”

Here you can see the versatility of the wine cellar decked in WineMaker racks, accommodating almost all bottle sizes despite the reduced depth. In fact, the reduced depth is a huge plus when it comes to aesthetics because the bottles are beautifully highlighted by the unique configurations. We’re also loving the way unstained Premium Redwood works so well with the walls and flooring of the wine cellar to create a classy yet semi-vintage appeal. Note that while the racks lack the beveled rails and eased edges sported by higher-end kits, they are still capable of achieving a seamless composition.

So that wraps up yet another completed wine cellar project! Have you also purchased WCI wine racks and other wine cellar accessories before? Send us some shots on how you worked our stuff into your wine cellars and created your own magical transformations. We’re only too happy to feature them for all wine cellar enthusiasts to appreciate and enjoy ^_^. Have a great weekend ahead, wine lovers! *Cheers*

Tech Tuesday #81 – Simple Sophistication with the Platinum Series in Unstained Amber Blaze Mahogany

May 1st, 2012

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci ~

This quote is immortalized in this very classy wine cellar transformation we’re showcasing for you guys today. We’ve always been a fan of neat and clean-looking wine cellars  that don’t have too many things going on at one time. A fresh, elegant appeal is always highly attractive after all. This Tech Tuesday certainly did not disappoint in that category!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 217721
Wood: Amber Blaze, Platinum Series
Maximum Capacity: 876
Where: NY

For two Tech Tuesdays in a row, we bring you the awesome combination of Platinum Series in Amber Blaze Mahogany. Last week, we gave you an intricate presentation of a truly magnificent wine cellar with all the dramatic accents from the racks down to the custom moldings. Today, we bring you another version of this winning combo in a more understated yet timeless project.

As you can see, the <