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Silver Series Custom Wine Racks: Sensational In Every Way

April 25th, 2012

Custom Silver Series Wine RacksThe secret to sensational wine cellars is not having an unlimited budget. We at WCI will certainly be the first to tell you that! Custom wine cellars are borne from creativity and resourcefulness, not from having six or seven figures in your bank account. Of course, if you have the budget for it, there’s no stopping you from splurging. But the point we just want to get across is the fact that beautiful wine cellars need not be exorbitant.

Moreover, custom wine cellars don’t need to be huge or overly spacious either. You can easily fit in a custom wine cellar in your home no matter how limited the space may seem. The answer to such space issues is merely selecting the appropriate wine racks to do the job. Still unconvinced? Allow us to take you on a tour of our Silver Series Custom Wine Racks!

A reflection of affordability and class…

If there’s anything that can be said about the Silver Series, it’s definitely budget-friendly. You get almost the same wine racking options as the more formidable Platinum Series or the stylish Gold Series at a price that’s really easy on the pocket. The only slight difference is in the reduced depth racking which would explain Silver being the cheaper option. However, you basically get the same stuff: individual bottle storage, bulk storage, gorgeous corner and curved wine racks, wine displays, and even custom wine tasting tables and decorative accents.

Custom Silver Series Wine RacksThe Silver Series is the best choice for those who are just starting out and possess some excellent vintages that need to be stored properly and highlighted accordingly. The unique configurations of the wine racks are also ideal for compact spaces where nooks and crannies seem to be useless. The Silver Series can easily turn that dark corner under the stairs into a stunning under stairwell wine cellar transformation. Or, it can create wine cellar closets out of those tight, limited spaces between your dining area and your kitchen, or your living room and the kitchen and so on. Thanks to the bevy of racking choices, you can still achieve that elegant, polished look worthy of a Platinum or Gold!

…with no compromise on quality!

Custom Silver Series Wine RacksThe Silver Series Custom Wine Racks also come in our top five quality wood choices as well as other available wood varieties. This accounts for the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of the racks despite the affordable price. That’s because we staunchly believe that affordable wine cellars are not equivalent to inferior quality. Such a parallelism certainly doesn’t exist in the WCI book! Moreover, the Silver Series also allows for single and double deep bottle storage in its individual wine racks, as well as accommodations for larger-sized bottles, magnums, and champagne.

While the rails and edges are not beveled as in the Platinum and Gold Series, the same are masterfully crafted to ensure that each bottle is still cradled securely without the labels tearing off. Despite the lack of variety of the wine racking options as compared to the more versatile Platinum and Gold Series, the Silver still holds its own in the flexibility department. This is owing to the semi-custom design of the racks that allow them to be racked and stacked accordingly, achieving just the same seamless proportions from floor to ceiling as any other collection.

So if budget and space are working against your wine cellar dreams, never think that you cannot reach them. Your wine cellar can still be a sensation and a half, with the Silver Series Custom Wine Racks working with you!

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